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Entrance to the Learning Center

Faculty FAQ for Online Transition During COVID-19

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Office Hours

  • Please call or email our office for any questions or assistance. Services will continue to be offered remotely.

    M-F: 8AM - 5PM (lunch - 12:30-1:30PM)

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The Learning Center exists to provide students with academic assistance and support by providing a number of services. Tutoring and academic mentors are available, as well as individualized ADA care plans and counsel for those diagnosed with medical, psychological, learning or physical conditions. When entering our center whether in-person or remotely, students can expect to be met with caring, professional staff who work hard to provide safe and personalized advocacy in a confidential and welcoming environment. We are currently offering a hyflex model of service, adapting to the specific needs of students as we face this pandemic.  

Disability Services

The Learning Center ensures legal compliance with state and federal disability law by providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations for a wide-variety of students with psychological, medical, physical and learning disabilities. This includes but is not limited to our military and veteran population, students suffering from chronic health or psychological conditions such as auto-immune disease, cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression and much more.

Tutoring & Academic Mentorship

The Learning Center provides low-cost tutoring for most general education classes, both one-on-one and small groups platforms. Academic mentoring is also available for individualized academic support and accountability. We will work with any student who is unable to afford the fee associated with these services and seek to ensure all students have access to the support that they need. All services will be available remotely for Fall 2020.

Strategies for Academic & Personal Success (SAPS)

SAPS is a ten-week course designed for students seeking to develop solid study skills, time management and enhanced self-awareness.

Department Members

Director, Learning Center
Joyce Oh
Coordinator of Support Services, Learning Center
Administrative Assistant, The Learning Center