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Explore Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel is a sacred worship space located on Biola University’s La Mirada campus. The chapel — originally constructed in 1975 by architect John Andre Gougeon — was renovated in summer 2018 by world-renowned Danish artists Peter Brandes and Maja Lisa Engelhardt, who transformed the space with original sculptures, stained-glass windows and reimagined seating, flooring, paint and lighting.

We invite you to explore their artistic vision with a guided tour of Calvary Chapel, a cross-shaped worship space that has been beautifully recreated around a central theme — the resurrection of Christ.

Begin Self-Guided Tour
Cross shaped Calvary Chapel layout with Western Wing on top, Northern Wing to the right, Eastern Wing at the bottom, and Southern Wing on the left
Exterior of Calvary Chapel, featuring large gold cross on blue double doors

Section 1


Before beginning the self-guided tour, learn more about the chapel’s history and its renovation. Find information on the artists behind the renovation, Peter Brandes and Maja Lisa Engelhardt.

Inside of Calvary Chapel as seen from the doorway

Section 2

Western Wing (Stage)

The stage area of the chapel features a large gilded sculpture, flanked by stained-glass windows portraying stories of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Abraham and Isaac, the prophet Elijah, and David and Saul.

South wing of Calvary Chapel with stained glass

Section 3

Southern Wing

Explore the left alcove of the chapel, which includes stained-glass windows representing biblical passages on Cain and Abel, the institution of the Lord’s Supper and the Crucifixion of Christ.

Northern wing of Calvary Chapel with stained glass

Section 4

Northern Wing

Calvary Chapel’s right alcove serves as a counterpart to the left alcove. The stained-glass found here represents Christ’s resurrection, the Parable of the Sower and the baptism of Jesus.

Two tall blue doors at the entrance of Calvary Chapel

Section 5

Eastern Wing (Entrance)

The chapel’s entrance features decorative and biblically inspired stained-glass. Explore windows depicting the Parable of the Prodigal Son and Jesus’ interaction with Nicodemus.

One of the artists with a one of the stained glass pieces

Section 6


End your self-guided tour with some final facts about Calvary Chapel, Biola University and more. Also, learn about the innovation behind the chapel renovation.