Daily Crime and Fire Safety Log

This Crime and Fire Safety Log includes all crimes reported to Campus Safety in the past 60 days, and all fires and false fire alarms in Campus residence halls reported to Campus Safety in the past 60 days.

Date ReportedLocationCodeDescriptionDate and Time OccurredDisposition
03/26/17Hope Hall415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 3/26/17 at 22:16Cleared-no follow-up necessary
03/22/17Lot G - Lower Campus20002 CVCHit and Run: Property DamagePrior to 03/22/17, 1055 hours, WednesdayActive
03/22/17Alpha Chi653m PCObscene or Threatening Telephone CallsB/T 03/17/17, 0100, Friday & 03/18/17, 1200, SaturdayActive
03/20/17Hope Hall488 PCPetty Theft03/20/17, B/T 2020 & 2130 hours, MondayActive
03/20/17Grove Modulars488 PCPetty Theft03/20/17, B/T 1235 -1300 hours, MondayActive
03/20/17Myers Hall415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 3/20/17 at 13:00Cleared-no follow-up necessary
03/20/17Sigma Chi664/518 PCAttempted Extortion03/19/17, B/T 2300-2330 hours, SundayActive
03/19/17RoseApt5 14509 Rosecrans664/459 PCAttempted Burglary03/19/17, 0003 hours, SundayActive
03/14/17Blackstone HallSexAssaultSexual Assault10/06/16, B/T 1200 hrs. & 1400 hrs., ThursdayActive
03/11/17Off Campus243.4(e)Sexual Battery - Forcible Fondling03/11/17, B/T 1545 & 1600 hours, SaturdayActive
03/10/17Chase Gymnasium488 PCPetty TheftOn 3/10/17 at 11:14Cleared-no follow-up necessary
03/10/17Talbot Drive415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 3/10/17 at 09:44Cleared-no follow-up necessary
03/10/17Hope Hall594 PCVandalismB/T 03/03/17, 0830 Friday & 03/10/17, 0900 hours, FridayCleared-no follow-up necessary
03/08/17Biola Professional Building488 PCPetty Theft03/08/17, B/T 1200 & 1400 hours, WednesdayActive
03/03/17Bookstore487 PCGrand TheftB/T 02/15/17, 0900, Wednesday & 02/24/17, 1700, FridayActive
03/01/17Hope Hall415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 3/1/17 at 00:38Cleared-no follow-up necessary
02/22/17Softball Field415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 2/22/17 at 23:05Cleared-no follow-up necessary
02/20/17Lot C (South Campus)488 PCPetty Theft02/17/17, B/T 1330-1530 hours, FridayActive
02/20/17Lot C Vehicle Gates487 PCGrand TheftB/T 11/01/16, 0000, Tuesday & 02/20/17, 0804, MondayActive
02/19/17La Mirada Entrance20001 CVCHit and Run: Injury or FatalOn 2/19/17 at 09:21Referred to LASD
02/18/17Hope Hall415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 2/18/17 at 23:37Cleared-no follow-up necessary
02/16/17Sutherland Hall488 PCPetty TheftOn 2/16/17 at 09:14Active
02/12/17Lot G - Lower Campus20002 CVCHit and Run: Property Damage02/12/17, 1610 hours, SundayActive
02/10/17Baseball Field415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 2/10/17 at 06:15Cleared by exception
02/09/17Track and Field602 PCTrespassingOn 2/9/17 at 21:02Cleared by exception
02/09/17Biola Ave.20002 CVCHit and Run: Property DamageOn 2/9/17 at 13:39Cleared-no follow-up necessary
02/09/17Li Apts 13601 La Mirada415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 2/9/17 at 00:05Cleared-no follow-up necessary
02/07/17Fitness Center488 PCPetty Theft02/06/17, 0720 hours, MondayCleared-no follow-up necessary
02/06/17Hope Hall25658 B&PFurnishing Alcoholic Beverage(s) to a Minor02/06/17, 1736 hours, MondayReferred to Student Developmnt
02/06/17Hope HallPosAlcoholStudent Misconduct - Possession of Alcoholic Beverages (Non-Criminal)02/06/17, 1736 hours, MondayReferred to Student Developmnt
02/06/17Hope HallPosAlcoholStudent Misconduct - Possession of Alcoholic Beverages (Non-Criminal)02/06/17, 1736 hours, MondayReferred to Student Developmnt
02/06/17Lot K (Alpha)10851 CVCVehicle TheftPrior to 02/06/17, 1345 hours, MondayActive
01/30/17Crowell HallFire - MFire - Mechanical cause01/30/17, 1647 hours, MondayCleared-no follow-up necessary
01/28/17Sigma Chi11014.5 HSDrug Paraphernalia01/28/17, 0039 hours, SaturdayCleared by exception