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Recruitment Resources

The recruiting process for the accounting field requires preparation. The Biola Accounting Society desires to partner with you as you prepare and go through the recruiting process.

Creating a Resume

  • Are you writing a resume for the first time? Read this brief article to help you to create a compelling first resume.
  • Let’s take a more detailed look at resume building. As with so many things in life, accounting resumes fall into a few simple categories. Most are okay. Some are terrific. And a few… whew! Let’s just say they’re lucky if they hit a hiring manager’s recycle pile on their way out the door. Here are some examples of real-life resumes to help you see the difference.

Resume Review

  • Please review our sample resumes for accounting candidates. 
  • Once you have reviewed the samples and have developed/updated your resume, you may submit it to our Resume Review Service
  • Your resume will be reviewed, comments/suggestions will be made and then returned to you. Please allow 48 hours for review.

The Public Accounting Recruiting Guide

  • You must prepare yourself for the recruiting process and The Public Accounting Recruiting Guide covers how to network, build connections and brand yourself (including your social media), in addition to providing details of the interview process such as sample behavioral interview questions, proper attire and common mistakes.