Chapel Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

University chapels and conferences are intended to bring the Biola community together regularly for worship, spiritual nurture and education regarding relevant issues facing us in our lives. The overall program brings a unique distinction to the ethos of Biola as a Christian university. Due to the central and significant nature of that ethos, attendance at chapel is required of all students.

Spiritual Development Requirement Revision

General Chapel Policies:

Chapel Schedules

Chapel & Spiritual Direction Credit

Possible Penalties

What is my chapel/conference requirement each semester?

Full Time Student (12+ units)
20 Spiritual Development Chapels + 5 Conference sessions

Part Time (7-11 units)
15 Spiritual Development Chapels + 3 Conference sessions

6 units or less
Encouraged, but not required to attend.

Remember, “Chapels” are not the only way to fulfill the 20 required Spiritual Development credits. Spiritual Direction, is another option for students to receive up to 6 credits towards their Spiritual Development requirement.

Do I have to go to chapel if I am a senior?

If you are a graduating senior, you do not have any chapel or conference requirements your graduating semester. However, if you are not graduating that semester, you will have a chapel and conference requirement.

Do commuters have a chapel/conference requirement?

Yes, all Biola students have a chapel and conference requirement.

What if I have an extreme medical or mental health situation?

Students with extreme circumstances should be connected to the Learning Center to receive academic accommodations for classes. Please contact the Learning Center to ensure you are getting the support you need to complete the semester at Biola.

If you are a parent with dependents or a non-traditional undergraduate student, please contact us at to discuss your options for your Spiritual Development requirement.

Where can I find the chapel schedule?

On the main Chapel page.

How can I get a list of the Departmental Chapels around campus?

On the main Chapel page.

Can I check the number of chapels and conferences I have attended?

The most up-to-date number of chapels/conferences you have attended is located under the Student tab on Please note that credits are uploaded the next business day if it is an evening chapel.

What if I don’t get credit for a chapel I attended?

All chapels are uploaded by the Office of Chapel Accountability within 24 hours of the chapel (weekend chapels are uploaded on Monday mornings). Students are responsible for checking their chapel attendance report (found on the Student tab of My.Biola) on a regular basis.

If a chapel is missing from a student’s chapel report, that student must contact the Office Chapel Accountability ( within 1 week of the missing chapel they attended. In order for the credit to be applied, they must include a three sentence summary in the email describing:

  • The chapel’s date, time, and location
  • The speaker’s name
  • Summary of the chapel and the topic that was discussed

Any missing chapels that are not reported within 1 week of the missing chapel will not receive credit. In that case, the student would need to attend another chapel for credit.

What if I go to Chapel without my ID card?

You can ask the chapel scanners for red chapel report form. Complete the form (student name & ID number, date, chapel speaker) and turn it in within 24 hours of the chapel to receive credit.

What if I come late to chapel after the scanners are gone?

  • At regular 50 minute chapels like Monday Word and Singspiration, scanners scan up to 10 minutes after the chapel has started.
  • At shorter prayer chapels like Fives, Midday, and Morning Prayer, scanners scan up to 5 minutes after the chapel has started.

If you arrive after the scanners have left, you will not be able to receive credit for that chapel and will need to choose another chapel to attend for credit.

What if I have to leave chapel early?

In order to receive credit for chapel you must be present until dismissed. If you leave early, you will loose your credit.

Does Spiritual Direction count for credit?

If you are NOT receiving Spiritual Direction credit for a class, then Spiritual Direction can count for credit each time you meet.

How do I get credit for Spiritual Direction?

You must download the Credit for Spiritual Direction Form [PDF], fill it out, and have your Spiritual Director sign it, and then turn it in to the Office of Chapel Accountability (located across from the Gym, in Student Services) before the last day of chapel.

What happens if I don't go to all my chapels and conferences?

If you fall short of your 20 chapels and 5 conference sessions, there is a fine of $375 automatically charged to your account each semester you fall short. Note: Student loans or grants usually do not cover the $375 chapel requirement fine.

Can I be charged the $375 fine twice in a semester if I should fail my my chapels and my conferences? Is it really right to fine people for not going to chapel?

No, just one $375 fine per semester.

Is it really right to fine people for not going to chapel?

All university educational requirements have some form of accountability. If you don’t meet the minimum requirement of courses, for instance, you are get a non-passing grade. This in some means you have to pay more (like a fine) to make up those classes, and in some cases costs students another semester.