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IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction

Towards the end of a course, the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) survey is administered for students to anonymously provide feedback on their learning experience. The IDEA SRI provides feedback you can use to improve instruction with the focus of the instrument on student learning. A central feature of the IDEA SRI is the data collected on student perceptions of their progress on relevant learning objectives. Before the survey is administered, the most important learning objectives for the course are chosen by the professor, and students then rate their progress on those objectives. The system also controls for extraneous factors (e.g., student work habits and motivation) beyond the instructor’s control.

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Please review the following sections to learn more

Feedback Forms

This section covers an overview and samples of the Objectives Selection Form, Survey Forms and Mid-Semester Feedback.

Preparing for IDEA

This section covers steps to prepare for the IDEA surveys, including information about the IDEA learning objectives and how to select them.

Best Practices

This section covers best practices for increasing response rates.

The IDEA Report

This section covers how to navigate the report, review and use student feedback and teaching methods connected to achieving course goals.