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Chase Gymnasium


As the premiere event venue on the Biola University campus, Chase Gymnasium is extremely versatile. The room is a blank canvas, ripe for customization to build the perfect event. It can be used in its “gym” state for activities such as basketball or dodgeball, or the floor can be covered to make it an “event” venue with the addition of staging, chairs, tables, drape or lighting to build the perfect setup. With the ability to seat up to 2200 guests depending on how the room is arranged, Chase Gymnasium makes for a great main venue to hold your large event.


Room Photos


360 Degree Photo


Room & Seating Capacity

Room Dimensions

Total 119'w x 117'd
Bleachers Against Wall 107'w x 117'd
Bleachers Pulled-out 64'w x 117'd
Ceiling Height Varies from 24'-28'
Balcony 60'w x 32'd
Size 15,962 sq ft

Seating Capacity

Bleacher seating 700 people per bleacher side
Balcony seating 400 people
Floor seating 400 people
Banquet-style 720 people (90 round tables, 8 chairs per table, with a small stage)
Fixed bleacher and balcony seating, no chairs on floor 1,800 people (not including open seating on the floor)
Fixed bleacher and balcony seating, with chairs on floor 2,200 people

Custom seating diagrams available based on event needs.

To view seating diagrams, contact


Audio / Video / Lighting Capabilities


Without an Event Services Technician With an Event Services Technician
Small, auxiliary speaker system setup including up to three (3) wired microphones and an input for music playback via 1/8" headphone jack (for iPhone, laptop, etc.) Up to eight (8) wireless microphones: various mixture of handheld and headset
Ability for full and multiple band setups including high-end microphones, wedge or in-ear monitoring and a high-end sound system


Without an Event Services Technician With an Event Services Technician
Unavailable — technician must be present One (1) built-in center screen with a Barco HDX-W18 projector
Ability to add left/right screens of various sizes and Barco RLM-W12 projectors
Ability for multiple, switchable computer inputs from tech booth, stage, etc.
In cooperation with Biola’s UM Video Production studio, ability for multiple camera video shoots for IMAG, recording, and live web / TV streaming


Without an Event Services Technician With an Event Services Technician
Static fluorescent house lighting Front wash and backlighting for on-stage participants
Dimmable tungsten house lighting
Complex LED and moving light setups, from Biola-owned or rented lighting equipment