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Cybersecurity Month Episode 4:
Suspicious Technology

October 26, 2020

Who doesn’t like free stuff? In this video, Dave picks up a USB storage device that someone “accidentally” dropped. When he plugs it in, the malicious USB drive installs malware on his computer, which spreads to the rest of the computers on the network. Attackers intentionally plant these devices so that curious and unsuspecting employees will run harmful software on their networks.

What We Learned

  • Only use technology from trusted sources. Entire school systems have been shut down due to ransomware run from a planted USB stick. Never plug unfamiliar hardware into your computer. Harmful programs can automatically run when plugging in the device.
  • Think before you click. When it comes to malware, once you click, it's already too late. Always pause and ask yourself, "Does anything feel suspicious about this file or this link?"
  • Don't run unfamiliar programs. Programs installed on your devices can access your data and other software. Don't install unfamiliar apps, and always reach out to IT if you have concerns about an application's permissions.

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