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Video and Photography

The video and photo production team, located within Biola’s Office of University Marketing, is responsible for creating or overseeing nearly all of the video and photography used to market Biola’s programs, events and initiatives. The team also takes care of many of the university’s internal video and photo production needs, too.


Biola’s video and photo production team offers a wide array of services to Biola’s schools and departments. Some services are also available to outside groups that are holding events on Biola’s campus.

  • Promotional Videos — Encompassing a wide range of types of projects, from a program video, a 30-second ad spot, to a virtual tour — promotional videos help people learn about and gain interest in specific programs and majors at Biola. Each of these projects is completely custom, and starts with a detailed consultation with your AE and our video team.
  • Event Videography — Whether it’s a single camera recording a speech, or a dozen cameras recording a large event like commencement, our team can professionally capture your event — allowing those who weren’t able to make it to watch at a later time. The finished video is typically delivered to Biola’s YouTube channel, or to a private Google Drive link that you can share as needed. We also have the capability to feed live video (aka IMAG) to the screens at Biola’s large venues.
  • Live Streaming — When streaming live to the world there’s one take and no redos. Our team are experts in successfully executing streaming events — from large events like commencements, debates, and conferences to interactive Q&A sessions for social media. We typically stream to Biola’s site, YouTube and Facebook Live.
  • TV and Radio Uplinks — Our studio is equipped with the equipment and connectivity to uplink live, broadcast-quality video and audio to TV and radio stations around the nation.
  • Marketing Photography — From campaign photography, to a website header, to social media ads, to the cover of Biola Magazine, our team is equipped to shoot any kind of photography — ensuring that every photo captures what it’s like to be a Biolan.
  • Portraits and Headshots — Custom portraits are often captured when a person is going to be featured in an article or website. Our team also offers at least one headshot opportunity each semester, where faculty and staff can get an updated profile photo for Biola’s website.
  • Event Photography — Our team can capture the true essence of an event, allowing it to be shared online with those who weren’t able to make it.
  • Photo Library — We maintain an extensive library of searchable photography, ready for instant use in Biola’s marketing materials and on our website.
  • Podcasts — We record and distribute several of Biola’s podcasts. Recording can take place on location or in our acoustically treated studio.
  • Aerial Video & Photography — Our team has an FAA-licensed drone pilot on staff and has air traffic control clearance to fly over Biola’s campus. We can capture the sights of Biola from a unique perspective.
  • Accessibility — We’re experienced in creating that videos comply with accessibility laws, as well as adding accessibility features to existing videos. We include captions on all videos we produce, audio descriptions where necessary, and provide live closed captioning for all of the events we originate. We also have partnerships with vendors that can provide real-time captioning at events or in webinars.

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We’re always delighted to partner with departments and offices across our campus to produce visual content that helps promote Biola. Please keep in mind that our resources are limited — we always have more demand for our services than we have time available, and our production calendar fills up quickly. With that in mind, make sure to engage us well before your deadline or event. To get started, request a consultation with our team and we’ll chat from there.

Promotional videos typically take anywhere from three to nine months from conception to final delivery.

Our turnaround time for delivering event videography is typically within four weeks, often sooner.

We ask you to notify us of any large events or live streams at least two months prior, as these often require a large crew.

Photography turnaround times are usually one to three weeks, depending upon the size of the project.

Expedited deliveries are available, but will incur additional fees.


For internal university clients, our standard labor rate is $33 per hour per person. The number of people assigned to a shoot is based on what’s necessary to ensure a successful production. Rush projects are billed at $50 per hour per person.

We bill on actual labor incurred, and can always provide an estimate up front.

Additional costs on a project can include: music licensing, captioning fees, travel outside of La Mirada, and rental of specialty equipment outside of our standard inventory.

Video Production Process

The video production process is a series of steps that build on each other. Here’s what you can expect for a typical project:

  1. Pre-Production
    The most successful projects are the ones where careful attention has been put into all elements of the planning and preparation. We’re here to help, and will kick this process off with a meeting. Be prepared to discuss your goals for the project, what it should communicate, how it will be distributed, budget, timeline and any other constraints. We’ll take all that information and convert it to an action plan for the project.
  2. Production
    This is when the project becomes a reality. Our team will bring our top-of-the-line equipment to make everything look its best. Depending upon the project, this part might be over in just a couple of hours, or it might require multiple long days of work.
  3. Post-Production
    The team will take all of the footage we’ve captured and start molding it into the finished product. We’ll add music and motion graphics to make things pop. Along the way, you’ll have several important opportunities to review our work thus far and provide feedback and as get closer to a final version.
  4. Delivery
    Once the project is completed, we’ll prepare it for delivery to its final destination(s). Each destination requires us to prepare a file in a slightly different way, and we have lots of experience making sure that the formats are correct. We often deliver to: Biola’s website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram TV and Google Drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the department that creates videos for online classes/Canvas?

No. Digital Learning handles production of online classes. We handle everything else, including all public-facing video for the university.

What’s the difference between you and Event Services?

We partner very closely with Event Services on many of Biola’s events. They handle most aspects of live events at Biola, except for video recording and live streaming, which we take care of.

Can we hire you if we’re not a Biola school or department?

Not unless you’re an event or conference that is renting space at Biola. In that case, we are able to provide event videography and live streaming services. Your Conference Services contact can provide more information.

Do you rent out your equipment?

No. Our equipment can only be used by our staff. We never rent it out separately.

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