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Frequently Asked Questions

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Set-Up Errors & Troubleshooting

I am getting a system error message when I try to login to eAccounts.

Android/Samsung Phone

  1. Open the eAccounts app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the plus icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Find or search for "Biola University" in the list of institutions.
  4. Select the new "BU Azure SSO" sign in option, and tap “Sign In”.
  5. Enter your email account and password, and complete the MFA verification.

Apple Phone

  1. Open the eAccounts app on your smartphone.
  2. Select Choose another account (under Continue to Sign In).
  3. Find or search for "Biola University" in the list of institutions.
  4. Select the new "BU Azure SSO" sign in option, and tap “Sign In”.
  5. Enter your email account and password, and complete the MFA verification.

You may contact IT Helpdesk at 562-903-4740 or for further assistance.

I'm not seeing the authentication code in my Biola email account. What do I do next?

First, check to see if the email with the authentication code ended up in your spam folder. Confirm that your @biola email is receiving new emails. If not this may indicate a problem with Gmail 2-factor authentication, email forwarding/IMAP, or other problem. If this is the case, reach out to

Please note that Biola IT recommends using the Gmail app on your smartphone for your @biola email.

    When trying to add the Digital Eagle ID to my mobile wallet, I'm getting an error that says "photo not found".

    A photo is required for an Eagle ID. Complete online photo submission first. After your photo is approved, you'll receive an email confirmation that you're ready to set up your Digital Eagle ID.

    I am not having success adding my digital Eagle ID card to my smartphone. Where can I get help?

    The Card Office team can be reached by phone at (562) 944-0351 ext 5817 or email

    You can also drop by our office for in-person assistance. We’re located in the Student Services Building (#28 on the campus map). Normal business hours are Monday–Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. During the summer we close at noon on Fridays.

      Forgot your NetID or NetID password?

      I do not have a supported smartphone. What will I do for an Eagle ID?

      Contact the Card Office. Our team will walk through a verification process to confirm device compatibility. If necessary, a physical Eagle ID card can be issued.

      My smartphone is associated with a different country. Can I still add the digital Eagle ID to my phone?

      Users will be required to make country or region changes to their device settings and user accounts in order to add the digital Eagle ID to their mobile wallet.

      Important Caveats: You may lose or be unable to access unspent app store balances associated with your home country. You may lose access to some content or apps. You will have to provide a new method of payment for app store use in the US. If using an Android phone, you may only change your Google Play country once a year.

      It is strongly recommended that students wait until they arrive in the US to make these changes and back up their device before making any of these changes. Device-specific instructions can be found below.

      Apple Support articles:

      Google Play Support articles:

      How do I check my iPhone device version?

      On your device, go to Settings > General > Software Updates. We recommend staying up to date on iOS releases.

      How do I check my Apple Watch device and/or software version?

      The Series # for your Apple Watch can be found on the back of the Watch.

      Note: The Series 0 Watch is not eligible for this program.

      What if I have questions about my Apple ID or iCloud?

      How do I verify and/or update my Android phone device version and software?

      From your device tap Settings > About Phone > Software Information. To update, from your device tap Settings > General > Software Update > Download > Install.

      Passcode may be required, and your device will display the estimated download time.

      I already have the eAccounts mobile app installed. Do I need to update?

      We recommend always running the latest version of the Transact eAccounts mobile app.

      For the Apple Watch, how do I enable Wrist Detection?

      On your iPhone, open My Watch app, tap Passcode and make sure Wrist Detection is turned on.

      Photo Submission

      How do I provide a photo for my Eagle ID card?

      You can submit a photo online through eAccounts. Learn more on the online photo submission webpage. Photos may also be taken in-person in the ID Card Office. 

      Note: Appointments may be required.

      Why isn’t my photo automatically approved upon submission?

      When your photo is submitted through the portal, it is put into a manual approval process. A staff member will need to review the photo and a form of government ID.

      Why is my photo not approved?

      Please check your email for photo feedback. Typically, the most common reason why a photo is not approved is due to a missing government ID. Please check the online photo submission webpage to see acceptable photos for submission.

