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Student Resources


  • Documentation Guidelines (PDF)
    In order to qualify for services and accommodations on the basis of disability, students must submit clinical documentation directly to the Learning Center. The following guidelines are intended to assist clinicians in their preparation of reports and to inform clients as consumers of clinical services.
  • Disability Services Handbook 2015 (PDF)
  • Biola Counseling Center
  • Biola Health Center
  • Learning Ally
    Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic website for e-text and digital books.
  • Dept. of Rehabilitation
    California Department of Rehabilitation which, among other things, offers employment opportunities and living assistance for people with disabilities. Whittier Branch: (562) 698-8381; (562) 698-2971 (fax). Norwalk Branch: (562) 864-8521.

Student FAQs

What are some examples of accommodations students have received?

  • Reduced-distraction testing
  • Extended exam time
  • Usage of word-processor for essay exams
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Digitally-recorded books
  • ASL real-time captioning
  • Advanced registration
  • Housing modifications
  • Meal plan accommodations.
  • Service dog & ESA registration

What if I think I have a disability and wish to be assessed?

Please contact or stop by the Learning Center and tell us your story. We will be glad to listen and direct you to potential next steps in the process. The Learning Center does not provide testing or assessment for disabilities; we recommend visiting the Biola Counseling Center for testing at a reduced cost, or going through your own insurance company for referrals within their network.