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What We Do

The Office for the Integration of Faith and Learning was established in 2009 in order to assist university-wide efforts in the integration of faith and learning.

We seek to practice theological integration, which is:

1. Authentically biblical — We affirm the uniqueness and authority of Scripture. The Bible is not just one book among many, it is the Word of God.

2. Authentically bi-directional — We seek truth wherever it may be found. Sound interpretation of God's Word and careful study of God's world are both essential to a full understanding of the created order.

3. Positive, not merely critical — For all of the fallenness of the world, creation is still good, and we need to use it for its God-intended purposes. We seek to redeem dysfunctional aspects of human life and culture, not simply shun them.

4. Critical, not merely positive — The reality of the fall, the pervasiveness of sin combine to clothe the goodness of creation in the agony and futility of sin. We must engage culture with a critical eye not a tacit acceptance.

5. Synthetic, not merely analytical — Much of modern knowledge has grown by ever finer analysis of the created order. Though this may be the only way for human beings to acquire such knowledge—it come at the price of reductionism and dis-integrated fields of knowledge. The integration of faith and learning is built on a desire to understand the world as a symphonic whole, allowing the diversity of the created order to be united under the purpose of glorifying God the Creator.

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Services We Offer

Faculty Resources

The Office for the Integration of Faith and Learning is committed to encourage and equip faculty members to practice theological integration. To this end, we provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for faculty development. Coalition of the willing The Coalition of the Willing is a year-long small group experience designed to deepen faculty members' integrative understanding of the Christian faith as well as develop a common language and set of models for doing integration. Summer faculty integration seminar These seminars bring 15 faculty members together with a leading theologian for 5 days of teaching and discussion. Faculty members are required to write an integration paper at the end of the seminar and are paid for their participation. Table Talk Table Talk seeks to provide systematic and ongoing theological education, as well as effective models of integration of faith and learning. These monthly luncheons combine the theological expertise of a Talbot faculty member with a faculty member from the university at large who models integration within his or her discipline. Faculty Working Groups These working groups have tended to grow out of the shared interests of the faculty who participate in the Coalition of the Willing. They are in depth attempts at bridge-building between theology and concepts of academic or cultural significance. Web-based Resources Our website is a growing resource of articles, discussions and multi-media resources which serves as a resource to faculty, enhancing their integrative thinking and teaching.

Student Resources

It is Biola's intention that students are constantly seeing a distinctively Christian worldview expressed their academic disciplines. Christian teaching is the concern of all faculty members within all classes, and within all co-curricular activities. In addition, students are also required to take a senior capstone class which focuses theological integration within the various academic disciplines. A listing of these integration seminars is available from our website. Our blog also provides resources for our students on topics and contemporary issues relevant to the integration of faith and learning.

General Resources

The Office for the Integration of Faith and Learning is pleased to offer courses on Biola LEARN, the university's online platform to make world-class content taught by Biola faculty available to anyone. View currently available courses from the Office for the Integration of Faith and Learning on Biola LEARN.

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