Daily Crime and Fire Safety Log

This Crime and Fire Safety Log includes all crimes reported to Campus Safety in the past 60 days, and all fires and false fire alarms in Campus residence halls reported to Campus Safety in the past 60 days.

Date ReportedLocationCodeDescriptionDate and Time OccurredDisposition
07/19/16Lot G - Lower Campus602 PCTrespassingOn 7/19/16 at 14:38Cleared-no follow-up necessary
07/18/16University Drive602 PCTrespassingOn 7/18/16 at 19:38Cleared-no follow-up necessary
07/18/16Library602 PCTrespassingOn 7/18/16 at 16:09Cleared-no follow-up necessary
07/18/16Talbot Drive602 PCTrespassingOn 7/18/16 at 11:24Cleared-no follow-up necessary
07/15/16University Drive23103 CVCReckless DrivingOn 7/15/16 at 18:05Cleared-no follow-up necessary
07/14/16Lot F (Soubirou)602 PCTrespassing07/14/16, 1833 hours, ThursdayCleared-no follow-up necessary
07/12/16Lot A (Myers)602 PCTrespassingOn 7/12/16 at 20:13Cleared-no follow-up necessary
07/07/16Off Campus451 PCArson06/18/15, B/T 1400 and 1700Inactive
07/06/16Horton Hall488 PCPetty TheftB/T 07/05/16, 2300, Tuesday & 07/06/16, 0730, WednesdayActive
07/06/16Lot K (Alpha)23103 CVCReckless DrivingOn 7/6/16 at 13:59Cleared-no follow-up necessary
07/05/16Sutherland Hall487 PCGrand Theft07/05/16, B/T 1500-1510 hours, TuesdayActive
07/01/16Blackstone Hall488 PCPetty Theft06/29/19, B/T 2107-2132 hours, WednesdayCleared by exception
06/29/16Bardwell Hall487 PCGrand Theft06/29/16, B/T 1330 & 1400 hours, WednesdayActive
06/22/16Tennis Courts488 PCPetty TheftB/T 06/06/16, 0800, Monday & 06/22/16, 1200, WednesdayCleared-no follow-up necessary
06/21/16Cafe459 PCBurglary06/21/16, 1651 hours, TuesdayReferred to LASD
06/15/16RoseApt2 14345 Rosecrans488 PCPetty TheftOn 6/15/16 at 16:34Inactive
06/15/16Off Campus488 PCPetty TheftOn 6/15/16 at 16:29Inactive
05/31/16Soubirou Hall602 PCTrespassingOn 5/31/16 at 06:48Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/31/16University Drive602 PCTrespassing05/31/16, 0058 hours, TuesdayCleared-no follow-up necessary
05/29/16South Campus Fields602 PCTrespassingOn 5/29/16 at 14:30Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/29/16South Campus Fields602 PCTrespassingOn 5/29/16 at 11:16Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/26/16Blackstone Hall415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 5/26/16 at 00:42Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/25/16Sigma Chi415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 5/25/16 at 14:13Cleared-no follow-up necessary