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President's Administrative Council

The President's Administrative Council consists of the direct reports of the President's Cabinet who serve at the level of senior director or dean and above, as well as the Faculty Senate chair. The Student Government Association president is invited to attend meetings as a student representative.

The role of the PAC is to serve as a processing council for the president, providing input to the President's Cabinet to inform strategic planning and policy decisions. PAC meetings are designed to foster a culture of communication and engagement among university leadership, promoting partnership and innovation throughout the organization.

Andrew Yee

Senior Director of Transformation, Digital Learning and Program Development

Barry Corey


Bethany Miller

Senior Director, Athletics

Beverly Cain

Senior Director of Auxiliary Services

Brenda Velasco

Senior Director, University Communications

Brian Miller

Associate Vice President, University Marketing

Brian Phillips

Senior Director, Facilities Management

Brian Shook

Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Cassandra Heath

University Registrar

Cherry McCabe

Associate Provost, Curriculum and Instruction

Christie Macris

President, Student Government Association

Dave Grant

Chief Human Resources Officer

David Bourgeois

Assistant Provost for Program Development

David Shynn

Vice President for Transformation

Doug Daugherty

Dean, Rosemead School of Psychology

Fitsum Mulat

Associate Vice President, University Admissions

Gary Lindblad

Dean, Crowell School of Business

Geoff Marsh

Senior Director, Financial Aid

Gordon Hummel

Senior Director, Accounting & TIES

Heather Cordell

Interim Vice President for Advancement

Jason Newell

Senior Creative Director

Jeremy Labosier

University Librarian

John Ojeisekhoba Sr

Associate Vice President and Chief of Campus Safety

John Poston

Faculty Senate Chair

June Hetzel

Dean, School of Education

Leanne Dzubinski

Acting Dean, Cook School of Intercultural Studies

Lisa Igram

Dean, Student Wellness

Matthew Hall

Provost and Senior Vice President

Matthew Rouse

Dean, School of Science, Technology and Health

Melissa Johnson

Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Michael Pierce

Executive Vice President, University Operations and Finance

Paula Tkach

Vice President of Finance

Paula Victor

General Counsel, Legal

Sandy Hough

Dean, Community Life

Scott Rae

Senior Advisor to the President for University Mission, Dean of the Faculty, Talbot

Shelly Cunningham

Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement

Steve Earle

Chief Information Officer

Susan Ishii

Chief Educational Technology Officer

Tamara Anderson

Senior Associate Provost

Tamra Malone

Chief Diversity Officer

Tiffany Lee

Associate Vice President, Student Success

Timothy Pickavance

Interim Dean, Talbot School of Theology

Todd Guy

Dean, School of Fine Arts and Communication

Tom Halleen

Dean, School of Cinema and Media Arts