In Search of Shalom: White People in Reconciliation

This documentary film is intended to stimulate personal thought and group dialogue on the issues of White people in America facing the challenges of racial reconciliation. It gives voice to White people who have embraced the lifelong journey of reconciliation as they strive to participate in building God’s Kingdom on earth.

In Search of Shalom offers a chance for Evangelical Christians to confront challenging issues in contemporary society and to begin to build a biblical worldview regarding racial reconciliation. The participants in the film share how they began their journey and the struggles they encountered. Their stories reflect a diversity of thoughts and various stages of life development as it relates to cultural diversity, institutional power and white identity.

Documentary • 2008 • 45 minutes • DVD • Study Guide • Director: Glen Kinoshita

Trailer for In Search of Shalom.

What Others Have Said

“This thought provoking video highlights a series of candid interviews relating the fears, perplexities, and hopes of White people on racial reconciliation. In it, a powerful distinction is made between systemic and individual racism. This video is a must see for Christian universities everywhere."

-Dr. Kimberly B.W. Denu, Associate Provost, Azusa Pacific University

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