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Daily Crime and Fire Log

The Crime and Fire Log includes crimes reported to Campus Safety in the past 60 days, and fires in campus residence halls reported to Campus Safety in the past 60 days.

This log is fed by an RSS feed from the Campus Safety dispatch and incident reporting system. The hard copy log at the Campus Safety office is printed from the website and also contains only the most recent 60 days of the log. Log entries older than 60 days (up to the past seven years) are available upon request within two business days and will be provided from the dispatch and incident reporting system, which contains the same information but is formatted differently.

In general, entries in this log will be given one of the following dispositions to reflect the current status of the incident. If the status of an incident changes, this log will be updated within two business days to reflected the new disposition:

Term Definition
Active There is an active investigation regarding this incident.
Cleared (no follow-up necessary) This incident has been resolved with no further action necessary.
Cleared by Arrest This incident has been resolved by arrest.
Cleared by Exception This incident was resolved — no arrest made.
Referred to LASD This incident was referred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for follow-up.
Referred to Student Development This incident was referred to Biola Student Development Department for follow-up.
Inactive This is currently no further action to be taken regarding this incident.
Unfounded Law enforcement has determined that no offense occurred nor was attempted.
Date ReportedLocationCodeNature of the Crime/FireDate and Time OccurredDisposition
07/20/21Rosecrans Ave594 PCVandalismB/T 07/19/21, 2200, Monday & 07/20/2021, 0905, TuesdayActive
07/16/21Fluor Fountain484(a) PCPetty Theft07/16/20, 1242 hours, FridayCleared by exception
07/13/21Hart Hall484(a) PCPetty TheftB/T 07/11/21, 2130, Sunday & 07/12/21, 0945, MondayActive
07/13/21Metzger484(a) PCPetty TheftB/T 07/12/21 0800 & 1730 hours, MondayActive
07/12/21RoseApt1 14339 Rosecrans459VBurglary - Vehicle7/5/21, 0800 hours, MondayActive
07/12/2112675 La Mirada Blvd10851 CVCVehicle Theft03/20/20 at unknown time, FridayReferred to LASD
07/12/21Creek Park211 PCRobbery6/24/20 at unknown time, WednesdayReferred to LASD
07/07/21Rosecrans Ave10852 CVCTampering with a VehicleB/T 07/02/21, 1800, Friday & 07/05/21, 0730, MondayActive
07/01/21Baseball Field594 PCVandalismPrior to 07/01/21, 1207 hours, ThursdayCleared by exception
06/27/21Hart Hall21USC811Federal Marijuana Law Violation06/27/2021, 0034 hours, SundayReferred to Student Developmnt
06/25/21Lot S594 PCVandalismPrior to 06/25/21, 1830 hours, FridayCleared-no follow-up necessary
06/24/21Lot S243.4(e)Sexual Battery - Forcible Fondling04/07/21, 2000 hours, ThursdayReferred to Student Developmnt
06/24/21Lot S243.4(e)Sexual Battery - Forcible Fondling03/31/21, 1200 hours, WednesdayReferred to Student Developmnt
06/22/21Thompson Hall 13701 La Mirada594 PCVandalismPrior to 06/22/21, 1032 hours, TuesdayCleared by exception
06/03/21Lot G - Lower Campus20002 CVCHit and Run: Property DamageB/T 05/27/21, 2330, Thursday & 05/28/21, 1200, FridayCleared by exception
06/01/21Lot C (South Campus)594 PCVandalismPrior to 06/01/21, 1736 hours, TuesdayCleared by exception