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Semester Down Payment Worksheet

This tool is available to assist students and parents in approximating the payment that will be needed to complete enrollment based on the student's unique factors. If your financial aid or charges change, please run it again using the new figures to obtain a more accurate estimate.

Estimated Charges

Tuition rates may vary if you take a course at a different student level; i.e. graduate students enrolling in undergraduate courses.

Class fees may be found in the University Catalog or Class Schedule.

All students living in residence halls are required to purchase either a traditional or flex meal plan, with a minimum of 10 meals per week.

* 10+ meal plan required if living in this hall

** Commuters and Biola apartment residents only

Students who drive to campus or who live on campus and have a vehicle will be required to purchase a parking permit.

All students enrolled in 7 credits or more are required to have health insurance

Estimated Financial Aid

Please list the total dollar amount of your anticipated financial aid awards for the semester including scholarships, grants and loans. Do not include work study. If you are not enrolled full time, your financial aid award will be reduced accordingly.

Students may find their financial aid awards at: