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Message from the Chief

On behalf of the Campus Safety Department, I would like to welcome you to our home on the Web. Whether you are a current student, staff member or are interested in exploring educational or employment opportunities at Biola University, we appreciate your interest in the Campus Safety Department.

Let me provide you with an overview of Campus Safety and the services we provide to the Biola community. The Campus Safety Department's main responsibility is to provide for the safety and protection of our students, staff and visitors. We are the primary law enforcement agency on campus and our officers have full police officer powers of arrest while on duty.

There are Campus Safety Officers who are armed with firearms while on duty. All officers are equipped with TASERs, Oleoresin Capsicum spray and batons. In addition to state-mandated training courses, officers have 10 in-service trainings a year that cover emergency preparedness, physical skills and customer service. Campus Safety conducts a joint training at the start of each semester with the department of Residence Life for Officers, Dispatchers, Residence Directors (RDs) and Residence Coordinators (RCs) that covers student safety issues and responding to emergencies on-campus. Armed officers receive firearms training no less than four times a year, as well as biannual active shooter response training.

Biola is located in the city of La Mirada, which ranks as one of the safest communities in the region. La Mirada contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for city law enforcement services. The La Mirada Community Sheriff Station is located at City Hall, directly across La Mirada Blvd from Biola University.

Biola University has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department that details Campus Safety's responsibilities for criminal investigations and required officer training. We receive tremendous support from Sheriff's deputies assigned to the La Mirada Community Station and we work cooperatively on all investigations.

Campus Safety is divided into three internal divisions: Field Operations, Communications and Emergency Operations and Administrative Operations. The Field division consists of officers, corporals, investigators, sergeants and captains. The Field division is augmented by student cadets (who assist with student escorts, building unlocks, traffic direction and parking enforcement) and gate attendants (who staff the gate houses to provide visitor parking permits, give visitor information and control access to campus at night). If you have any questions regarding our Field Operations, please contact the Campus Safety office at (562) 903-4877.

The Communications and Emergency Operations division handles our radio dispatch center, serves as university operator, is responsible for sending emergency text and email notifications via the University's emergency notification system and monitors a system of campus security cameras (which cover parking lots, residence hall entrances and other key areas of the University). Questions regarding the Communications and Emergency Operations division should be directed to the Campus Safety office, (562) 903-4877.

Our Administrative Operations division handles campus parking management, parking permits for staff and students, citation appeals, bicycle permits and the coordination of access requests to campus buildings. If you have any questions regarding parking enforcement, permits, or other special needs on campus, please feel free to contact the Campus Safety office at or by calling the Campus Safety office at (562) 903-4877.

Our highest priority is to provide for the protection and safety of students, staff and visitors to our campus. To this end, we utilize a variety of measures to keep campus safe. Among these is a CCTV system that employs over 140 cameras to monitor and record parking lots, dorm entrances, the Library, the Bookstore and other public areas on our campus. We also have an emergency notification system that will be used in the event of an emergency to or disaster that affects the campus to notify students, staff and faculty via email and text message. Students, staff and faculty must register their cell phone number in order to receive emergency text messages. Gatehouses at the west (Biola Ave.) and east (La Mirada Blvd.) entrances to campus control vehicle traffic entering the campus at night and are staffed in the daytime during the semester to provide visitor parking permits and information. Officers employ a variety of methods to patrol campus, including marked vehicles, bicycles, T3's, electric carts and on foot. Access to dormitories and many other buildings on campus is controlled by contactless ID card, and is restricted to authorized individuals at night.

As the University's law enforcement agency, our officers wear distinctive uniforms and patrol in marked vehicles. We expect our officers to be proactive in dealing with on-campus investigations and all of us are a part of the department's community-based policing program. This program is designed to partner with our community in both crime prevention and investigations. Our officers regularly meet with students and respond to on-campus residences for student and staff needs. Campus Safety officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We also provide specialized training for students in physical assault prevention through the Department of Physical Education. This program, known as Rape and Aggression Defense System (RADS) is offered year-round. For further information about RADS and course offerings, please contact the Campus Safety Administrative Office. In addition, information regarding crime prevention tips can be obtained in our offices.

