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Campus Safety Services

Safety Escort Service

The Department operates a safety escort service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An escort can be obtained by dialing ‘0’ on any campus phone or at (562) 903-6000 from a cell phone.


RAVE Guardian: Your Personal Safety Companion

Campus Safety provides a mobile safety app for students in the Biola community. RAVE Guardian is a free app that turns any smartphone into a personal safety device, on and off campus. The Guardian app allows users to invite friends and family members to their safety network, enabling them to serve as guardians. When needed, the user can request one or more of their guardians to virtually walk with them on or off campus. Guardians can view the location of loved ones while using the app. 

How does RAVE Guardian work?

  • Register and set up an account: Add your name, campus address, medical notes and other pertinent information for Campus Safety in case of emergency. Tip: Take a selfie when you download the RAVE Guardian app and upload it to your profile or add any headshot of yourself. It will help Campus Safety identify you in the event of an emergency.
  • Easy Emergency Communication: Emergency? Need help? Use the app to make a call to Campus Safety, and the app will show officers your Guardian profile and current location. You can also text* Campus Safety using the app for a quick response.
  • Add and Message Guardians: Adding roommates, friends and family to your guardian network to help you feel safer when walking alone, on or off campus. 
  • Set a Safety Timer: In the event that you feel unsafe while walking alone, set a timer using the Safe Walk feature. In the event that you do not make it there and de-active the timer, Guardians will be immediately alerted.  
  • Send Anonymous Tips: See something, say something. The app allows users to anonymously text* suspicious activity to Campus Safety, including photos.

Download RAVE Guardian, your personal safety companion on the App Store or Google Play.

*The texting feature is not available daily between 2 a.m.-6 a.m.


University Operator

The Department operates a communications center that includes services such as University operator, Campus Safety dispatch, alarm monitoring and other communications capabilities.


Lost and Found

The Department has a depository for lost and found items. Should you discover an item of personal property belonging to another, or wish to retrieve an item, please contact the Campus Safety Administrative Office at ext. 4877 during normal business hours, or the University operator at ‘0’.


Campus Telephones

There are several telephones located on the exterior of campus buildings that may be used to report emergencies. A blue light is located above these phones for ease of identification. Emergencies may also be reported on any campus phone. Please dial ext. 5111 and inform the Campus Safety dispatcher of the nature and location of the emergency.


Crime Alert Notice

When circumstances warrant, Crime Alert Bulletins are released by Department of Campus Safety to warn the University community of special crime-related conditions.


Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)

R.A.D. is offered as part of the Physical Education curriculum (counts as one unit towards the General Education/PE requirement), and is sponsored by Campus Safety. Participation in R.A.D. is limited to females. Those interested in enrolling in the course may do so during Registration at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The course is designed to enhance the options of self-defense so they may become a viable consideration to the person who may be attacked.


Crime Log

Campus Safety maintains a Crime Log of all reports of crimes made to Campus Safety. The Crime Log is online or may be viewed at the Campus Safety Office.

View the online Crime Log


Vehicle Permits

Parking permits are required for all vehicles. Students may purchase parking stickers online during registration, or in person at the Campus Safety Office. Staff parking stickers may be obtained at the Campus Safety office. Visitors can get a 1-Day guest permit at the entrance gatehouses. Longer term visitor permits must be requested at the Campus Safety office.

Please visit the Vehicle Regulations page for the rules regarding parking and driving on campus.


Bicycle Permits

Student and staff bicycles parked on campus must be registered (including those kept at The Block and Grad apartments). Bicycle permit registration is free and may be completed online or in person at the Campus Safety office.


Citation Appeals

Campus Safety enforces vehicle and safety regulations on campus and issues citations for violations.