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Major Maps

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Experiential Major maps are designed to help you make the most of your time at Biola. With so many opportunities, these maps will provide major-specific recommendations to help you do the following:

  • Decide a major
  • Understand how your major fits into the bigger picture
  • Develop skills and experiences related to your major
  • Prepare for life after Biola

Please keep in mind the touchpoints listed are simply recommendations and by no means mandatory.

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How to Use Major Maps

Our major maps — designed around six central themes that line up with Biola's values — will give you the guidance you need to maximize your Biola experience in your chosen major. You'll get a glimpse into key activities, courses, career paths and more that can help shape your education and college experience.


Get the Courses you need as you pursue biblical truth.


Develop Competency in knowledge, skills and abilities relevant to your major.


Build meaningful Christ-centered Community at Biola.


Grow in Courage as you mature in habits, attitudes and understanding of who God created you to be.


Build Connections to the world around you.

Career & Calling

Prepare for your Career & Calling to impact the world for Christ.