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Vehicle Regulations

Operating a Vehicle on Campus

Authority & Jurisdiction

The Biola University Department of Campus Safety has the responsibility to oversee parking and traffic safety on campus. All individuals who operate a vehicle on the Biola campus shall abide by all parking and traffic safety rules on campus.


Biola University does not assume responsibility for any damage to a vehicle due to theft, vandalism, flood, fire or accident.

Permission to Park and Operate a Vehicle on Campus

Parking permits are required at all times for vehicles parked on Biola property. A parking permit does not guarantee or reserve a place to park.

Control of University Roads and Parking Lots

The university reserves the right to close any campus parking area when it is necessary for maintenance, safety, or to meet special needs. Whenever possible, notices will be posted in advance indicating the closure.

Suspension of Privileges

The privilege to operate or park a vehicle on campus may be restricted, suspended, or revoked by Campus Safety to preserve the safety of the campus.


Vehicle Registration & Parking

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles parked on campus by students or employees must be registered with the Campus Safety department and display a valid permit. Vehicles that are unregistered or do not display a permit are not permitted to park on campus. Visitors may obtain a permit free of charge from the Campus Safety office or at an entrance gate-house. After hours, visitors may obtain a one-day permit at the Communications Center located in the Campus Safety office.

Parking permits are not transferable and may be used only by the driver and the vehicle they were issued to. The forging, fabricating or altering of a parking permit is prohibited.

Student Permits

Student parking permits are required for all students who park on Biola’s main campus. Permits must be displayed on the lower driver side exterior of the rear windshield. Permits on convertible vehicles, camper shells, etc. may be displayed on the driver side of the rear bumper. Permits must be removed from their backing and adhered directly to the window; they may not be taped or affixed by any other methods. Permits may not be transferred to another vehicle.

Student Parking Permit Fees

  • Undergraduate: $160/term
  • Graduate: $120/term

Temporary permits (all students):

  • $5/day
  • $20/week
  • $65/month

Staff Permits

Only regular employees and faculty may obtain and use a staff permit. Student employees may not use a staff permit to park on campus. Permits must be displayed on the lower driver side exterior of the rear windshield. Permits on convertible vehicles, camper shells, etc. may be displayed on the driver side of the rear bumper. Permits must be removed from their backing and adhered directly to the window; they may not be taped or affixed by any other methods. Permits may not be transferred to another vehicle.

Visitor Permits

Permits are required for visitors. Permits are to be placed on the driver side dashboard. Department guests, vendors and other special groups may obtain a visitor permit from the department they are visiting.

Visitor permits for the day may be obtained from the entrance gatehouses when staffed. Visitor permits for up to one week may be obtained from the Campus Safety Office during business hours. After hours, visitors may obtain a one day permit from the Communications Center located in the Campus Safety building. Instructions for after hours assistance are posted on the front of the building.

Visitor permits allow parking in spaces marked "Visitor" and in any unmarked student space. The “Prospective Student Parking” spaces in parking Lot D are for Admissions guests and require a special permit from Admissions.

Departments may order permits to email to their guests through the Departmental Parking Permit Request form which can be accessed on MyAccount. Permits must be ordered a minimum of seven (7) business days in advance.

Current and former students, alumni and staff members do not qualify for visitor permits and may not park in visitor parking areas. Only visitors to the university displaying a visitor permit may park in visitor parking area.

Temporary Permits

Student, staff and alumni may obtain temporary permits for short-term use.

Students who have purchased a parking permit may obtain a permit for the temporary use of an alternate vehicle at no charge.

Students who have not purchased a parking permit or wish to temporarily bring an additional vehicle to campus may purchase permits for temporary use of a vehicle for up to seven times per term in one-day, one-week, or 1-month increments. Additional use of temporary permits requires the purchase of a parking permit for the entire term.

Temporary permits valid for up to one month may be obtained from the Campus Safety office. The communications center and gatehouses issue temporary permits valid for one day only.

Alumni Parking Permits

Alumni parking permits are only issued to Biola graduates with an alumni ID card who are not enrolled in classes. A permit may be obtained from the Campus Safety office during business hours.

  • Vehicles displaying an alumni permit may park in parking spaces/lots open to student parking. Alumni permits do not allow parking in visitor spaces.
  • Alumni must abide by the regulations set down by this vehicle code.
  • Alumni registered for classes or with an active student status must buy a student parking permit and return alumni permits to the Campus Safety office.
  • An alumni parking permit is for the exclusive use of the alumnus it is registered to.

Use of an alumni parking permit by a current student is not permitted and will result in fines.

Lost Parking Permits

If a parking permit is lost or stolen, it is necessary to complete a lost/stolen permit report before a replacement can be issued. A replacement fee of 50% of the original permit price will be charged for all lost permits. Filing a false report will result in disciplinary action and a fine. Recovered permits must be returned to the Campus Safety office.

Unregistered Vehicles

If university students, employees, or anyone else have unregistered vehicles on campus, they will be responsible for all costs involved in towing charges, and permit and citation charges. Any previously unbilled citations may be billed to the student's account. Faculty and staff members may also be held responsible for any previously unbilled citations.

Selling or Transfer of a Registered Vehicle

When selling a vehicle that has a Biola parking permit, the original owner must notify the Campus Safety office within five working days. If not, any citations received are the responsibility of the owner. If the vehicle is cited while under operation of a person other than who it is registered to, the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible pending identification of the driver.

Curb Designations

Curbs may be stenciled or colored to designate parking restrictions where they are present.

Visitor Parking "Visitor" stenciled on gray curb or wheel stop. Vehicles must display a visitor permit to park in spaces designated "visitor" from 7 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday.
Green Curb Temporary parking. Time limit is 30 minutes unless otherwise specified by sign or curb stenciling.
White Curb Passenger loading/unloading only. Time limit is 5 minutes. Vehicle may not be left unattended.
Yellow Curb Passenger or equipment loading/unloading only. Time limit is 20 minutes. Vehicle may not be left unattended.
Red Curb Emergency vehicles only. No parking or stopping at any time. Red curbs are not for loading/unloading vehicles.
Plain Curb Open parking (any Biola permit).

Note: Consult the following sections “Reserved Parking” and "Lot Designations & Restrictions."

Reserved Parking

Reserved spaces are designated by a parking sign indicating who may use that space. These signs may be permanent or temporary. These spaces include, but are not limited to:

Carpool Parking

For use by vehicles used to carpool to campus and displaying a valid carpool placard in addition to a valid staff parking sticker. Contact the Human Resources department (562-903-4757) for carpool requirements or to request a carpool placard.

Clean Air Vehicle Parking

For use by vehicles displaying a current Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decal issued by the California DMV. Refer to the DMV CAV webpage for information about current decals. 

Disabled Parking

Requires a valid disabled parking placard issued by a state DMV as well as a valid parking permit. 

Emergency Vehicle Only

For use by Campus Safety, law enforcement, or other emergency services vehicles only.

EV Charging Station

For use by electric vehicles that are charging. Vehicles must be moved to a regular space when charging is completed.

Prospective Student Parking

For use by prospective students and their families. Requires a permit issued by the Admissions Department.

Rancho/Professional Building

For short term business use by employees from Rancho Campus and the Biola Professional Building displaying a Rancho & Pro Bldg parking placard in addition to a valid staff parking sticker. 

Vendor Parking

Requires a vendor parking permit. Departments may request vendor permits through the "departmental parking permit request" form on MyAccount.

Lot Designations & Restrictions

The following is a listing of parking lots and available parking. Unless otherwise listed below, restricted spaces are enforced at all times. Timed zones designated by a white, yellow, or green curb and/or parking sign can be found in most lots and are not listed below.

Lot A Open Parking, Carpool Parking (enforced 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) & Rancho/Pro Bldg Parking (enforced 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
Lot B Open Parking and Emergency Vehicle Parking
Lot C Open Parking
Lot D Visitor Parking (enforced 7 a.m.–5 p.m.), Prospective Student Parking (enforced 8 a.m.–3 p.m.), EV Charging & CAV Parking
Lot E Open Parking
Lot F Open Parking
Lot G Open Parking
Lot H Open Parking
Lot I Open Parking
Lot J Open Parking
Structure K Open Parking & EV Charging
Lot L Open Parking
Lot M Open Parking
Lot N Open Parking
Lot O Open Parking & Vendor Parking
Lot P Open Parking
Structure R Open Parking
Structure S Open Parking

Apartment Residents

Parking at the Biola-owned apartments on Rosecrans (The Block and Grad Apartments) is by permit only. Apartment permits are free and are required for all vehicles parked in apartment parking areas. Because parking at the apartments is limited, apartment permits also allow residents to park in Lot C to avoid having to park on the street for safety reasons and on street-sweeping days. Residents may call Campus Safety at (562) 903-6000 for a safety escort at any time to-and-from their apartment and their vehicle in Lot C.

To park elsewhere on campus, students living in the apartments must purchase a student parking permit

Vehicle Storage on Campus

Vehicles may not be stored on campus property without prior written approval from Campus Safety. Vehicles stored on campus without written approval are subject to citations and removal from campus at the owner’s expense. A vehicle is considered stored on campus when: 

  • It is in-operable. In-operable vehicles are not permitted to remain on campus. If your vehicle becomes in-operable, contact Campus Safety to obtain temporary authorization and discuss plans for it’s repair or removal. Authorization determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis, but will generally be limited to no more than one week.
  • The owner is away from campus for more than one week (with the exception of winter break, see below).
  • The vehicle is not in use. Visible signs that the vehicle is not in use will result in Campus Safety contacting the owner.
  • The owner is away from campus and it is parked overnight without a valid staff or student permit. Alumni and visitors are not permitted to leave vehicles on campus overnight when they are not present on campus.

Students and staff may store a vehicle on campus over the summer break if they meet the following conditions:

  • Display a valid student or staff parking permit. Only current students or staff may store a vehicle on campus. Alumni are not permitted to store their vehicles on campus.
  • Sign and submit a release of liability form at the Campus Safety office.
  • Leave a set of keys at the Campus Safety office so that the vehicle may be moved if Facilities Services projects or emergencies require it.
  • Leave the car in the parking lot designated by Campus Safety.

Students and staff may store a vehicle on campus over the winter break if they meet the following conditions:

  • Display a valid student or staff parking permit. Only current students or staff may store a vehicle on campus. Alumni are not permitted to store their vehicles on campus.
  • Will be attending or employed at Biola during the upcoming spring term.

Students must remove their vehicles from Biola’s campus if they are no longer enrolled in the current school semester. Employees must return their parking permit to Human Resources and remove their vehicle from campus when they end their employment with the university.


Motorcycles and similar motorized vehicles are subject to all regulations in this code.

  • Motorcycles and similar motorized vehicles must park in normal vehicle parking spaces or designated motorcycle areas and have a valid parking permit.
  • Motorcycles are not permitted to park in undesignated areas or on yellow or blue hash lines.
  • Electric assisted bicycles,* which are considered bicycles, may park in bicycle racks.


No person shall park or store a trailer upon any street, parking lot, or parking structure on campus except for the purpose of loading and unloading unless given permission by the Campus Safety Department. Departmental trailers must be registered with Campus Safety and display a current Biola parking permit.


Privately owned golf carts or similar vehicles may not be driven or kept on campus.


Skateboards and motorized skateboards may not be ridden on campus.

Vehicle Charging

Vehicle charging on campus is only permitted at EV charging stations. See the page on Electric Vehicle Charging for locations, pricing and payment, and other information about charging electric vehicles on campus. 

Electric vehicles may not be charged using any outlet on campus. Charging a vehicle at any location other than a paid EV charging station will result in citations.




  • Bicycle registration is mandatory for all students and employees who ride or park a bicycle on the Biola campus or at the Biola-owned apartments on Rosecrans Avenue.
  • Bicycle registration is free, and may be done online at anytime by completing this form. Students and employees may also choose to register their bicycles in person at the Campus Safety Administrative Office.
  • Each registrant will receive a bicycle identification sticker that must be affixed to the registered bike.


  • Bicycles must be parked only in a bike rack and must be locked with a U-lock or similar style lock to deter theft. Cable locks may be used in addition to a U-lock, but are not sufficient to secure a bicycle alone.
  • Bicycles must not be secured to, or rested against objects such as benches, poles, signs, trees, fences or railings.
  • Bicycles must not be parked in any building lobby, hallway or room unless the area has been designated for parking. This does not prohibit a bicycle from being parked in a student’s residence hall or apartment room, or in an employee’s private office (with the approval of the department) so long as egress is not blocked or impeded.


  • Cyclists are subject to motor vehicle rules of the road, such as speed limits, stop signs, signaling turns and right of way.
  • Bicycles should be ridden on streets designated for cars and bike lanes wherever possible.
  • Bicycles may be ridden in plaza areas and on sidewalks wider than six feet unless prohibited by signage (such as in front of the Library between 8am and 5pm).
  • Bicycles may not be ridden on standard-sized sidewalks (less than six feet wide), whether specifically prohibited by signage or not, and must not be ridden inside buildings. 
  • Bicycles may not be ridden on any walkways in and around South Campus (English Hall, Rood Hall, Perez Hall, the Production Center), Theatre 21, and the Print Shop). Doors swing open into the walkway and could result in collisions that cause serious injury.
  • If ridden at night, bicycles must have a white reflector the front and a red reflector on the rear of the bicycle and must also be equipped with a forward-facing bike headlight mounted on the bicycle or worn by the cyclist.
  • Pedestrians must be given the right of way at all times


  • Bicycles that do not have the required registration identification sticker will be immobilized or impounded.
  • Bicycles that appear to be abandoned will be tagged with an impoundment notice and will be impounded if not moved within 48 hours.
  • Locking devices that are cut in the process of impounding bicycles will not be reimbursed.
  • Cyclists that do not adhere to bicycle registration, parking, operation and equipment regulations may be subject to fines and possible immobilization or impoundment of bicycles. Bicycle fines will be a minimum of $45.
  • Impounded bicycles not claimed by the owner within 60 days will be donated to a charity.
  • At the end of the school year, students not residing on campus for summer school classes must remove their bicycles from all bike racks. Any bicycles left on campus after the Spring Commencement will be impounded and donated after 30 days after the start of the Fall term.


Driving & Vehicle Use


The use of a motor vehicle at Biola University must be considered a privilege with accompanying responsibilities. The safety of our campus community and the university‘s relationship with the La Mirada community are influenced by our driving choices. Inappropriate or reckless driving may be subject to disciplinary proceedings and/or the removal of on-campus driving privileges. Other safety regulations will be enforced.

Vehicle Coverings

As a safety and security precaution, vehicles (including motorcycles) may not be covered by tarps or covers at any time without written approval from the department of Campus Safety. A temporary permit may be required to display on top of the cover. In general, drivers should plan to park their vehicles in one of the parking structures (Structure R, S or K) rather than using a cover.

Abandoned Vehicles

Any vehicle that is left on Biola property longer than 72 hours without a valid permit and/or prior approval to park will be considered abandoned and may be removed from campus at the owner's expense.

Auto Work

Auto work of any kind is not permitted on campus.


Violations, Citations, Fines, Appeals

Vehicle Violation Fines

Disabled Parking $110.00
Entering Via Vehicle Exit Gate $110.00
Excessive Speed
— Up to 10 mph over limit $70.00
— 11–15 mph over limit $85.00
— 16–20 mph over speed limit $95.00
— 21 mph + over speed limit $105.00
Failure to Obey Official Parking Sign $45.00
Failure to Stop at a Posted Sign $60.00
Failure to Yield to Pedestrian/Vehicle/Campus Safety $110.00
Helmet Violation $50.00
Illegal Parking $45.00
Illegal Parking in Designated Space $45.00
Illegal Vehicle Storage — No Release of Liability on File $45.00
Misuse of Permit $110.00
Obstructing Traffic $45.00
Overtime in a Timed Zone $45.00
Passing a Moving Vehicle $65.00
Permit Expired $80.00
Permit Improperly Displayed $45.00
Permit not Displayed $80.00
Placing Previously Issued Cite on Vehicle $110.00
Reckless Driving/Misuse of Vehicle $120.00
Red Zone/Fire Lane/Fire Hydrant $110.00
Repeat Offense Charge 30 $30.00
Repeat Offense Charge 40 $40.00
Repeat Offense Charge 50 $50.00
Skateboard Violation $110.00
Staff in Visitor Space $45.00
Student in Visitor Space $45.00
Unsafe Vehicle Equipment $50.00
Vehicle Gate Violation $110.00

Vehicle Violations

Disabled parking: Blue handicap spaces with a sign posted are for handicap parking only, including nights, weekends and holidays. Handicap parking is authorized in parking spaces with the international symbol of access, next to a blue curb and blue handicap spaces only. A valid Biola parking permit is required for parking on campus, including disabled parking.

Entering via vehicle gate exit: Vehicles must enter the vehicle gate entrances.

Excessive speed: The maximum speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour. The fine amount is determined by the speed in excess of the speed limit (see fine schedule in the table above).

Failure to obey official parking sign: All vehicles must abide by official parking signs. These include temporary parking signs/cones/barricades/tape used to designate temporary parking conditions. Officially posted signs shall supersede any prior zone or curb designation.

Failure to stop at a posted stop sign: All vehicles must come to a complete stop at all posted stop signs (sign posts and painted on road surface) on campus.

Failure to yield to a pedestrian/vehicle/Campus Safety: All vehicles must yield to approaching pedestrians, other vehicles when merging into traffic, or a Campus Safety official when necessary. Vehicles must yield to a Campus Safety patrol unit's lights and/or siren.

Helmet violation: Motorcycle operators must wear a helmet at all times.

Illegal parking: Vehicles must occupy only one space at a time and park within spaces designated by the appropriate color of curb, lines or parking bumpers. Vehicles may not park along the curb boundaries of parking lots or on sidewalks. Vehicles may not park in Front of entrances to sidewalks or driveways.

Illegal vehicle storage/no release of liability on file: Inoperable vehicles may not be parked or stored on campus. Vehicles stored on campus during the summer term, winter break or for any other extended period of time must adhere to the rules regarding vehicle storage (see the Vehicle Storage on Campus section above).

Illegal parking in designated space: Vehicles may not park in specially designated spaces without the appropriate permit. This includes, but is not limited to spaces designated as RD/RC, Rancho/Professional Building, Campus Safety, etc.

Misuse of permit: Failure to follow the rules and restrictions regarding authorized permit use (see the sections on different permit types above).

Obstructing traffic: There is no stopping, standing, or parking in a way that prevents another vehicle from moving or hinders the normal flow of traffic allowed.

Overtime in timed zone: 30 minutes is the maximum time permitted in a green zone unless otherwise specified. Yellow loading zones have a 15-minute maximum time limit. White loading zones have a 5-minute maximum time limit.

Passing a moving vehicle: With the exception of passing a university cart or a bicycle that has acknowledged your Intentions to pass and there is no oncoming traffic, passing a moving vehicle is never permitted on campus roads.

Permit Expired: Vehicles must display a current parking permit.

Permit improperly displayed: All parking permits must be properly displayed. The proper placement for all permits is as follows:

Student Permits, Faculty/Staff Permits and Alumni Permits Display on the exterior rear window — lower driver side. For vehicles without a rear window, or when the permit may be obscured in this location the permit should be displayed on the rear bumper — driver side. Permits must be affixed using the adhesive backing and may not be taped or displayed inside the vehicle.
Temporary (paper) permits: Should be displayed face-up on the dashboard with the dates and all other information visible.

Permit not displayed: All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid parking permit.

Placing previously issued cite on vehicle: A previously issued citation shall not be placed on a vehicle to give the appearance that the vehicle has already received a citation.

Reckless driving / misuse of vehicle: Vehicles driven in an unsafe manner including, but not limited to, driving outside of established traffic lanes or off-road and speed in excess of 25 MPH over the posted limit, are considered reckless. Misuse of vehicle includes, but is not limited to, use of a vehicle for other than its designed purpose that is deemed unsafe, operation in prohibited areas, transport of too many passengers or in the bed of a pickup truck, overloading a vehicle and towing of items or persons outside the provisions established by law.

Red zones / fire lanes / fire hydrants: A vehicle may not stop or park in a red zone or fire lane at any time, whether the vehicle is attended or not. Red zones are for the use of emergency vehicles only and may not be blocked.

Skateboard violation: Riding skateboards and motorized skateboards is not allowed at any time on the property of Biola University. Note: Skateboards and motorized skateboards operated by students or staff members may be impounded for the safety of the community.

Staff in visitor space: Staff/faculty may not park in visitor spaces between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. (weekends and holidays excepted).

Student in visitor space: Students may not park in visitor spaces between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. (weekends and holidays excepted).

Unsafe vehicle equipment: All vehicles on campus must comply with state safety regulations. If a citation is issued to a vehicle for unsafe vehicle equipment, the owner must show proof of repairs within two weeks of the issue date of the citation. Failure to do so may result in suspension of parking and driving privileges.

Vehicle gate violation: Attempting to open, raise, alter, avoid, or otherwise circumvent entrance gate arms or other motorized vehicle gates is prohibited. When entrance gate arms are down, all drivers must swipe their Biola ID card or stop at the gatehouse before entering campus.


