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Commuter FAQs

Is there a commuter lounge?

Better than a lounge, The Collegium is a home-away-from-home with a full kitchen, food bar, computers, printing, wireless, and super comfy furniture. Located in the Upper SUB it is also central to campus and has a great community vibe. Just $75/semester or $125 for a full-year membership! You can bill the membership directly to your student account (and then pay off your account via financial aid, student loans, or credit card--all while utilizing the Collegium), or by cash or check.

The small membership fee per semester allows Commuter Life staff to plan great events (delicious food and good times together), buy food for you to purchase at a discounted price via the Food Bar, and provides a great staff team that not only cares for you but also takes care of our incredible home. We'd love to have you as a part of the community! To join, please stop by the front desk of the Collegium (Upper SUB).

What is "OCC"?

The OCC (Off-Campus Commuter Community) is comprised of all students who commute to Biola. Over 1,400+ people make up the OCC and are a force to be reckoned with as they rock a deep rich purple at such events as SGA/SPA's NationBall each fall.

The OCC is served by Commuter Life through such events as the Good Morning OCC! at the Bell Tower, as well as other commuter events throughout the year.

Where can I put my stuff?

There are lockers available located around the Student Union Building. You can reserve your Commuter Locker at the front desk of the Collegium (in the Upper SUB) during Business Hours. Email to find out more. Lockers are $30/year or $20/semester and can be paid for via cash or check. Please make checks payable to "Biola University." Thank you!

How do I request to live off-campus and commute to Biola?

A Request to Commute form may be submitted to Biola's Undergraduate Housing Department, rather than to the Department of Commuter Life. All incoming undergraduate students who want to live off-campus or commute from their parent's home should complete the Request to Commute form. Students age 20 or older as of the first day of Fall classes will automatically be approved to commute (but must still complete the Request to Commute form in order to do so). Visit this link for instructions for Request to Commute. For more info contact:

How do I find out about The Writing Center, The Learning Center, The Center for Career Development, and other great on-campus resources?

It's all here: On-Campus Resources Location, Services Provided, Contact Info... Many students take advantage of great services offered by the Biola Counseling Center. As a full-time student, you'll never find such great therapy at such inexpensive prices! Or, consider signing up to meet with a Spiritual Director once each month to talk about your relationship with God. It's free!

If I don't have a student meal plan, as an off-campus student are there any special discounts for me?

If you don't have a meal plan you can still save 10% off your on-campus food purchases. How? Add money to your I.D. card (on Biola eAccounts or at any cash register throughout campus,) and then use your I.D. card to pay for all on-campus food purchases. You'll receive 10% off each item. "Student Dollars" never expire, so you can continue using them from semester to semester as long as you're a student. (Whereas, "flex points" that come with your meal plan do expire each semester.)

Where do I park?

Commuter students can park in any unlabeled space in all lots except D (visitors/employees) or F (employees). There are no lots reserved for resident students only. All vehicles parking on Biola property must have Biola parking permits. For more information, visit Biola's Vehicle Regulations or on the Biola Campus Safety site.

Is there a downloadable campus map?

Where can I live?

To find off-campus housing opportunities, please see Guide to Living Off-Campus.

Are there refrigerators and microwaves that I can use?

The most accessible refrigerator is located in The Collegium, located in the upper SUB above Common Grounds. (For membership info, see above!) There are two microwaves in the Collegium, as well as in the Eagles' Nest and the Library snack area.

Who can I contact for more information about Commuter Life?

For further questions please:

  • Email us at:
  • Call us at: (562) 777-4070