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Competition Eligibility

All Biola University undergraduate students, graduate students and recent alumni (2011 or later) are invited to participate in the next Biola Startup Competition and to form or be part of a competing team.

To be eligible, teams must meet the following requirements:

  • Teams must have at least three total members.
  • At least two members must be registered Biola students. A “registered Biola student” is a student who has been accepted into a degree program at Biola and is working toward the completion of that degree by taking at least one course each semester of the 2021–22 academic year.
  • Teams may contain non-Biola participants. However, at least half of the team should be comprised of registered Biola students and/or recent (2011 or later) alumni. All participants must be professing Christians.
  • At least one team member is required to attend the workshops.
  • Participants can only be a member of one team.

Teams must present an original idea for a company that cannot have been in existence prior to 2020. Teams must be in a “pre-incubator” form and must not have received financial backing by professional third-party accelerators, incubators, existing companies or venture capitalists in an amount totaling over $25,000.

As a private religious institution, Biola reserves the right to reject any submission that is inconsistent with Biola’s religious values and understanding of biblical principles and ethics.

“If we're in business, our work may serve as an altar — a part of our service to God, our ministry.”

Kenman L. Wong and Scott B. Rae