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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Requester
    • Individuals acting on behalf of their respective departments or events are responsible for submitting Draft requests through 25Live and ensuring all the necessary information is provided for the reservation.
    • Reservations require one designated contact person per event responsible for relaying event information to Event Services and the proper conduct of the event itself and, unless otherwise noted, the requester is deemed to be this individual. Having one contact person is extremely important to eliminate confusion as to who has the necessary information should follow-up be necessary. Because of this, multiple individuals giving event details will not be allowed.
  • Campus Coordinator
    • The Campus Coordinator is responsible for reviewing and approving location requests and ensuring all applicable requests are routed and reviewed by necessary departments for approval. They will not submit reservations on behalf of individuals or departments.
    • The Campus Coordinator also provides an initial review of items needed/resources before it is passed to Logistics Coordinators for final approval.
  • Logistics Coordinators
    • The Logistics Coordinators are responsible for reviewing, approving and finalizing items needed/resources and setup needs that are included in the 25Live Location Confirmation once the request is confirmed by the Campus Coordinator.
    • All setup needs must be routed through 25Live.

General Information

  • Event Services equipment and assistance for an event must be requested and processed through 25Live’s “resources” section. We do not accept requests via email.
  • Once we receive your request, Logistics Coordinators will produce a “Work Order Confirmation” that is separate from the "Location Confirmation" email you receive from the Campus Coordinator.
  • The Campus Coordinator must confirm your event before Logistics Coordinators are able to see and address your event request. This means that your request needs to be submitted and “confirmed” (i.e. 25Live request changed from “Draft” to “Confirmed” by the Campus Coordinator).
  • We always recommend selecting an event location that has the equipment you need already installed in the space. To see a list of "features" of a location, click the detail view of a space name in 25Live.
  • IT is responsible for most “built-in” technology in classroom and auditorium space (see “Comments” section of each location in 25Live for specifics).
  • If you need additional services or equipment (tables, chairs, additional audio, video, lighting equipment, etc.), you will be able to indicate your needs on the Event Wizard form via the “resources” section. Event Services, who handles equipment setup that is not built-in to the room, will receive a copy of your confirmed request, and will address your setup needs. In some instances, you may be directed to Tech Commons to check out equipment yourself.
  • Event Services equipment is designated only for Biola University events, and is not allowed for personal usage for employees or students.


  • Costs are determined by the total amount of labor associated with an event. Any event that requires less than (3) hours of labor will not be charged to the customer. When an event requires (3) or more hours of labor, it becomes billable. This may include setup, any technical assistance during an event, tear down, as well as some pre- and post-production labor associated with your event.
  • The basic labor rate for Event Services is $33 per hour, per technician.
  • Late Processing Fee
    • Events with setups that are confirmed by the Campus Coordinator within three (3) business days of when the setup will need to occur will incur a $33 late processing fee due to the rushed nature of request and need to adjust workload last minute.
      • This fee will be billed even if overall labor required is less than the three hour minimum.
        • Example: Event A requires 1.75 labor hours total, but the event was confirmed with required setup the day before the event; Event A will be billed $33.
      • If labor required for the event is three hours or more, the $33 fee will be billed in addition to labor charge.
        • Example: Event B takes 6.5 labor hours total but was confirmed with required setup the day before the event; Event B will be billed $247.50 (i.e. $214.50 + $33).
      • Fee will be denoted as "LPF" on work order confirmation from Event Services.
    • Your request needs to be submitted and “confirmed” (i.e. 25Live request changed from “Draft” to “Confirmed” by the Campus Coordinator) before Logistics Coordinators are able to see and address your event request. Because of this, customers need to submit their request in time for the Campus Coordinator to officially confirm it prior to three business days before an event.
    • A late processing fee may also be invoked if major changes are made to the staffing or equipment needs of an event within 3 days of the event date.
  • After Hours Fee
    • For any event that requires an Event Services technician to begin setting up or tearing down before or after business hours (before 7:30 a.m., after 4:30 p.m.), there is a minimum fee of $66.00 automatically applied to the event’s work order, regardless of the amount of labor involved.
  • Weekend Setup Fee
    • For any event that requires an Event Services technician to begin setting up or tearing down over the weekend (after 4:30 p.m. on Friday through Sunday), there is a minimum fee of $132.00 automatically applied to the event, regardless of the amount of labor involved.
  • Permits
    • Under policies given by the city of La Mirada, certain events need to be permitted to occur. High-attendance events, outdoor concerts, events that utilize tents, events with significant amounts of outside attendees, events that desire to use open-flame candles, or events that need to utilize special electrical setups are subject to permitting fees. These will be arranged for by the Assistant Director of Event Services, and any fees will be applied to the work order for the event.
    • Due to the processing time for Event Services and the city of La Mirada to approve permits, events that require permitting must be received (4) weeks in advance of the event start date. Requests received after that are not guaranteed to be honored.
  • Avoidance of Fees
    • Should a customer not have the budget to pay for the services and equipment of Event Services, they have the ability to use the existing setup in any venue (such as banquet rooms), or they can check out audio and video equipment free of charge from Tech Commons in the library.
    • Should a customer choose to do so, neither Tech Commons nor Event Services provides technical assistance for that equipment. IT provides basic technical support for Tech Commons equipment during their office hours.
  • Custodial Fees
    • Any events happening on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and those that are large enough to affect the normal daily cleaning schedule are subject to custodial services.
    • Events that leave behind trash, food, or stains on walls or carpets throughout the week are also subject to a cleaning fee.
    • For specific details in regards to cost for these services, please contact the custodial manager, Matt Johnston (


