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Safety and Security


  • Never loan your housing or mailbox keys or garage/ gate remote to another individual. No one other than the residents of a given room, house or apartment will be granted access to that room, house or apartment.
  • Thefts do occur in the community surrounding Biola. Therefore, you are responsible for making sure that the room, house or apartment is locked each time you are away. To increase the chances of recovering stolen property, report thefts immediately to Campus Safety.
  • Notify the Graduate & Family Housing Office immediately if any keys are lost, stolen or broken.
  • Security policy requires that rooms, houses, or apartments are rekeyed if a key is lost or stolen. A charge for the cost of rekeying the property will be billed to the student with a minimum charge of $75. A $5 charge will be assessed to the student for replacing broken keys.
  • Residents are required to keep their room, hall, house, or apartment locked at all times when they are not present to prevent theft.



The University reserves the right for its authorized employees, contractors, or agents to enter halls, rooms, houses and apartments at any time under the following guidelines:

  • In an emergency where there is clear and imminent threat to the well-being of students or the University's personnel or property.
  • To conduct maintenance and repairs requested by residents or as scheduled for regular upkeep or as needed to protect or maintain University property. When practical and in non-urgent situations, Facilities Management will make reasonable attempts to provide 24 hour notice in advance of entering the unit to effect repairs. Repairs, refurbishments, or upkeep or exteriors or grounds may occur without prior notice.
  • To conduct regular health and safety inspections for cleanliness and compliance with safety standards, furnishing policies, and state health guidelines, in accordance with University guidelines.
  • To show vacancies in a hall, house, or apartment to a prospective resident, even if unit is partially occupied. Where practical, residents will be given notice 24 hours in advance before showing the vacant space.
  • (For Graduate Housing) To investigate suspected violation of or enforce the housing contract or University rules, regulations, or policies or federal, state, or local laws, ordinances, etc. Premises occupied by students and possessions of students and their guests may be subject to search by University personnel upon a good faith determination by the Senior Director of Auxiliary Services, Chief of Campus Safety, Associate Dean of Residence Life, or his/her designee that such a violation may have occurred. A reasonable attempt will be made to have the student present during the search, when practical.


Personal Property

  • Residents are solely responsible for all their personal belongings stored on University property.
  • The University assumes no responsibility for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. Residents or their belongings are not under the University’s insurance policy.
  • The University is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal belongings as result of fire, wind, water, insects, rodents, vandalism, theft, weather, or acts of nature.
  • Residents are strongly recommended to purchase renter’s insurance for the protection of their personal property.


Fire Safety

All fire protection equipment has been installed to protect life and property.

  • Disabling, modifying, or tampering with fire equipment in any way is considered a misdemeanor according to the Los Angeles County Fire Code, County Ord. 2947 and 148.4 CPC. Residents found violating these laws are liable for a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) and/or a one year jail sentence. Violations include:
    • Removing or tampering with any fire equipment on a door , including automatic door closers (Sec. 10.104e);
    • Removing or tampering with other fire protection equipment, including fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms (Sec. 13.201) or removing batteries from smoke detectors or fire extinguishers from walls (Sec. 13.202).
    • Pulling fire alarms on false pretenses
    • Propping open fire exit doors
  • First offense in breaking of the fire code on campus property may result in $50 fine, formal charges, removal from housing, and/or other disciplinary action.
  • In addition to fines and jail terms applicable to misdemeanors (see above), tampering with smoke and/or heat detectors in University-owned or –managed property will involve a two hundred dollar ($200.00) fine per incident plus the cost of any replacement parts that may be necessary. Persons found guilty of such tampering may be apprehended and prosecuted according to Los Angeles County Fire Code County Ord. 2947 and 148.4 CPC.
  • Replacements for any damages or missing smoke/heat detection systems in any Graduate Housing will be the financial responsibility of the contracted residents.
  • Residents of Sigma and Thompson Halls are required to evacuate the building and comply with all Biola employee
    instructions during fire drills.
  • Fire drills at Family Housing will be conducted on a regular basis by Campus Safety. When the alarm sounds, exit the
    building immediately and proceed to the designated meeting place: Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, 14407 Rosecrans
    Avenue at Estero Road. All residents on the property at the time are required to respond to the fire alarm.
  • Residents who fail to evacuate a building during a fire drill may face disciplinary action.
  • All stairwells, walkways, hallways, and balcony walkways must remain clear of furnishings, trash, or personal belongings
    at all times.
  • Emergency exit doors in Sigma and Thompson Halls may not be used for entry or exit, except during an evacuation
    emergency. Such doors may never be propped open for any time. Violators will be fined or disciplined.



  • Parking in Family Housing lots is by permit only. Resident must obtain a no-cost parking permit from the Campus Safety Office. Non-permitted vehicles may be ticketed or towed at owner’s expense.
  • Park only in the space(s) assigned to your apartment. Do not change spaces without prior approval from the Graduate & Family Housing office. Do not park in driveways or unassigned parking spaces, even on street sweeping days.
  • Moving vans may not be parked in driveways or parking lots at Family Housing apartments. They may only be parked on the street in designated parking areas.
  • The City of La Mirada schedules street sweeping weekly. If you park a vehicle on any street in La Mirada, you must be aware of posted signs for prohibited parking days and times. The City may issue citations payable at owner’s expense for violation of posted parking prohibitions.
  • If you drive a car to or park on campus you must purchase a parking permit from Campus Safety.
  • See Campus Safety’s website for all driving and parking regulations.
  • Provide your vehicle information (make, model, year, color, plate number) to the Graduate & Family Housing office before parking any vehicle at your house or apartment complex.
  • Portable storage units (like PODS) are not permitted at Family Housing apartments, in the driveways or parking lots or on the street (due to City of La Mirada’s regulations). It may be possible to arrange temporary storage of a unit on-campus, but all such requests must be approved in writing and coordinated in advance with Campus Safety, Facilities Management, and the Graduate & Family Housing Office.
  • Contact Campus Safety for regulations on storing vehicles on campus during the summer.
  • No vehicle mechanical work of any kind is permitted in Graduate or Family Housing.


SKateboards/Roller-Skates/In-line Skates

Skateboards, roller-skates, in-line skates (e.g., rollerblades) or any other skating device may not be used anywhere on the University property.


Solicitors & Trespassers

  • “No Soliciting” signs have been posted that empower you to politely ask any solicitor, canvasser, or pan-handler to leave the property immediately. Contact Campus Safety immediately to report solicitors.
  • Please report anyone you see engaged in any suspicious activity (such as rummaging through trash) to Campus Safety immediately.



  • All bicycles stored in Graduate or Family Housing must be registered with Campus Safety at no cost.
  • Bicycles may only be parked in a bike rack and must be locked with a u-lock around the bike’s frame and rack.
  • Bicycles may not be parked in any building lobby, deck, courtyard, hallway, restroom, kitchen, laundry room, or against pool fences.
  • Bicycles may not be operated or ridden inside residence hall rooms, apartments, or houses.
  • Periodically the Graduate Housing Office may require residents to claim ownership of their bikes. Residents are required to participate and claim their bikes. Any unclaimed bikes will be considered abandoned property and discarded.