      Can I change my photo?

      You can upload a new photo any time from the settings menu in the eAccounts mobile app. After Card Office staff review and approve your new photo, it will automatically get updated on the digital Eagle ID.

      The new photo may not automatically overwrite prior photos in other campus systems, such as Canvas or the directory.

      Using the Eagle ID Card

      What is the Eagle ID used for?

      The Eagle ID can be used for the following:

      • Identification
      • On-campus dining using meal plans or ID card funds
      • Door Access to campus buildings
        • Standard access includes entrance gates and the Student Union building. Additional access privileges may vary depending on residential, academic, or employment criteria.
      • Library privileges
      • Fitness Center
      • Retail purchases at the Biola Store
      • Mail & Package pick-up
      • Chapel events
      • Various copy & print stations across campus

      ...and more!

      How do I use the digital Eagle ID on my smartphone?

      It is not necessary to open the eAccounts app. 

      • iPhones: Present the top back (area near the rear camera) to the top portion of the card reader.
      • Apple Watch: Present the face of your watch to the reader.
      • Android: Wake your phone, then hold the middle of the phone to the center of the card reader. NFC placement varies among Android manufactures so you may need to test which position works best for your particular Android model.

      Why can’t I double-tap the side button with my phone locked to see my balances in Apple Pay?

      When Express Mode is on, double clicking the home button on an iPhone 8 and earlier, and double clicking the side button on an iPhone X and later, will not display your digital Eagle ID in your stack of passes for security reasons.

      Can I use the digital Eagle ID if my phone’s battery is dead?

      If you have any of the iPhone XS, XS Max or XR models, then yes. Express Mode with power reserve is available for up to five hours when your phone needs to be charged. View more details

      Android phones and other iPhone models (iPhone 8 and earlier) do not offer this feature.


      What is eAccounts?

      eAccounts is Biola’s ID Card management system. Features include:

      • View current ID card balances
      • View recent ID card transactions
      • Meal plan activity
      • Real-time deposits to your card using a previously saved payment method
      • Managing misplaced devices & physical cards
      • Enable digital Eagle ID in wallet

      How do I access eAccounts?

      Access eAccounts through your browser at, and download the Transact eAccounts app from the App Store or Google Play. You will need your Biola NetID login credentials and access to your email account

        How do I add a saved payment method to eAccounts for re-loading my ID card funds?

        • From your web browser go to (credit cards cannot be added directly in the eAccounts mobile app).
        • Click ‘Add funds’ for the desired account.
        • Complete the deposit process with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Card.
        • At the conclusion of a successful deposit, you will see a checkbox option to save the credit card for future use. Check ‘yes’.

        How do I manage a recurring deposit that I scheduled?

        • From your web browser go to
        • Click on the box for either 'Faculty n Staff' or 'Student' $.
        • Click the tab for ‘Scheduled Deposits’.
        • Choose an option under the ‘Actions’ column.

        I already have the Transact eAccounts mobile app installed. Do I need to update?

        Yes, you will need to install the updated version of the Transact eAccounts mobile app.

        How do I update the Transact eAccounts mobile app?

        On your device, visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search Transact eAccounts. The store will prompt you to install any required updates.

        My balance is different on my device than in Transact eAccounts?

        Confirm your device is not in Airplane Mode or experiencing any other service interruption. Updates cannot be made when there is no connecting service to sync data between Transact eAccounts and your device. The Transact eAccounts app will display the most current information.

        ID Card Funds

        How do I load funds onto my Eagle ID Card?

        • Online: go to from your web browser. Login with your NetID and password and click ‘add funds’. Note: eligibility criteria may apply when using certain stored value accounts
        • eAccounts Mobile App: available in the App Store and Google Play. Note: you must have set up a saved payment method through the eAccounts website in order to make deposits through the mobile app
        • Add-Value Kiosks: also known as “PHiL Stations”, this self-service kiosk is located in the lower level of the Student Union Building near the restrooms.
        • Bon Appetit Registers: Cashiers in all Bon Appetit retail locations can assist with card deposits.

        Can someone else load funds onto my Eagle ID Card?

