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Our Mission:

Residence Life develops students relationally by directing conversations, creating programs, and providing resources, so that they are able to authentically and lovingly engage their neighbor.

From Our Associate Dean:

The Office of Residence Life's mission is designed to support student life in and out of the classroom. While there are many programs available to enhance your out-of-classroom learning and to help you better connect with your university, perhaps the most special aspect of living in a residence hall is the people... students like yourself as well as staff who are available as resources to you. We sincerely hope you will enjoy living in your residence hall community and that it complements your academic and personal needs.

Living with others is exciting, and can be challenging as well. Residence Life believes in a developmental approach to learning, and that involves being challenged, being supported, and making choices. You will have both freedom to make choices and to explore the richness that the college experience has to offer, with the understanding that this freedom comes with accountability and responsibility... all the while learning how to live out your faith and contribute as a member of your community.

As a member of this community you agree to abide by and support its standards, which are in place to protect the rights of all community members. Residence Directors, Resident Advisors, and Residence Coordinators work with residents to affirm a positive living and learning experience for all residents. And, yes, they will enforce these standards when necessary.

Learning how to live in and contribute positively to a community takes personal effort and time. Our staff is here to assist you in this process and we encourage you to seek them out as resources. Living in a residence hall affords you many wonderful opportunities and we hope you will take advantage of them.

Sandy Hough
Associate Dean, Residence Life & Student Care

Our Values:

Kingdom Centered
Acknowledging Christ in everything;
Connecting belief and behavior.

Offering high quality services & programs;
Aiming beyond the status quo.

Holistic Development
Promoting holistic learning;
Directing students toward wisdom & maturity.

Leading with foresight;
Living with purpose.

Growing Together
Modeling and sharing our personal experience;
Challenging students to move beyond self into community.

Genuine Care
Recognizing the particular needs of each student;
Reaching out with empathy and compassion.

Department Members

Sandy Hough
Associate Dean, Residence Life/Student Care
Brendon Kirkbride
Area Coordinator of Residence Life
Gale Stacy
Administrative Assistant, Residence Life
Sarah Brown
Resident Director, Alpha West
Meleca Consultado
Director of Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development
Joe Harper
Resident Director, Hart Hall

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