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Safeguard Your WiFi Activity with VPN

June 17, 2019

Restaurant sign reads: "Free WiFi Inside"

Everyone likes free WiFi. But when you're doing Biola work from off campus (like in an airport or coffee shop), you need to make sure your network connection is protected from cyber attackers trying to steal your sensitive information.

You can use Biola’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to solve this problem.

Why do I need VPN?

VPN does two things for you:

It encrypts your Internet activity. This means that no one can read the information you send and receive. This is critical when you’re on a public wireless network, because attackers know how to capture the data being transferred over that network. Any time you’re not on a password-protected network that you trust, you should use VPN.

It simulates being on Biola’s campus. Even if you’re sitting at home, VPN grants you access to servers, printers, and other services that are normally only accessible from on campus. For example, you can use the VPN to connect to your department’s file server from off campus.

When should I use the VPN?

You should connect to Biola’s VPN whenever you handle Biola business (or any other sensitive communication) on a network that is either unfamiliar to you or unprotected by a password.

You'll also need VPN to reach an on-campus server or service from off campus.

How do I install the VPN software?

Biola’s VPN is available to all employees. Employees can also request access for non-employees using the VPN Access Request Form (login required).

Biola’s VPN also requires the Cisco AnyConnect software to be installed. Employees (and non-employees who have been approved) can follow our instructions to install Cisco AnyConnect on their device:

How do I use the VPN?

Once the Cisco AnyConnect app is installed on your device, you can connect to Biola’s VPN.

If you are logged in, the VPN will encrypt all your Internet activity, and it will simulate being on Biola’s campus. Note that while you are connected, your Internet speed will be slower than normal, since your data is routing through Biola’s server before connecting to a website in your browser.

When you are done using the VPN, you can disconnect, or simply close Cisco AnyConnect.