        • Yes, friends and family can load money onto your Eagle ID card by making a Guest Deposit. They will only need to know your email address. (By the way, never share your password or login credentials).
        • Direct them to where they can click the button to ‘Add funds to someone’s BIola ID card’. Next they’ll input the email address of the recipient and complete the transaction. At the end they’ll have an option to send themselves a receipt and notify the recipient of the deposit.

        Is my Eagle ID card linked to my Biola Student Account?

        No, your Biola Student Account is separate from the Eagle ID Card. Funds cannot be directly transferred between the two. 

        If you have a credit balance on your Student Account and you wish to use it to load your Eagle ID Card, you must contact the Student Accounts Office to request a credit balance refund and then separately make a deposit to your Eagle ID card through one of the options listed above. 

        See ‘How do I load funds onto my Eagle ID card?’

        What is the refund policy for funds on my Eagle ID card?

        Student Dollars and Faculty & Staff Dollars are refundable upon separation from the university. Prior to departure, cardholders should complete an ID balance Refund Request. If the individual has previously set up direct deposit with Accounting, the refund shall be issued as a direct deposit. Otherwise, the deposit will be issued by check. If no action is taken, Biola shall leave the card balance intact. Balances that remain dormant for three years shall be handled in compliance with California Civil Code 1513.5, 1514, 1516 and 1520. Flex Dollars received as part of a meal plan are subject to Meal Plan refund policies.

        Can I donate my Eagle ID card balance?

        Departing Biolans may donate their unused Student Dollar or Faculty & Staff Dollar balances to the Biola Fund. Please complete the online Card Balance Donation form. Read more about how the Biola Fund benefits students.

        Why are my account balance(s) not displaying in eAccounts?

        If your account balances are $0, they will not display until funds are added. Flex dollars and available meals for future meal plans will not display until the first day of the meal plan.

        My balance is different on my Eagle ID in Apple Wallet/GPay than in eAccounts?

        Confirm your device is not in Airplane Mode or experiencing any other service interruption. Updates cannot be made when there is no connecting service to sync data between eAccounts and your device. The eAccounts app will display the most current information.

        Why do I have a negative balance on my Eagle ID?

        A negative balance can occur if you make a transaction when a retail device is offline. When the device comes back online and the transaction is posted, you will see a negative balance if there are not enough funds in your account to cover the transaction.

        I used my credit card at a participating retail location when I meant to use my Eagle ID. What can I do to correct my payment source?

        Return to the location of the sale and request the store issue a credit card refund, then process the transaction against your Eagle ID Card.

        Credential Management

        How many devices can I add?

        You can add either one Apple iPhone and one Apple Watch, or one Android phone on your account at a time. See the ‘Securing My Account’ section below if you have lost a device and need to deactivate your credential.

        Is it possible to obtain a physical Eagle ID card?

        If you would like to purchase a physical ID card in addition to the digital ID, you may purchase one for $25 online from the Auxiliary Services Webstore or you can visit the ID Card Office in the Student Services Building.

        Proper Care and Handling of Physical Eagle ID cards

        The Eagle ID card leverages secure contactless technology for card transactions. It is vital that cardholders handle the card with care. Avoid carrying the card in a pocket, subjecting the card to repeated bending, flexing, friction, exposure to high heat, forceful swiping, and hole-punching. Well-maintained cards can last five years or more.

        Can I have more than one physical ID card?

        Only one active physical ID card is permitted per cardholder.

        Can I have a new physical ID card printed each year?

        Replacement cards can be purchased at any time for $25. The reprint fee will be waived if there has been a legal name change or classification change.

        Do I need to activate my iPhone or Apple Watch for each term?

        No, as long as your enrollment status meets our eligibility requirements, devices you have enrolled will remain current. For security purposes, we may deactivate devices that have not been used for an extended period. You can re-enroll those devices whenever you wish.

        My Digital Eagle ID Card stopped working. What might be the problem?

        If campus card readers do not respond when you present your digital ID card, stop by the ID Card Office to troubleshoot. 

        If campus card readers respond by blinking red or with short quick beeps, there may be a problem with your permissions or authorizations. Email us at to troubleshoot.

