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Academic Advising

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The Advising Center equips, educates, and inspires students to establish curricular and life goals, achieve academic success, and value a Christ-centered academic journey.


  • General academic advising
  • Major/minor changes
  • Registration appointment
  • Course registration
  • Military benefit academic plan
  • Exploring study abroad programs
  • Student athlete support
  • First-year seminar
  • Graduation application support
  • Technical support

Academic Advising Website

Career Development

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Career Development helps students thrive in their careers, explore their interests and meaningful career options, gain experience, and connect with a robust network of employers and professional mentors.


  • Career Center:
    • Career exploration appointments
    • Job/internship search
    • Resume review and other resources
    • Graduate school preparation
    • Career expos and other events
  • Employer Relations:
    • Career expos
    • Company tours

Career Development Website

English Language Program

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Biola’s English Language Program (ELP) offers a variety of academic English language support options for students who would benefit from growing abilities in rhetorical awareness, working with research, claims development, and revision. The ELP works with the Rhetoric & Writing Center (RWC); however, it is different in that we offer courses that pair lessons in skill acquisition with Core Curriculum content.


English Language Program Website

Study Abroad & Study USA

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Biola’s Study Abroad and Study USA program’s mission is to create, promote, and facilitate opportunities for students to better understand cultural differences with the purpose of engaging and learning beyond one’s own cultural frame of reference. Biola has over 20 different semester and summer programs to choose from in addition to a variety of summer study tours.


  • Information sessions
  • Study abroad advising
  • Pre-departure and return support

Study Abroad and Study USA Website