For instructions and to submit an appeal click here.

Appeals must be submitted within two weeks (14 days) of the date the citation was issued.

Denied appeals may be submitted for a second appeal for further review. Upon review you may receive a request for an in-person meeting or more information regarding your appeal. Contact the Campus Safety office at (562) 903-4877 or email to request a second appeal.


Citation Appeals

Citations may be appealed online. Click on “Search Tickets” to see your recent citations.

Appeals must be made online within 14 days of the date that the citation was issued. Contact the Campus Safety office at (562) 903-4877 with any questions.


Vehicle FAQs

  1. Do I need a parking permit to park on campus? Parking permits are required at all times for every vehicle parked on Biola property. This includes all students, staff/faculty and visitors even if the vehicle is only being driven temporarily. Parking privileges may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the University.

  2. How can I get a parking permit if your office is closed? If you cannot make it to our Administrative Office during business hours, you can obtain a temporary permit from our Communications Center located in the lobby of the Campus Safety building. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (dial 0 from the phone at the building entrance to gain entry). You may also obtain a permit from any gatehouse when entering on Biola Avenue or La Mirada Avenue when staffed.. During the Fall and Spring terms gatehouses are generally staffed between the hours of 7am and 5am, and from 6pm to 5am during the Summer term. Please be aware that the gatehouse may not be staffed during breaks, holidays, or due to illness or other absences.

  3. Can I leave my car on campus during the summer or winter break? Current students and staff may store vehicles on campus. Refer to the section on Vehicle Storage on Campus for requirements and instructions.

  4. Can I bring a car to campus temporarily? Students may bring a vehicle to campus for up to seven total days in a term, or a consecutive period of one month. A temporary permit must be purchased for these days. Bringing a vehicle to campus for more than seven days or a consecutive period of one month in a term requires the purchase of a permit for the entire term. For more information please contact the Campus Safety Administrative Office.

  5. Can I park anywhere on campus? All vehicles must be parked in a marked stall. Lot signs and curb stencils indicate designated parking. Vehicles displaying student or staff permits may park in any undesignated parking space. Vehicles displaying alumni permits may park in any undesignated parking space. Vehicles displaying visitor permits may park in any designated visitor parking space or undesignated parking space. Refer to the section on Parking Restrictions for further information.

  6. Can I park in a Red Zone if I am loading/unloading my vehicle? No, Red Zones are for emergency vehicles only. Parking regulations are strictly enforced on campus property.

  7. Do I have to register my bike and if so how much does a bike permit cost? All bicycles are required to be registered with Campus Safety and display a permit at all times while on campus. Permits are free and can be obtained from the Campus Safety Administrative Office during normal business hours. You will need the serial number, make, model and color of your bicycle in order to obtain a permit. Cyclists riding in the pedestrian areas of campus should use the designated bike lanes and obey all signs restricting bicycle use (such as those in front of the Library). See the section on Bicycles for further information.

  8. May I leave my bike on campus over the summer? No, bicycles may not be left on campus over the summer, unless you are living in summer housing on campus. All bikes left on campus over the summer will be collected by Campus Safety. All unclaimed bicycles are donated to charity along with other unclaimed Lost & Found items. See the section on Bicycles for further information.

  9. Do I need a parking permit for my motorcycle? All motorcycles must display a valid permit while on campus. Motorcycles may park in designated stalls, or any available vehicle stall. Motorcycles may not park at bike racks, on curbs, in designated cart spaces, sidewalks or any other non-parking areas.

  10. What should I do if I receive a citation?
    1. Students — All citations must be paid online within 14 business days. If you believe the citation to be in error, you may appeal the citation. Instructions for appeal are on the back of the citation.
    2. Staff/Faculty — All citations must be paid online within 14 business days or they will be billed to your department.
    3. Visitors — If you are a visitor, please come to the Campus Safety Administrative Office for further information. If you believe the citation to be in error, you may appeal the citation. Instructions for appeal are on the back of the citation.

  11. How do I appeal a citation? Citation appeals must be made online within 14 business days of the violation.

  12. How do I pay for a citation that I received? If you are a student, the fine will be billed to your student account and may be paid at the Accounting Office. If you are not a student, you may come to the Campus Safety Administrative Office to pay the fine. Only payments by cash or check are accepted (checks should be made out to Biola University).

  13. How much is my citation? The fine for each citation varies. See above for more information.