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The Biola Community

Biola University is a community committed to following Christ. We seek to create integrated, biblically-centered learning experiences that promote the whole-person development of all students. We hope that as you engage with this community, you, alongside every other student, will be empowered, transformed, and thriving here at Biola and after you graduate.

We consider Jesus’ command to "love your neighbor as yourself" as the foundation of community. We believe that community is born of Spirit-empowered, other-centered practices, strengthened when members:

  • Live with integrity, in word and deed
  • Accept responsibility for their actions and words
  • Attempt to live in reconciled relationships
  • Practice confession and forgiveness
  • Submit to biblical instruction

As women and men of Biola, we do not ask each other to be perfect people but rather to be people who pursue growth in our personal, relational and spiritual lives. We regard any violation of our Community Standards and other policies that govern behavior here at Biola as a breach of integrity. Each member of our community has voluntarily chosen to associate with Biola and to accept, uphold and live by these standards. We desire to support your growth and development by coming alongside you and offering care, resources, and, when necessary, accountability to help you grow.

This section involves potential violations of non-academic behavioral standards and expectations. A separate policy is followed for academic dishonesty/plagiarism/cheating; please contact the Office of the Provost at (562) 903-4713.

Biola Community Standards

As you read through this Handbook, you’ll notice that parts of our Community Standards and University policies are connected to specific biblical instruction, while other parts of our Community Standards and policies ask that you give up individual freedoms for the good of the greater community. In becoming a Biola student, you have chosen, freely and willingly, to abide by these Standards and policies in order to promote the flourishing of all in our community.

Please note that as a student, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by all Community Standards, University policies, rules, or regulations and will be held responsible if a violation occurs. While not an exhaustive list, published University policies, rules, or regulations are found primarily in:

  1. Biola University Student Handbook
  2. Biola University Catalog
  3. Campus Safety Handbook
  4. Biola Network Usage Policy


When The Standards Apply

The Biola Community Standards (whether Undergraduate standards or Graduate standards) apply to all students:

  • while enrolled in classes for the Fall Semester (including Thanksgiving Break), Spring Semester (including Spring Break), and Summer Semester;
  • representing the Biola Community in any off-campus event, such as mission trips, internships, study abroad, and athletic or academic activities;
  • who are not enrolled in classes but who live in residential housing and have not checked out of their room or apartment; and
  • while not enrolled in classes if their conduct is such that the University determines the student is not eligible for re-enrollment, or that certain restrictions or conditions should be imposed on a student at the time of re-enrollment (see “Violation Of Law And the University Conduct Process” below).

The fact that these standards only apply to students under the circumstances above in no way indicates that the University believes that contrary behavior is acceptable during non-enrolled periods. The University recognizes that it is inherently the individual's responsibility to make such behavioral decisions. The essential role of individual judgment, discernment, and recognition of personal accountability to God throughout the Biola community cannot be overemphasized. 

The University reserves the right to refuse or revoke admittance, refuse re-enrollment, and/or suspend or dismiss any person who does not conform either to the stated Community Standards, University policies, rules, or regulations governing student conduct, or to the expressed principles, policies, and expectations of the University. The University also reserves the right to take action against an individual for violating the these various standards and expectations regardless of how much time has passed since the violation. Finally, the University reserves the right to take disciplinary actions for violations of these various standards and expectations by students, including those awaiting imminent degree conferral and those who withdraw from school while a disciplinary matter is pending.


    Do the Standards Apply Off-Campus?

    Off-campus rights and freedoms of students involve the responsibility to display conduct and behavior that reflect favorably on them, the University, and the community. Accordingly, the University reserves the right to take disciplinary action in response to behavior off campus that violates University standards and policies or adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of its objectives.


    Violation Of Law And the University Conduct Process

    The University reserves the right to review actions taken by civil authorities regarding any student or student organization. University conduct proceedings may be instituted against a student charged with violation of law and may, at the sole discretion of the University, be carried out prior to, concurrently with, or following civil or criminal proceedings. Additionally, the University may consider violations occurring during non-enrolled periods in determining whether students will be eligible to continue their enrollment in the University and, if so, under what conditions.


    Accountability and Reporting

    The University desires that all members of the Biola community encourage one another to abide by the Community Standards, University policies, rules, or regulations and hold one another accountable for their actions. At times, it is most appropriate and helpful to share about concerning behaviors or violations with the Department of Student Care & Conduct at ext. 5842. Alternatively, students living in the residence halls may notify their Resident Director, Graduate Assistant, or Resident Advisor. The person sharing the concern may be asked to submit a written narrative about the nature of what occurred and any pertinent information available.

    While we encourage the reporting of such behavior, students who knowingly make a false report of misconduct are in violation of University policy and this violation will be addressed accordingly.

    For any campus emergency, call 562-777-4000.