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Frequently Asked Questions

ID Card Basics

How do I provide a photo for my Eagle ID Card?

New for the 2020-21 school year, you can submit a photo online through eAccounts. Learn more on the online photo submission webpage. Photos may also be taken in-person in the ID Card Office.

Where can I use my Eagle ID card on campus?

  • On-Campus dining venues
  • Authorized buildings
    • Standard access includes entrance gates and Student Union building. Additional access privileges may vary depending on residential, academic, or employment criteria.
  • Library privileges
  • Retail purchases
  • Fitness Center use
  • Pharos Copy & Print system
  • Biola Shuttle Service
  • Chapel and events
  • And more!

Proper Care and Handling of Physical Eagle ID Cards

The Eagle ID card leverages secure contactless technology for card transactions. It is vital that cardholders handle the card with care. Avoid carrying the card in a pocket, subjecting the card to repeated bending, flexing, friction, exposure to high heat, forceful swiping, and hole-punching. Well-maintained cards can last five years or more.

My ID Card stopped working. What might be the problem?

If campus card readers do not respond when you present your physical ID card, the card may be damaged. Stop by the ID Card Office to troubleshoot.

If campus card readers respond by blinking red or with short quick beeps, there may be a problem with your permissions or authorizations. Email us at to troubleshoot.

Can I get a new card printed each year?

New cards are not automatically printed each year. Cardholders are responsible to treat their physical Eagle ID Card with proper care for the embedded contactless technology.

Can I have more than one Eagle ID card?

Only one active physical ID card is permitted per cardholder. In addition to a physical Eagle ID card, students and employees may set up the digital Eagle ID on a compatible smartphone.

Lost Cards

I've misplaced my Eagle ID. How do I prevent unauthorized use?

Cardholders should immediately disable their missing Eagle ID to prevent unauthorized use.

  • From the eAccounts mobile app: tap the gear icon in the upper left. Tap Card Management. Slide the toggle next to the appropriate credential to disable. A notification email will be sent to your email address. If you find your card, return to the Card Management screen to reactivate.
  • From click Card Services. Select the appropriate credential form the drop-down list and click Deactivate Card. A notification email will be sent to your email address. If you find your card, return to this eAccounts screen and click Reactivate Card.

How do I replace my Eagle ID Card?

Replacements for physical ID cards can be printed in the ID Card Office for a fee of $20. Accepted payment types include cash, check, or credit card.

Alternately, you may avoid the replacement fee if you use the digital Eagle ID on your compatible device. Be sure to deactivate the physical card in eAccounts if you plan to use the digital Eagle ID exclusively.

I lost my active ID Card but I found an old one. Can I activate that one instead?

When replacement physical ID cards are printed, the previously printed card becomes permanently invalid. We cannot reactivate an old card.


What is eAccounts?

eAccounts is Biola’s ID Card management system. Available by web browser, or mobile app, users have access to many features including:

  • Current ID card balances
  • Recent ID card transactions
  • Meal plan activity
  • Instant deposits to your card using a previously saved payment method
  • Managing misplaced cards
  • View digital Eagle ID in wallet

Read More about eAccounts

How do I access eAccounts?

  • Access eAccounts through your browser at
  • Download the Transact eAccounts app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • You will need your Biola NetID login credentials

ID Card Funds

How do I load funds onto my Eagle ID card?

  • Online: go to from your web browser. Login with your NetID and password and click ‘add funds’. Note: eligibility criteria may apply when using certain stored value accounts
  • eAccounts Mobile App: available in the App Store and Google Play. Note: you must have set up a saved payment method through the eAccounts website inorder to make deposits through the mobile app
  • Add-Value Kiosks: also known as “PHiL Stations”, these self-service kiosks are located in the middle level of the Library near the Tech Commons
  • Bon Appetit Registers: Cashiers in all Bon Appetit retail locations can assist with card deposits.

Can my parents, relatives, or friends put money on my Eagle ID card?

Yes, friends and family can load money onto your Eagle ID card by making a Guest Deposit. They will only need to know your email address. (By the way, never share your password or login credentials).

Direct them to where they can click the button to ‘Add funds to someone’s BIola ID card’. Next they’ll input the email address of the recipient and complete the transaction. At the end they’ll have an option to send themselves a receipt and notify the recipient of the deposit.

Is my Eagle ID card linked to my Biola Student Account?

No. Your Biola Student Account is separate from the Eagle ID Card. Funds cannot be directly transferred between the two. If you have a credit balance on your Student Account and you wish to use it to load your Eagle ID Card, you must contact the Student Accounts Office to request a credit balance refund and then separately make a deposit to your Eagle ID card through one of the options listed above. SEE ‘How do I load funds onto my Eagle ID card?’

What is the refund policy for funds on my Eagle ID card?

Student Dollars and Faculty & Staff Dollars are refundable upon separation from the university. Prior to departure, cardholders should contact the ID Card Office at to request a refund in writing. The refund request should include the cardholder name, Biola ID number, and mailing address. If the individual has previously set up direct deposit with Accounting, the refund shall be issued as a direct deposit. Otherwise, the deposit will be issued by check. If no action is taken, Biola shall leave the card balance intact. Balances that remain dormant for three years shall be handled in compliance with California Civil Code 1513.5, 1514, 1516 and 1520.

Flex Dollars received as part of a meal plan are subject to Meal Plan refund policies.

Can I donate my Eagle ID card balance?

Departing Biolans may donate their unused Student Dollar or Faculty & Staff Dollar balances to the Biola Fund. Please complete the online Card Balance Donation form. Read more about the Biola Fund.

Online Students and ID Cards

How do I provide a photo for my Distance Student ID Card?

Fully-online and distance students may utilize the Online Photo Submission tool.

Can I have a digital ID card on my smart phone as an online student?

Yes! The ID Card Office sends instructions on how to set up your digital Eagle ID card to your email address about 2 weeks before the start of school. If you haven’t received the email by the first day of class, please contact the ID card office at