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About our Staff Members

  • 28 staff members, all of which are Biola students
  • Led by a Board of Directors and the SMU President
  • Students from every major are on staff because we require a diverse set of giftings

100% Student Led

Students run all aspects of the organization, collaborating with a faculty supervisor from Biola's Intercultural Studies Department

Each staff position is a one year commitment, and several of our staff members return for second and third years in the organization.

Current Staff

Structure of SMU

Structure of SMU — The assistant director and 12 coordinators report to the two directors of Missions Conference. The local missions logistics coordinator and three local missions development coordinators report to the director of Local Missions. Three global missions development coordinators and the global missions logistics coordinator reports to the director of Global Missions. The financial controller reports to the vice president. Four office assistants report to the director of administrative services. The human resources coordinator, social media coordinator, two media coordinators and two graphic designers report to the director of marketing and communications. All the directors and vice president report to the SMU president.

SMU staff

SMU Staff 2018–19

SMU Board of Directors

SMU Board of Directors

SMU Administration Department

SMU Administration Department

SMU President with Finance Team

SMU President with Finance Team

SMU Global Missions Team

Department of Global Missions

SMU Local Missions

Department of Local Missions

SMU Missions Conference

Department of Missions Conference

SMU Marketing and Communication

Department of Marketing and