President's Administrative Council

The President's Administrative Council consists of the direct reports of the President's Cabinet who serve at the level of senior director or dean and above, as well as the Faculty Senate chair. The Student Government Association president is invited to attend meetings as a student representative.

The role of the PAC is to serve as an processing council for the president, providing input to the President's Cabinet to inform strategic planning and policy decisions. PAC meetings are designed to foster a culture of communication and engagement among university leadership, promoting partnership and innovation throughout the organization.

Clinton E. Arnold

Dean, Talbot School of Theology

Rick Bee

Senior Director, Advancement

Jamie Y. Whitaker Campbell

Acting Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Clark D. Campbell

Senior Associate Provost; and Dean, Rosemead School of Psychology

Barry Corey


Shelly Cunningham

Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement

Andy Draycott

Faculty Senate Chair

Steve Earle

Senior Director, Information Technology

Paul Ferguson

Dean, School of Science, Technology and Health

Bulus Galadima

Dean, Cook School of Intercultural Studies

Alanna Godoy

Assistant Director, University Budget

June Hetzel

Dean, School of Education

Rebecca Hong

Associate Provost for Accreditation/ALO

Susan Ishii

Chief Educational Technology Officer

Dave Koontz

Senior Director of Financial Management and Reporting

Gary Lindblad

Dean, Crowell School of Business

Jerry Mackey

University Legal Counsel

Tamra Malone

Chief Diversity Officer

Geoff Marsh

Senior Director, Financial Aid

Kira McCracken

Senior Director, Advancement Communications and Donor Relations

Brian Miller

Senior Director, Brand Marketing and Creative Production

Bethany Miller

Senior Director of Athletics

Adam Morris

Vice President, University Advancement

Jason Newell

Senior Creative Director

John Ojeisekhoba Sr

Chief of Campus Safety

Brian Phillips

Senior Director, Facilities Management

Todd Pickett

Dean, Spiritual Development

Michael Pierce

Vice President, University Operations and Finance

Patricia L. Pike

Vice Provost, Academic Administration

Jonathan Puls

Acting Dean, School of Fine Arts & Communication

Brian J. Shook

Director of Administration, Office of the President (staff)

David Shynn

Senior Director, New Business Ventures & University Planning

Scott Singletary

Senior Director, Development

Amanda Slaughter

Associate Vice President, University Admissions

André Stephens

Vice President of Student Development

Carrie Stockton

Dean, Student Success

Lisa Szabo

Senior Director, Human Resources

Deborah Taylor

Provost and Senior Vice President

Greg Vaughan

Vice President, Enrollment Management

Brenda Velasco

Director of Communications (staff)

Sandie Weaver

Senior Director of Auxiliary Services

Lee Wilhite

Vice President, University Communications and Marketing