Campus crime statistics associated with the federal government's student-right-to-know laws can be found on this website. All statistics are reported annually to the federal government and are published for the review of our community in Biola University's Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

Biola University is a wonderful place to receive an education. We have committed and dedicated staff that care deeply for the safety and protection of our students. We are committed to providing the best possible service at all times to this community. Your comments and concerns regarding any issue of public safety are always welcome.


John Ojeisekhoba, Chief
Campus Safety Department

Reporting to the Community

It is an unfortunate fact that criminal incidents of all types occur on college campuses. Most colleges around the country investigate and make public the nature and frequency of crimes. Biola University follows this practice and believes that reporting this information to the public increases community awareness about taking steps to prevent criminal activity.

Biola encourages victims of crimes to report incidents to the Department of Campus Safety regardless of how insignificant the crime may appear. To report a crime, a victim or witness should call (562) 903-6000 or dial "0" on any campus phone. College administrators receive reports about crime on a regular basis. Campus Safety Offices will also assist victims who want to report crimes to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The Department of Campus Safety has taken several steps to prevent crime. Some of these efforts include:

  • Extensive Surveillance System
  • 24-hour patrol
  • Officers dispatched by radio
  • Alarms in key areas
  • Card key entry systems in areas
  • On campus escort service
  • Gatehouse at Main Entrance and La Mirada Blvd. Entrance

Biola University places a high priority on your personal safety. The information on this website is provided to assist the University's commitment to safety and security in the campus community.

Authority and Jurisdiction

Biola University Campus Safety Department works through an agreement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (authorized under California Penal Code Section 830.7b). Under this agreement, the Campus Safety officers while on duty and within the scope of their assigned duties, have the authority to investigate anyone suspected of committing a crime on campus or its surrounding jurisdictions. Officers also have the power to enforce state laws pertaining to the safety and well-being of our community members. If a student commits minor offenses involving University rules and regulations, the Department of Campus Safety may refer the individual to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Residence Life, located in the Student Services Building. Other more serious offenses of University rules and regulations may also be investigated and handled by the Department of Campus Safety.

All criminal offenses such as murder, rape, assault, robbery and auto theft are reported to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and joint investigative efforts with investigators from the University and the county Sheriff's Department may be deployed to solve these serious felony crimes. The prosecution of all criminal offenses, both felony and misdemeanor, are conducted at the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.

The Department of Campus Safety's jurisdiction extends only to the boundaries of University-owned and -operated property. Any crime that occurs outside the boundaries of the University should be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Note: Biola University is located on private property and only selected crimes in the California Vehicle Code are enforced on campus. Those crimes include all traffic misdemeanors, including DUI, Reckless Driving, Exhibition of Speed, Speed Contest and Hit and Run incidents. Parking violations are enforced through internal administrative procedures. Infractions associated with the Vehicle Code are not enforced by the department.

Give Feedback

The partnership and support of the Biola Community and everyone who visits our campus is a vital part of Campus Safety’s success in keeping our campus safe.

We greatly value your suggestion, input, and constructive criticism. Please email your feedback to All feedback is reviewed by the Chief or a designated senior administrator. If you have a specific question you would like answered, please make sure to include your contact information so we can get back to you.

If you wish to make a complaint regarding an employee of the Campus Safety Department, please refer to the section on Filing a Complaint.

Filing a Complaint

Biola University Campus Safety continually strives to provide for the safety and security of the Biola community while providing a high level of service. Complaints about our officers and other Campus Safety personnel are taken seriously. Each complaint is thoroughly investigated and reviewed by a senior administrator or applicable university official. The full University complaint process is here.

If you provide contact information you will receive a written response once the investigation has been completed, however, please be aware that some aspects of the outcome regarding personnel matters may be confidential.

To make a complaint, please email and provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact information (optional*)
  • Date, time, and location of the incident
  • Description of the incident and Campus Safety personnel involved
  • Name and contact information for any witnesses
  • Any other supporting information (photos, video, additional details, etc.)

* If you wish to make a complaint anonymously you may do so, however, be aware that we will be unable to contact you, which may affect the investigation process.

If you wish to make a general complaint about the Campus Safety Department, safety measures, campus vehicle & safety regulations, or other matter, please email your feedback to (see the section Give Feedback for more information).