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Support for Adjunct Faculty

Note: In addition to the resources described below, adjunct faculty should consult their dean or program chair for additional opportunities for orientation and development, and for teaching resources.

Adjunct Faculty Survival Guide

The Adjunct Faculty Survival Guide provides information on Biola’s people, departments, resources, and procedures. It is designed with the adjunct faculty specifically in mind. You can request a hardcopy of the Guide from the Office of Educational Effectiveness or download the digital edition with live links.

Adjunct Advance

Biola 201 is an orientation program for every new Biola employee. Within Biola 201 is a special orientation session—called Adjunct Advance—designed specifically for adjunct faculty. More information is available in the Adjunct Advance Flyer.

Adjunct Filling Station

At the end of the Spring semester, the Center for Faculty Development hosts the annual Adjunct Filling Station. The purpose of the Adjunct Filling Station is to acknowledge and affirm the contribution of our adjunct faculty. The evening includes dinner, a celebration of our adjunct faculty contributions, and a brief training to support the ongoing professional development of our adjunct faculty.