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Cybersecurity Month Episode 3:
Computer Theft

October 19, 2020

In this video, Dave makes a common mistake: He leaves his computer unattended for just a moment — but then it gets stolen. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take the situation seriously. Not only does the thief have Dave’s computer, but he is also able to access Dave’s data and the accounts he was logged in to.

What We Learned

  • Report lost or stolen devices immediately. We don't want Biola's data to fall into the wrong hands. IT will facilitate the police report with Campus Safety, and we can remotely lock down a computer, and recover your data onto a new device.
  • Never turn off or uninstall security tools. CrashPlan and the Self Service applications are installed to protect you and your data. Never uninstall them. If you have concerns that they are hindering your computer's performance, please contact IT.
  • Never leave your device unattended in public places. If you need to leave your computer, make sure it is secured with a computer lock-down cable. If it’s in your car, keep it in the trunk, out of sight. If you’re out of town, follow our tips to protect your tech while traveling.
  • When your device is stolen, your online accounts are at risk. If your computer isn’t encrypted or password protected, attackers may be able to access your personal accounts through your browser. If your device is lost, immediately change the password for any accounts that you were logged in to in your browser or other apps. For email, you can also use another computer to sign out of Gmail on all your devices.

    Note: IT encrypts all centrally-managed computers, and requires a device password. Our default security settings should keep your data and accounts safe, but you should still report a stolen Biola computer immediately.

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