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Loan Exit Counseling


As all loans must be paid back, the federal government has made it mandatory that student borrowers complete Loan Exit Counseling prior to graduation. This counseling will explain and help you understand your loan repayment.

Please complete the following online counseling for each category in which you received a loan. To determine the loans you received while at Biola University, please reference your financial aid documents or your student account billing statements (be sure to check documents for all years of attendance, as you may have received different loan types in different years).

Category 1: Institutional Loans held by Biola University

Complete online counseling with ECSI if you have any of the following loans:

  • Biola University Loan
  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • Federal Nursing Loan
  • Hermann Institutional Loan
  • Freeman-Aitken-Sommerville (FAS) Institutional Loan
  • Helen Grace Colbert Yates Institutional Loan

If it is your first time logging in, you will need your Heartland Key, which can be obtained by calling ECSI at (888) 549-3274 (Biola's school code is RG). If you have any questions regarding a loan in Category 1, please contact the educational loan specialist in Student Account Services at (562) 903-4760 or email

Category 2: Direct/Stafford Loans

Complete Loan Exit Counseling through the Federal Student Aid website. If you have any questions regarding a loan in Category 2, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (562) 903-4742.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I owe in school loans?

Payments may be made in the following forms:

  • National Student Loan Data System
  • Private school loans – contact the lender
  • Biola-held loans (Federal Perkins, Federal Nursing, Biola University Loan, FAS Loan, Hermann Loan or Yates Loan) - Heartland ECSI
    • Educational Computer Systems, Incorporated (ECSI) is Biola’s loan servicing agency for Biola-held loans. Please visit ECSI online or call ECSI at (888) 549-3274 to:
        • Complete Loan Entrance or Exit Counseling
          • Make a loan payment
          • Set up automatic payments
          • Apply for a Perkins deferment or cancellation
          • View your Annual Disclosure Statements
          • Print your 1098-E Form
          • Set up an Authorized User using the Release of Information Authorization
  • To log into your account, you will either sign in or register to create a new profile. If it is your first time logging into the site, you will need your Heartland Key. To obtain your Heartland Key, call ECSI at (888) 549-3274 (Biola's school code is RG). 
    Student Account Services Office, located in Lower Metzger West, administers Biola-held loans and can be contacted at (562) 903-4760 or

When will I start repaying my loans?

Repayment begins when your grace period ends. Grace period begins when you:

  • Graduate
  • Drop below half-time
  • Depart from the University
How long is the grace period?
  • Most Federal loans - 6 months
  • Private loans - contact the lender
  • Biola-held loans (Federal Perkins, Federal Nursing, Biola, FAS, Hermann and Yates Institutional Loans) - 9 months
Please remember to inform your lenders within 10 days if your contact information changes (i.e. address, phone number, email address, etc.) in order to receive timely notifications about your loans. This is an important way to protect against delinquency.

What may happen if I default on my loans?

  • Lower credit scores
  • Lose deferment benefits
  • Late fees
  • Sent to collection agency
  • Collection costs
  • Wages or tax refund garnished
  • Trouble getting future loans for car, house or school
Timely loan repayment is vital for good credit. Your credit score is important and it is worth protecting!

What if I can’t afford my loan payments?

  • For Direct/Stafford Loan deferments, search postponing repayment at
  • For Federal Perkins deferments, go toHeartland ECSI or call (888) 549-3274.
  • For other loan types, contact the lender to see if deferment options are available.

Where will I make my loan payments?

Contact each lender to find out where to send your payment. Multiple loans usually mean multiple payment addresses.

Should I consolidate my Federal loans?

Consolidating your loans means combining all your federal loans into one loan with one monthly payment. Reasons to consolidate:
  • One payment instead of several
  • Easier to manage repayment
  • Lower monthly payments
  • If income is low, you may apply for income based repayment after consolidating
Reasons not to consolidate:
  • Possible loss of loan cancellation benefits
  • You plan to pay off some loans right away
For more information, visit