  • Cancellations and changes require a minimum of (3) business days to process. Change requests received on shorter notice may not be guaranteed.
  • You must include your event’s unique Reference ID number when requesting any alterations to your event. Reference IDs consist of the year in which a reservation was submitted followed by six characters (example: 2020-XXYYZZ).
  • If your request can be accommodated, you will receive a new and updated confirmation from Event Services.
  • If you do not receive an updated confirmation after (24) hours of sending an update, you will need to contact them directly to confirm your changes.
  • Any changes or cancellations done less than (3) business days in advance of your event is subject to a $25 “late processing fee”.
  • Please note that Event Services reserves the right to change or cancel services for your event, based on reasons of safety, weather, or conflicts with other events.


After-Hours Assistance


  • Event Services employees work primarily during our office hours (7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday–Friday), and special arrangements for service or assistance outside of these hours should be made far in advance. Requiring last-minute assistance, especially after-hours, should be avoided if at all possible.
  • At times when emergency assistance is required, an event requestor should contact the Biola University Campus Safety Switchboard (562-903-6000) and request to be put in touch with the “Event Services on-call phone." Please have your name, location, event title, time for service and any needed details/services prepared prior to calling.
  • Please see the notice below regarding billing rates which may be attached to these types of requests. This policy mimics the Facilities Management policy, and applies to both student and staff employees.

Important Notice

  • Depending on the nature of the emergency, the call-in may be billed to either:
    • Client/organization requesting the emergency service
      • If the emergency is due to the fault or negligence of the event planner, such as not knowing how to operate a self-service installed A/V system, customer-provided equipment being defective or forgetting to request event items needed/resources.
    • Event Services
      • If the emergency is due to the the fault or negligence of Event Services, such as a coordination mistake by Event Services or defective equipment provided by Event Services
  • This choice of where to bill the call-in will be determined solely by the Assistant Director of Event Services.

Billing Rates for After-hours / Emergency Assistance

  • An Event Services employee who responds to an emergency call-in after they have worked and left the University (that is, returned to their place of residence), will be billed at a minimum of two hours of the current Event Services billing rate.
  • An Event Services employee who responds to an emergency call-in on a non-scheduled workday will be billed at a minimum of four hours of the current Event Services billing rate for the first call-in, and two hours of the current Event Services billing rate for every subsequent call-in on the same day.




  • Event Services only allows their employees to set up, run and tear down any of its equipment, including equipment permanently inside buildings. This policy is in place to protect the safety of the customer as well as maintaining the condition of the furniture, equipment and venues. Any exceptions to be made are only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.
  • Physical equipment will not be allowed to be left out overnight. Any exceptions to be made are only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.
  • Event Services does not give out ladders for event usage. If a customer needs to use one, even temporarily, for an event, contact Facilities Management at or x4897 to check one out.