        What happens if I get a new phone?

        Each student is limited to 1 smartphone for their digital Eagle ID, therefore, if you get a new phone please retire the digital credential on your old phone before setting up your new device. You will need to go to your digital wallet and remove the card.

        What if I don’t have access to my old phone to retire my previous digital Eagle ID?

        Please email us at to let us know so we can assist you.

        How do I delete my digital Eagle ID from my device?

        From iPhone:

        • Navigate to the Wallet app.
        • Tap (…) in the lower right corner of your card.
        • Scroll to the bottom and select Remove Card.
        • Eligible cardholders who have not exceeded their device limit can add their digital Eagle ID back at any time.

        From Apple Watch:

        • Navigate to the Watch app on your iPhone.
        • Scroll down and select Wallet & Apply Pay.
        • Tap on digital Eagle ID.
        • Scroll to the bottom and select Remove Card.

        From Google Play:

        • Open Google Pay.
        • Select your Campus ID from the available cards.
        • Touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
        • Select Remove ID.

        How do I update information on my digital Eagle ID?

        Cardholder information comes to us from the university’s core business systems and needs to be updated there. 

        • Employees should contact Human Resources to update their information. 
        • Students should contact the Registrar’s office to update their information.

        You should see changes to your digital Eagle ID in Wallet once the updated information has been received by our system.

        I am graduating or leaving the University. What happens to my digital Eagle ID? Will I have access to the digital Eagle ID as an Alumni?

        Your digital Eagle ID will become inactive when you no longer meet eligibility requirements. If you transfer to another participating program or department at Biola University, your credential will stay active and update accordingly. Alumni cards are available only as a physical card.

        What should I do if I lose my card or device?

        Please choose one of these options:

        • Contact the Biola ID Card Office 562-944-0351 ext 5817 to notify us to deactivate the Eagle ID. Be sure to specify whether the physical card, watch, and/or phone version of the card should be deactivated. Any device not specified to be suspended will remain active.
        • In the eAccounts app: Click the settings gear in the upper right corner. Choose the credential you want to deactivate and toggle it off. You will receive a confirmation email. Your physical Biola ID card and any other digital Eagle ID will continue to work on other devices, even if you have deactivated an individual device.

        How do I reactivate my credential if I find my lost device?

        Please choose one of these options:

        • Log into eAccounts App and click the settings gear in the upper right corner. Click on Found Card on the next screen. Choose your mobile device that was previously lost. Click the Activate Card button. You will receive a confirmation email from Transact.
        • Visit the Biola ID card Office in the lower level of the Student Services Building M–F, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and speak with a representative to reactivate a lost device.

        I suspect there has been fraudulent use of my Eagle ID. What should I do?

        • Suspend your Eagle ID immediately in eAccounts and within Apple Wallet/Google Pay.
          • Log into the eAccounts app > settings gear > Lost Card on the next screen. Choose the credential you want to deactivate from the drop-down list. Click the Deactivate button. You will receive an automated confirmation email.
          • If you deactivate a single device, other devices will remain available for use.
        • Identify the fraudulent activity: For purchases using Flex dollars, Student Dollars, or Faculty & Staff Dollars, contact the ID Card Office at and report the suspected fraud. If door access was involved, e-mail: as well.

        Online Students and ID Cards

        Do I need an Eagle ID if I’m an online student?

        Remote students may not have a high need for an Eagle ID, especially if they never come to campus. However, students that live locally and wish to visit the Library or students in programs with an in-person residency will need an Eagle ID when on campus.

        How do I provide a photo for my Distance Student ID Card?

        Fully-online and distance students may utilize the Online Photo Submission tool.

        Can I have a digital ID card on my smartphone as an online student?

        Yes! If your device meets the minimum requirements, you can have a digital Eagle ID.

        I live outside the U.S. and I’m having trouble setting up my digital Eagle ID.

        Only the U.S. version of the Transact eAccounts app supports the digital Eagle ID. If you will remain abroad while enrolled in online classes, contact the ID Card Office about obtaining a physical ID card.