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Additional Programs

In addition to Faculty Advancement programs, faculty can also find the following development opportunities:

Educational Effectiveness

The Office of Educational Effectiveness provides assessment training for faculty through various workshops and individual consultation. You can find more information on this page.

Digital Learning and Program Development

The Office of Digital Learning and Program Development offers training for faculty and staff in online pedagogy and best practices, and provides technical support for the LMS and online teaching. Digital Learning recommends that full-time and adjunct faculty teaching an online or remote course at Biola follow the training programs.

Integration of Faith & Learning

The Office for the Integration of Faith & Learning is committed to encourage and help our faculty teach and model a distinctively Christian vision of their field, and to equip them to train students captured by that same vision, in order that we might change the world. The office provides a broad spectrum of development opportunities to train faculty in this area.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion offers professional development opportunities that equip employees with practical intercultural knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

Provost’s Research Luncheons

These luncheons are opportunities for faculty to hear from their colleagues concerning a current or recently completed research project. In many cases those invited to present have received some sort of institutional support for the research presented. The purpose is to allow faculty from across the campus to become familiar with the research interests and accomplishments of their faculty colleagues and to allow faculty from various schools to interact with one another and enjoy the company of faculty colleagues they do not yet know well. Invitations are sent through the Provost Office.

President’s Faculty Luncheons

These luncheons provide faculty the opportunity to hear from prominent voices from outside Biola University who bring valuable perspectives to important conversations pertinent to Christian higher education. Frequently featuring well-known thought leaders, authors and artists, these luncheons aim to provoke good conversation and thinking across the disciplines, providing a venue for the sort of collegial, integrative enrichment that should define a healthy liberal arts campus. Invitations are sent through the President’s Office.