Misc. (lifts, carts, etc.)

  • Equipment such as carts and aerial work platforms (scissor and single-man lifts, etc.) are to be operated only by trained Event Services employees. These cannot be used by customers.

Long-Term Use of Equipment

  • Use of equipment for more than three days may not be allowed, depending on the equipment requested, nature of the event, and the needs of other events happening concurrently.
  • If long-term use of equipment is necessary for your event, Event Services can facilitate renting the requested equipment from a local vendor. In this case, the customer would be responsible for whatever costs are associated with the rental. A minimum of four weeks notice is necessary for processing of paperwork.




  • Event Services only allows its own employees to set up, run and tear down its equipment. This policy is in place to ensure the proper handling (usage, storage, maintenance) of equipment with which Event Services is entrusted. This includes people who are qualified and experienced with the equipment. Any exceptions to be made are only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.
  • Technical equipment is not allowed to be left out overnight. Any exceptions to be made are only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.
  • Stage plots and/or event diagrams are required two weeks prior to the event taking place.


  • Any event which requests more than three wired microphones, any wireless microphones, or the amplification of musical instruments through a sound system will require an Event Services technician to run sound for the event. This will be charged at the department labor rate (see Administrative section). Event Services will automatically schedule a technician for you on your Event Services Work Order confirmation.
  • Requests for events that necessitate a tech to operate equipment must be received a minimum of two weeks in advance, otherwise technical support is not guaranteed.
  • While every effort will be made to accommodate all requests, due to finite staffing, some events may not be able to be staffed by a technician. Should this be the case, Event Services will notify the customer as soon as possible in order to assist in still making the sure the event is a success.
  • Portable PA systems may be requested to be set up and torn down by Event Services, but will not be loaned out to customers.
  • Music Playback/Background Music:
    • For non-tech’d events, customers must provide their own background music and device for playback.
    • For events with an Event Services technician present, customers have the option of providing a device for playing back music, or Event Services can provide a device. Use of an Event Services playback device will require being notified at least two days in advance, as well as a valid login to Pandora, Spotify, or similar music services provided by the customer.
  • Event Recordings:
    • If a customer requests their event be recorded, it is their responsibility to make sure that all Media Release Forms are signed by the necessary parties, as well as to catalog those forms for future reference (for example, it may be necessary to present this to UM Video for recording duplication).
    • Recordings that are requested in advance of an event will be sent digitally to the customer within two weeks after the event ends.
    • Recordings that are requested in advance of an event will be housed by Event Services for a period of (60) days after the event. After this point, the recording will be deleted from the Event Services’ server.


  • Event Services does not set up any screens or projectors, whether owned by Event Services or Tech Commons, without the proper technical oversight. Therefore, any event that requests Event Services to set up a projector and screen will automatically require an Event Services technician to operate the equipment during the entirety of the event.
  • If the customer prefers, with proper approvals, they are permitted to check out, set up and operate projectors, screens and other video equipment from Tech Commons without Event Services assistance. However, Event Services does not provide support for Tech Commons equipment that is checked out by customers. Any support would need to come from IT during their business hours.
  • Unless an event has an Event Services technician on site, we do not provide laptops or laptop adapters. If an Event Services technician is on site, customers may request that Event Services provide a laptop (for a fee of $10 per laptop) or may provide their own laptop for media playback.
    • If an Event Services laptop is requested, any media in use must be sent at least two days prior to the event.
    • Any customers providing their own laptop for an event must specify the brand and exact model name two days prior to an event to ensure compatibility with existing equipment. Event Services’ preference would be to have customers bring their own computer, depending on the event and prior coordination. If needed, customers may check out laptops or display adapters from IT Helpdesk or Tech Commons.
  • Overflow Feeds
    • Any event that requires an “overflow” feed (where an event takes place in one venue, and video/audio is streamed to another location), requires an Event Services technician to be present in every venue in use to ensure quality of service and care of equipment in use.
    • Coordination of this service must be done at minimum two weeks prior to the event start date. Service also requires customer to schedule the services of UM Video to set up and operate cameras and cables that send the video feed to displays.


