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Parent and student at University Welcome

Supporting Your Students’ Well-being

Walking with your students in their emerging adulthood as they learn to navigate life with the skills and tools you’ve provided in their childhood and adolescence can be a significant source of challenge and growth. And let’s face it: your transition to supporting a young adult can be just as challenging — and rewarding — as your student's transition to adulthood!

At Biola University, we see families as student success partners in the following ways that support their growth in well-being and resiliency:

  • Encourage your student to identify, define and solve problems independently; prayerfully support your student during times of challenge and uncertainty.
  • Allow your student to: accept responsibility for their personal errors, to examine their motivations, determine a solution and establish a different action plan for their future.
  • Understand your role as mentor to your student. Promote self-advocacy by empowering your student to make decisions independently.
  • Encourage your student to create their own plan to support their well-being by browsing the Well-being at Biola pages and writing down their goals on the My Next Steps worksheet.

Love and Logic Curriculum

We’ve partnered with Love and Logic to help unpack what this transition looks like for you and your student. This curriculum for raising young adults is grounded in the truths of James 1:2–8 and Romans 5:3–5. Your student’s success and flourishing includes the growth that comes in learning to navigate life’s challenges and difficulties with God and community — these are the very things that transform us in Christ-like character and maturity.

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