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If you have a different question or the answer below is not clear, please feel free to e-mail with your question, and we will get back to you.

Planning Questions

How far in advance should I start planning my event?

We work on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, you should send in your 25Live Event Wizard Request ASAP. We advise sending in your request at least (3) weeks before your event. Certain locations on campus have to be approved by other departments, and larger events must go to the Public Events Board.

When should I expect to hear back from you about whether or not my event has been reserved?

For certain locations, such as the CBR or the ABR, the Campus Coordinator is able to reserve them within a couple of days, depending on when your event occurs and the amount of requests being reviewed. Other location requests, such as classrooms, will need to wait for the Academic Calendar to be released by Registrar in order to know the availability of certain rooms at a future date. Usually, the Academic Calendar is released two months before the semester begins.

Can an off-campus group use venues on campus?

Yes, but they need to contact Conference Services, who will be their liaison for space reservation and setup details per a contract between them and the group.

Is it okay to stay in the location of our event longer than we originally requested?

No. This is 1) because we schedule our work according to the original requested times on the Event Wizard Request on 25Live and reconfirm via the Event Services Confirmation, 2) because our employees need adequate time to reset venues for the next event and 3) so that the next event can begin on time, we ask that you be respectful of the campus and end your event at the time originally reserved for you by the Campus Coordinator. If you know that your event may need more time for check-in or time to socialize, indicate that in the times that you request using “Pre-/Post-event time.” Otherwise, please make sure that your event ends on time and that people leave the venue of your event.

There are other departments similar to yours. How do I know what you do vs. what they do?

There are a number of other departments that have similar functions to Event Services, but that are nevertheless different. Please see below for basic information about how we are differentiated from other on-campus departments as it relates specifically to events, so that you know who to contact for their corresponding services:

  • Facilities Management: overarching department that includes, among others, Custodial, Grounds, Event Services, Operations, Construction, Central Stores, HVAC, Utilities, etc.
  • Event Services: oversees the coordination reservable space (Campus Coordinator) and the physical, audio, video and lighting setup of events (Logistics Coordinators), as well as the technicians to operate given setup; only does audio recordings
  • EMC Video: handles the video-recording of events, as well as live broadcasting and photography
  • Custodial: cleans indoor venues and restrooms
  • Tech Commons: provides audio and video equipment that can be checked out free of charge
  • IT: oversees most installed technology in academic locations (exceptions noted in venue details in 25Live) as well as telecommunication devices
  • Conference Services: liaison between Biola and outside groups/conferences wanting to hold their events on campus
  • Bon Appetit: besides food, they provide linens as well as instruction for tables that are needed for their services (customer is responsible for relaying catering needs to Event Services)
  • Utilities: can handle the delivery of equipment/supplies from storage to given location on and off campus
  • Campus Safety: enforces safety and security issues at events, as well as the unlocking of doors

Who should I talk to about making changes to my event?

  • Who to contact when you need to change details for your event depends on 1) the “state” of your event, and 2) what exactly you’re needing changed.
    • If your event is still in Draft, you are able to edit the dates, times, locations and other event details yourself.
    • If your event is Tentative, and you need to change the date, location or items needed for your event, you must contact the Campus Coordinator.
    • If your event is Confirmed and you need to change the date or location, you must contact the Campus Coordinator. However, if your event is Confirmed and you need to change the items needed, you must contact Logistics Coordinators.

25Live Questions

How do I get training for 25Live?

If you need training for how to use 25Live or the Event Form, please fill out our 25Live Training & Event Request Access Form.

I need a room, but I'm not sure what specific one will work for me. What should I do?

Check 25Live. When you log in, navigate to the “Locations” tab. From there, utilize the search tool to narrow down what locations would work best for your event. You can also click the name of the room and under each room are its specific features, capacity, and a picture showing what it looks like.

Alternatively, you can select either of the following two options on the homepage of 25Live:

"I know WHEN my event should take place — help me find a location!"
"I know WHERE my event should take place — help me choose a time!"

What does the “Event State” mean from 25Live?

  • If it states that your Event State is "Draft", it means that your event has not formally been reviewed. The dates and times for your requested location(s) are not “held”.
  • If it states that your Event State is "Tentative", it means that additional review is required. While in this state, the dates and times for your requested location(s) are tentatively “held” while the review is being completed.
  • If it states that your Event State is "Confirmed", it means that your location(s) have been formally approved. Further setup details may be needed or altered, but your locations are “held”.
  • If it states that your Event State is "Canceled", it means that the dates and times for your originally requested location(s) have been released, and all details for your event request have canceled.

How much setup/pre-event/post-event/tear down time should I include for my event?