  • Any event requesting lighting that is “intelligent” (LED’s, moving fixtures, etc.) will require an Event Services technician to operate the equipment during the entirety of the event.
  • Depending on the event usage and type of fixtures needed, general area lighting (PAR can fixtures, etc.) may not require a tech to operate them during the event. This will be determined by Event Services staff.
  • Event Services does not own or have string lights (also known as bistro lights, christmas lights, cafe lights, twinkle lights, etc) available for loan; nor does Event Services set up customer-owned string lights. To have string lights available for an event, the two options available to customers are:
    • Individual departments/customers hang their own lights
      • Ladder training arrangements can be made through the front desk of Facilities Management ( or x4897); after users have been ladder trained, a ladder can be checked out from Facilities
      • Extension cords can be purchased by your department if they are used frequently, otherwise you can inquire with Tech Commons in the library since they have a stock of them that they may rent out
      • Zip ties can be purchased from Biola's Central Stores warehouse, or from another vendor locally (Home Depot, etc)
    • Event Services can arrange for a vendor to setup/teardown the lights.

Rigging & Lifts

  • Only trained Event Services employees are allowed to rig equipment. This includes truss, speakers, lights, etc. Any exceptions to be made are only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.
  • Only trained Event Services employees are permitted to operate mechanical lifts for event usage, including Biola’s Genie single man lifts, the Genie scissor lift, and the JLG boom lift. Any exceptions to be made are only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.


  • Spider Boxes:
    • Any extra power needs for an event must be scheduled at a minimum of three business days in advance.
    • Scheduling of spider boxes for an event must be done through Event Services, who will arrange for them to be set up by the Electrical Department.
    • Only certified Facilities Management employees may plug and unplug spider boxes and 3-phase connections.
  • Extension Cords:
    • Due to Fire Code policies, no extension cords may be run through windows or doorways for an event.
    • Any extension cords run across walkways, roadways, etc. must be securely fastened down. Proper cable-covers may become necessary to ensure the safety of those on campus.
    • Any event found breaking these policies are subject to have the extension cord removed by Facilities Management staff.


Rental Equipment

Vendor Arrangement

  • In the case of extra or different equipment being necessary for an event, Event Services can arrange for rentals from off-campus vendors. A minimum of four weeks is required prior to event day for proper coordination. Any cost associated with a rental for your event will be applied to your Event Services Work Order.
  • All technical rentals from outside vendors must be coordinated through Event Services. Any exceptions to be made are only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.
  • Physical rentals (tables, chairs, etc.) from outside vendors may be coordinated by customer. How and when the services of vendors occur must be coordinated with Event Services staff.
  • Rentals for items like decor (flowers, center pieces, linens etc.) and entertainment (bounce houses) must be coordinated by the customer. How and when the services of decor vendors occur must be coordinated with Event Services staff.

When to Rent

  • While access to equipment is generally on a first-come first-serve basis, there are some instances where an event that uses a large percentage of Event Services’ inventory (for example: tables) will need to rent at least a portion of the total they request. This will ensure that Event Services can still provide smaller events with the equipment they need.


Customer Equipment

Use of Customer's Equipment

  • We do not setup, operate or teardown equipment owned or managed by other departments or persons, to avoid damaging equipment not owned by Event Services. This includes items like string lights, canopies, instruments, signs, balloons or other physical or technical equipment. Exceptions are to be made only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.

Storage of Customer’s Equipment

  • We do not allow equipment owned or managed by other departments to be held in Event Services storage. Exceptions are to be made only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.

Moving Customer’s Equipment

  • Any equipment that is being used by the customer but that is not owned by Event Services is expected to be moved by the customer. This includes musical instruments and boxes from storage. Exceptions to be made only by approval of the Assistant Director of Event Services.
  • Moving supplies (like t-shirts or anything delivered to central stores) can also be arranged through the utilities department in Facilities Management.


Campus Locations

General Information

  • The following are general policies in regards to locations on campus. Please also see details specific to each location, such as examples of setups and maximum occupancy, in 25Live.

