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25Live is an enterprise, web-based software that is used for course room assignments as well as the scheduling of event location and setup needs. Depending on your account’s access rights, you can simply check location availability, or after receiving 25Live training can create an event occurring on any number of dates.

For additional information or answers to frequently asked questions regarding 25Live, please first read below, then visit our FAQ page.


Access to 25Live

The standard URL for Biola’s access to 25Live is You must use your Biola NetID and password to access the system. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.

Default access to 25Live provides users access to see room availability. Additional access to be able to reserve space on campus is limited to those whose role require it and have been taken our video training course to understand proper use of the system. Students desiring to reserve space on campus must go through personnel within SPA/SGA, or their designated department staff who have access.

If you need training for how to use 25Live or the Event Form, please fill out our 25Live Training & Event Request Access Form.

Request Access to 25Live


Event Wizard Request Form

The “Event Wizard” is the request form by which all campus events are scheduled, locations are reserved, and setup / support by Event Services is requested. See the “Coordinating Your Event” page for how to fill out the Event Wizard, or seek out the Campus Coordinator for training documentation.

When you submit an event in 25Live, this is a request, and not a confirmation. The confirmation comes after the Campus Coordinator reviews your submission and receives all necessary approvals. The amount of time required for approval varies, and is dependent on the type, size and date for your event.


Event Status/State Explanation

You can check the status of your event by navigating to the “Your Upcoming Events” box on the homepage of 25Live, and clicking on “...Events in which you are the Requester”. Alternatively, if you have your event’s unique Reference ID on hand, you can type that into the Event Search box on 25Live.

There are four basic event states in 25Live:

  1. Draft: This is the default state which requests are submitted as, and means that your event has not formally been reviewed. It also means that the location(s) you requested are not “held” even though it was available at the time of submission.
  2. Tentative: This is the state requests are put in when additional review is required. While in this state, the dates and times for your requested location(s) are tentatively “held” while the review is being completed.
  3. Confirmed: This is the state where your location(s) have been formally approved. Further setup details may be needed or altered, but your locations are “held”.
  4. Canceled: This is the state where all event details are canceled. It means that the dates and times for your originally requested location(s) are released back for general inquiry.


Changes to an Event

Who to contact when you need to change details for your event depends both on the “state” of your event and what exactly you’re needing changed.

  1. If your event is still in Draft, you are able to edit the dates, times, locations and other event details yourself.
  2. If your event is Tentative, and you need to change the date, location or items needed for your event, you must contact the Campus Coordinator.
  3. If your event is Confirmed and you need to change the date or location, you must contact the Campus Coordinator. If your event is Confirmed and you need to change the items needed, you must contact Logistics Coordinators.

There are three ways to send change requests:

  1. If you have 25Live open to your particular event that needs a change, navigate to “More Options” on the top right of the event details page, and then click “Email Event Details” from the drop-down menu that appears. From there, you will be able to select who the email goes to, if you want anyone CC’d on it, as well as a text box to leave notes for what changes you need.
  2. You can also reply with your requested changes to the formal Confirmation email from the Campus Coordinator.
  3. Alternatively, you can simply send a direct email with your changes, but you must include the Reference ID in the email so that Event Services personnel know what exact event or reservation needs alteration.


Date Restrictions

For all requests there is a two business day minimum buffer between the time of submission and start of the event. We will not be able to take last minute reservation requests. If you do need a room for a last minute reservation, you are limited to the use of various rooms available through Express Scheduling.

Additionally, event requests are only able to submitted and confirmed up to the end of the currently released academic schedule. This ensures that room assignments for courses are able to be finalized before campus events begin to inquire for their own usage. Event requests will automatically be prevented by 25Live from being submitted into an unreleased course term, and will be referenced as "date restrictions" in the form.