  • The answer to this is highly dependent on the needs and location of your event -- in general, banquet rooms (ABR/CBR/LDR) should have a minimum of a 2-hour of buffer time in between events to allow for Event Services and Catering to have enough time to setup/turnaround/teardown from an event. If you will be requiring extra setup/items needed other than existing furniture in a room, a minimum of 4 hours is suggested.
    • Pre-Event/Post-Event time: Does your event need time for check-in, mingling before the event itself starts and after it ends, etc? Do you need additional time to set up/tear down your own materials?
    • Setup/Takedown: How much time does Event Services need to do setup for your event? How much time does Catering need to set up food?
    • Event Start/End time: What are the times when the actual event begins and ends?

How far in advance can I reserve a location for my event(s)?

Event request are only able to submitted and confirmed up to the end of the currently released academic term. This ensures that room assignments for courses are able to be finalized before campus events begin to inquire for their own usage. Event requests will automatically be prevented by 25Live from being submitted into an unreleased course term, and will be referenced as "date restrictions" in the form.

How do I find my reference ID number?

You can find your reference ID number 1) in the confirmation email from the Campus Coordinator, or 2) by finding your event from the homepage of 25Live by navigating to the “Your Upcoming Events” box, and clicking on “...Events in which you are the Requester”.

What browser should I use for 25Live?

It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.

Does my 25Live confirmation mean my setup is confirmed?

The confirmation you receive through 25Live from the Campus Coordinator is primarily a confirmation of your location on the dates and times indicated in the confirmation. Only preliminary setup details are outlined in the 25Live confirmation. It is only after you receive a Work Order confirmation from Logistics Coordinators that your final setup is formally approved.

Physical Questions

Do you provide tablecloths for your tables?

Event Services does not provide tablecloths — they can be ordered through the Bon Appetit Catering department on their website (general ordering or departmental ordering), or by contacting or calling x5797.

Can I request equipment last minute/day of my event?

Last minute requests disrupt the flow of pre-planned work that is already scheduled for the day, which can then affect other events happening on campus. While we will do our best to accommodate you in last minute situations, we ask that you prepare ahead of time and know exactly what you will need well in advance. Events scheduled within (3) business days of the event date are subject to a $25 late processing fee.

How many chairs fit around your round tables?

The standard and recommended number is (8) chairs per round table.

I'm going to have food and other materials left over from my event. What should I do with the trash?

Please dispose of all trash and materials in designated trash cans at the location of your event. If you know that there will be an excess of trash that the location you are holding your event at can not handle, please request trash cans from us so that we can provide extras for you.

Can I get umbrellas or canopies for my event?

Yes. However, these are rented from an off-campus rental company, and any costs will be applied to your Event Services Work Order. Please let us know how many you will need on your 25Live Event Wizard Request, and we will contact and coordinate all the details with the rental company for you.

Tech Questions

Where can I get a recording of my event?

Requests for recordings of events need to be sent to before, or within 14 days after, your event. The unedited MP3 files will be delivered electronically within one week of your request, and you will be responsible for the download and archival of these files.

All files are stored on a temporary server and are subject to deletion after 30 days.

Can I have background music at my event?

Yes, this is normally not a problem. For non-tech’d events, customers must provide their own background music and device for playback. For events with an Event Services technician present, customers have the option of providing a device for playing back music, or Event Services can provide a device. Use of an Event Services playback device will require being notified at least (2) days in advance, as well as a valid login to Pandora, Spotify, or similar music services provided by the customer.

Do you provide laptops for events that would need to use them?

If an event does not have an Event Services technician on site, we do not provide laptops, laptop adapters or remote clickers.

If an Event Services technician is on site, customers may request that Event Services provide a laptop (for a fee of $10 per laptop) or may provide their own laptop for media playback. If an Event Services laptop is requested, any media in use must be sent at least two (2) days prior to the event to to allow time for loading and testing of media.

Any customers providing their own laptop for an event must specify the brand and exact model name at least two (2) days prior to an event to ensure compatibility with existing equipment. Event Services’ preference would be to have customers bring their own computer, depending on the event and prior coordination. Please contact Event Services for more information.

How much audio equipment can I have without needing a tech?

Our policy states that we only provide a maximum of (3) wired microphones without a technician present. Any number of wired microphones beyond (3), any wireless microphones, and any inputs for instruments require an audio tech be hired for your event.

Can we just use your sound board and other audio equipment if we have someone who knows how to run them, in order to avoid hiring a tech?

No. Only Event Services personnel are allowed to run our sound boards and to have access to our sound closets/equipment. This is because 1) we are responsible for protecting and maintaining both the facilities and equipment being used for events, and 2) we are responsible for respecting campus and city policies in regards to noise.

Fee Questions

Are we allowed to setup tables and chairs ourselves in order to avoid any labor charges?

No, because of both insurance purposes (in the occurrence of personal injury or damage to equipment and locations) as well as access to some equipment storage locations being restricted, we do not allow customers to set up equipment themselves.

Can I use the existing setup in the room to avoid a labor charge?

Yes! Indicate your intention of doing this in the 25Live Event Wizard request.

Why am I going to get charged a custodial fee if I left the room clean? How much will it cost?

Any questions in regards to Custodial cleaning should be directed to Matt Johnston, the Custodial manager. You can contact him at x5992 or at