Classroom Expectations

  • All classrooms and their equipment are expected to be left in good order. This includes chairs, desks and tables being straightened, electronic equipment powered down, and taking away or disposing of everything one came in with.
  • Unless confirmed ahead of time with Event Services, users are expected to take extra care that the room is returned to a class-ready condition.
  • Removing furniture from any venue (even if it is intended for use in an alternate room) is not permitted, unless done by Facilities Management employees.
  • Should standard classroom furniture be missing or damaged, contact Facilities Management at x4898. Should media equipment be missing or damaged, contact IT at x4740.

Food/Beverages in Rooms

  • Classrooms are intended to be used as classrooms. They are not intended for banquets, catered events, dinners, parties or meeting rooms. However, food is allowed in most classrooms (Crowell Hall and business building classrooms are not allowed to have food, with the exception of Business 103/104), but must be removed after the event.
  • Groups that violate this policy and do not remove food and beverages will be subject to a cleaning fee through the Custodial department.

Adjacent Spaces

  • Setup of tables, chairs, audio/video/lighting equipment or any other additional setup in hallways or public space must be arranged in advance with Event Services using the Event Wizard form, which is accessed when creating an event on 25Live.
  • Any use of hallways should not restrict the access to the classroom or interfere with any other areas.

Access to Technical Booths

  • Only Event Services technicians are allowed access to technical booths or storage areas, whether that is in banquet rooms, auditoriums or the gym.
  • Should any issues need to be addressed in these venues (for example, sound levels), or if any extra technical setup is needed, you must contact the appropriate department as noted in 25Live. Generally, IT is responsible for classrooms and auditoriums (as well as the LDR/LCR), and Event Services is responsible for the Andrew’s Banquet Room and the Cafeteria Banquet Room.

Notable Location Limitations

  • Banquet Rooms
    • Due to the fact that the use of these rooms are in high demand, events in these venues will be limited to banquets, meetings, seminars, and other similar kinds of events. Anything outside of these, including practices and performances, will not be permitted to occur in the banquet rooms.
  • Banner Advertising Locations
    • Due to the fact that the use of these locations are in high demand, their use per requester will be limited to one location for one week at a time. If more than one week of advertising is desired, you will need to reserve a different banner location for the subsequent amount of time.
  • Roadway
    • Due to the fact that we need to keep the roadway (between the SUB, Cafe, Marshburn, Bardwell, etc.) clear for emergency vehicles, as well as for the general flow of traffic through campus, large roadway setups (for example, Clubs Fair) are limited to one side of the roadway.
    • Additional locations may need to be reserved in order to accommodate the necessary setup.


Supplemental Documentation

Sound Policies

  • Outdoor Event Policy
    • In an effort to be a good neighbor and comply with the city of La Mirada noise ordinance (9.04.010 unnecessary or loud noises prohibited), the following guidelines will be used in approving all outdoor events:
      • Large concerts and musical events should be held indoors whenever possible.
      • All outdoor events must be held between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
      • All outdoor events with amplified audio must be at least 150’ from any property line.
      • All outdoor events with amplified audio that are held within 150’ – 300’ from any property line must have an Event Services technician present throughout the event to ensure audio levels comply with the city noise ordinance.
      • Amplified audio for games at athletic facilities is excluded from this policy
    • See Outdoor Policy Map below.
  • OSHA/Sound Policy
    • In order to keep employees safe, we are committed to staying within the OSHA HC guidelines. As such we will use the following restrictions based on the total length of the event plus soundcheck and rehearsal time (speaking time may be subtracted from this total). For more information see the Event Services Sound Pressure Level Policy.
      • 0-1 hour: limit of 100dBA (slow)
      • 1-2 hours: limit of 95dBA (slow)
      • 2-4 hours: limit of 90dBA (slow)

Download Sound Policy


  • Any department planning for an outside contractor (this includes musicians and conferences) to provide a service for their event must go through the Purchasing Department, who will then deal with all contracts.
  • Event Services will be a part of the contract approval process, in order ensure both parties (contractor and Biola University) are able to meet and agree to each other’s needs.
  • Any contractor brought onto campus (that will be utilizing the services of Event Services) without having been approved by Event Services during the contract process is not guaranteed to be fully accommodated.

Outdoor Policy