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Create a Routine

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Living Life Day by Day

Do your days ever seem to be slipping through your fingers? As life constantly changes around us, rhythms and routines can bring stability in our day to day lives and responsibilities.

Online Biola Resources

  • Rhythms of Life — chapel by Ken Shigematsu. Learn ways to set rhythms in your spiritual life to grow your relationship with God.
  • Tips for Remote Learning — blog by Ethan de la Pena. Need ideas for what to include in your daily routine? Read what one Biola student did to improve his remote learning experience.
  • Bailey's Vlog #4: My Morning Routine — Hear about how one of Biola’s ambassadors plans her morning.


  • Set up a Google Calendar — Provide structure to your life by writing down your schedule. Color code your responsibilities to find balance.

Other Resources

Reclaiming Routine

Coming to college means late nights, spontaneous outings and authority over your own schedules, right? Though these are some joys of college, it can also be tiring to live without structure in our lives. Late nights and little sleep can bring you laughs, but in excess they also can leave you exhausted and in poor physical health. Spontaneity and changing schedules let you have some unforgettable memories, but in the long run, too much spontaneity may cause you to miss responsibilities.

Forming a routine is one of the most proactive ways to structure your day around what is most important to you. Research shows that routine helps reduce stress, improve sleep and overall physical health as well as boosting motivation and self-esteem. During college, your schedule and responsibilities might shift frequently - creating a routine can add stability to help you thrive.