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How to Obtain Accommodations

  1. Provide necessary documentation to the Office of Student Accessibility from the appropriate diagnostician, in accordance with the Documentation Criteria via fax, email, or in-person.
  2. Once your documentation has been reviewed, the Office of Student Accessibility will schedule an intake appointment with you to meet with the director to discuss your developed care plan at Biola. You will be sent a summary of your care plan, as well as general Office of Student Accessibility information, guidelines and resources.
  3. After your intake appointment, a formal care plan letter will be generated reflecting your Office of Student Accessibility care plan, and this will be sent to your current faculty. These letters contain the applicable details of the student's care plan and any accommodations necessary for that specific course.


Who is Eligible?

  • Students with documented and qualifying psychological, learning, medical or physical diagnosis.
  • Students with significant food allergies or conditions that are impacted by their diet may be eligible for meal accommodations.


Prospective Students

  • The Admissions process is the same for students with disabilities as for any other students. If a student is denied admission and wishes to make an appeal based on their disability, they may at that point submit documentation to the Office of Student Accessibility for review.
  • There are differences in how disability accommodations work, between high school and college. Read this PDF for additional information.
  • See "How to Obtain Accommodations" (above)
  • The Office of Student Accessibility is glad to discuss a prospective student's situation prior to enrollment; please contact us!