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Working Securely from Home

March 24, 2020

A woman with a dust mask looks at her upheld smartphone as if taking a selfie.

While working from home during the COVID-19 situation, it’s important to practice secure remote computing. There are special considerations when working remotely, and when using a personally-owned computer for work.

Working Remotely

When working away from Biola, you need to protect university data from being seen by anyone but you. This isn’t because we don’t trust your family. Rather, Biola has to comply with certain legal and regulatory requirements that require only Biola employees have access to Biola data.

  • Your family should not use your work computer.
  • Your family should not view sensitive university data on your computer screen (Examples: Protected student information, health information, or business data).
  • Make sure your home wireless router is password-protected using a strong passphrase.
  • Use VPN when you need to access systems or services that are only available on campus.

Using a Personally-Owned Computer for Work

Biola’s IT department enables security controls on every Biola-owned device. This helps protect Biola in the case of a data breach, or in the case of theft or data loss. As much as possible, try to keep Biola data in systems managed by the University, such as Google Drive. Avoid storing personally-identifiable information (PII) on your personally-owned computer.

If you must use a personally-owned computer for work, you will need to set up these security controls for your device:

Some software must not be accessed from a personally-owned computer for any reason, due to compliance requirements and information security risks. These disallowed resources are:

  • Banner
  • Cognos
  • DegreeWorks Admin Tools
  • Evisions
  • Files server (
  • Perceptive Content

Thank you for protecting Biola’s data while working from home!

Go here to see IT’s documentation for working from home: