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General Membership

How can I get involved with the Biola Accounting Society?

We invite all interested members to fill out an online application and attend a weekly meeting. Meeting times and locations will vary by semester. For more information, view our Membership page.

Do I have to be an accounting major to join the Biola Accounting Society?

It is not required to be an accounting major at the time of membership; however, BAS is heavily focused on a career in accounting and the path of obtaining a CPA license. For more information, view our Membership page.


Can I attend Meet the Firms if I am not a Biola student?

Yes! We would love for you to join us. Check the website for an RSVP form as the event approaches.

It’ll be my first time going to Meet the Firms. What should I bring?

Please bring the following:

  • 10+ resumes (if possible, printed on resume paper)
  • Padfolio
  • Be dressed in full business attire (See Recruiting Guide for details)

How should I prepare for Meet the Firms?

Here are some tips to prepare for Meet the Firms:

  • Look at the Recruiting Guide and educate yourself about recruiting
  • Use the resources we offer such as the Resume Review service
  • Do your research before talking to firms
  • Have thoughtful questions and back up questions
  • Have an elevator pitch ready
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before
  • Eat food and drink water the day of


Who are the firms we work with?

Biola has current connections with:

  • KPMG
  • Deloitte
  • HCVT
  • BDO
  • Withum
  • Ronald Blue & Co.
  • Haskell & White 
  • Nienow & Tierney
  • CapinCrouse
  • Eide Bailly
  • DavisFarr
  • Haynie & Co.
  • LSL CPAs
  • Miller Giangrande
  • Two Miles CPA

How can I check to see when I am CPA eligible? How do I know if I have completed my 150 units?

You can check if you are CPA eligible by calculating how many units you have taken/still need to take on the CalCPA website using the CPA self-assessment PDF.