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Why Join?

  1. Networking Opportunities

    • Network with accounting professionals, alumni and current members to gain insight into the accounting field and recognize the different possibilities within accounting. Build and expand your connections to receive internships and full-time offers with various accounting firms/companies.

  2. Career Preparation

    • Learn how to write your resume, prepare for an interview, acquire recruiting tips and more. From our Resume Review Service, mock interviews, information sessions with speakers, office tours and tutoring hours, explore numerous opportunities to prepare for career in accounting.

  3. Social Engagement

    • Meet and socialize with other members through student-led events hosted throughout the semester. Make the most out of your membership by engaging in activities including AS and BAP Social, Korean BBQ, Peer-to-Peer and much more!

Membership Process & Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a BAS member, please read the following:

  1. Application

  2. Membership Requirements

    • All members should commit to a minimum of 50% attendance to all meetings and events for each semester. It is not required to be an accounting major at the time of membership; however, the BAS is heavily focused on a career in accounting and the path of obtaining a CPA license. 

      *Note: Although BAS requires members to commit to a minimum 50% attendance, we are also understanding of conflicts in scheduling, so please communicate with BAS leadership.