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SPA recognizes and supports student-initiated and run clubs on campus through which any current undergraduate students can get involved. With 75 active clubs on campus, there’s something here for everyone! To get involved in a club, contact the leaders listed below.

Interested in other opportunities to interact with faculty, staff and students from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds? Visit the SEID website (Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development) to learn more!

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We view signing as our ministry to Deaf culture, and loving on the local Deaf community is our mission field.

President: Alexis Jones
Vice President: Monica McGannon

We aim to give all students opportunities to backpack, rock climb and enjoy the great outdoors. Day trips and overnight events are open to participants at any level of experience.

President: Joshua Marsh
Vice President: Zach Ikeda

We seek to integrate faith and science by reintroducing the excitement and awe of God's works through science to Biola and the non Christian scientific community.

President: Benjamin Young

We support students, support choral music, projects and programs in their school and community. ACDA has student chapters in colleges and universities around the country.

President: Ryan Koo
Vice President: Timothy Hughes

We exist to promote the competition of ideas, and to inform the campus on various issues of public policy. We are a student chapter of AEI.

President: Daniel Julien
Vice President: Derek Uejo

We aim to allow students of all majors to experience anthropology in a more intimate way. We coordinate cross-cultural awareness events, go to restaurants to learn about stories of food and culture and open the Mammoth dig site on campus to tours and volunteers to help with the excavation.

President: Kristyna Hughes
Vice President: Lauren Biltonen

We hosts archery lessons and competitions for students at all levels of experience.

President: Stephen Park
Vice President: Teanna Lee

To create a community centered around the visual arts, connect students and faculty, and create art awareness on campus.

President: Rachelle Grizzard

Our mission is to create a unique atmosphere for Biola students to use ballet as a form of worship and evangelism while building rich community.

President: Taylor Harmon
Vice-President: Lani Miller

We coordinate group activities involving powerlifting, bodybuilding, and weightlifting compound movements including but not limited to barbell and dumbbell exercises.

President: Justin Chia
Vice President: Thomas Lum

Our purpose is to provide students opportunities to build relationships with fellow students through the common interest of the beach. Also, for students that aren't from coastal areas to enjoy California's beaches.

President: Seth Heinz
Vice President: Bradley Fallentine III

We offer peer-to-peer networking events, professional speaker seminars, and workshops for students to develop professional skills in the accounting world. All students welcome.

President: Margaret Langworthy
Vice-President: Beverly Chan

We foster an atmosphere of spiritual and emotional vulnerability and accountability within Biola's student body by means of awareness and discussion focused primarily on mental health topics.

President: Janna Christian
Vice President: Veronica Rios

With passion to protect, serve and care for God's creation, we aim to make a positive environmental impact on on Biola's campus and the greater LA area.

President: Jessica Callen
Vice-President: Michelle Steele

We exist to provide community for Indonesian students and to plan events and activities to promote all students' knowledge and appreciation for Indonesian culture.

President: Andre Rasilim
Vice-President: Sherilyn Basri

President: Sam Hammer

Vice President: Carlos Melendez

We unite black and African American students to form a safe community for self expression and bonding. Contact us at for more information. Add our Facebook page for updates []

President: Janae Sims
Vice-President: Whitney Banard

We are sexual assault awareness and ministry club. We work to offer a safe space for survivors and non-survivors alike for discussion, fellowship, community and healing together. Both genders are welcome.

President: Rachael Smith
Vice-President: Abby McGee

As an anti-human trafficking group, we strive to follow Micah 6:8 calling us to "act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God" (NIV). We do this by educating ourselves, our Biola community, and our larger local and global community about the realities of human trafficking.

President: Alyssa Miller
Vice-President: Ashlyn Aulicino

We aim to connect students from all backgrounds who share a common interest understanding and celebrating British culture, food, film and history.

President: Florin Homer
Vice-President: Chad Fiorentinos

We are a student chapter of CNSA working to equip Biola nursing students as leaders that who influence our peers, our community, and our world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

President: Bethany Smith
Vice President: Janelle Ching

We build community through the medium of games by providing a fun and relaxing space for students to meet and connect with new people.

President: Kevin Shipley
Vice President: Asa Borquist

We are dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting American Cancer Society programs. Whether it is writing letters to Congress, organizing a Relay for Life, or teaching students about preventing cancer, the program enables college students to battle cancer on their campuses.

President: Janet Suh
Vice-President: Crystal Rodriguez

We provide recreational opportunities to enjoy community and fellowship through the activity of local bike rides.

President: Riley Souisa
Vice President: Bogdan Shova

We are committed to serving all students with an informational and social platform for those interested in computer science. We provide professional resources, such as workshops, career prep, and inviting alumni, faculty and corporate speakers.

President: Matthew Kang

Our club aims to create a space for respectful discussion of ideas related to government and public policy while promoting individual liberty, human dignity, democracy, limited government, and compassion.

President: Jacqueline Lewis
Vice-President: Hailey Braun

We work to guide business students in discovering their strengths and to provide them with the resources to leverage professional development opportunities.

President: Ryan Philpott
Vice President: Tracy Garrett

We come together to race within either road or mountain biking. In an atmosphere of competitive cycling we embrace the love of Christ as well as embrace bonding between teammates.

President: David Petersen
Vice President: Emma Knowlton

We are a student chapter of Delight, a group of college women supporting each other in Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.

President: Hunter Grenier

Our goal is to increase students’ understanding of the theoretical, practical, and spiritual components that make up an outstanding Christ-centered educator. We invite all students interested in supporting and working in any aspect of public and private education.

President: Lauren Ades
Vice-President: Serena Napier

We are students who are passionate about working with children with various disabilities and gaining experience working with children who are often ignored in society.

President: Taylor Rapinchuk
Vice-President: Kerry Anne Haggerty

We work to educate ourselves and Biola's campus about issues of injustice and provide ways to engage positive change in our community and world. Regardless of how much time you are able to commit, send us an email to see how you can get involved! We plan to have one or more outreach events each month. We partner with other on campus clubs to raise awareness about social justice issues to the Biola community.

President: Jessica Gurrola
Vice President: Kayla Marcinkevicz

We exist to provide Christian fellowship opportunities for students.

President: Sarah Kim
Vice President: Bethany Otten

We exist to foster a community of Catholic students at Biola, to encourage each other to be positive representatives of the Catholic faith at Biola and beyond, and to introduce the Catholic voice to the theological discussion at Biola.

President: Andrew Morgan

We work to promote equality for all sexes by raising awareness and offering education through group meetings and events discussing gender related issues in our culture.

President: Eve Horvat
Vice President: Yazzel Salazar

We are a group of film and soundtrack fans that meet up to watch movies, discuss music and cinematography, and meet with professionals in the industry. All majors are welcome!

President: Caitlin Foster
Vice President: Jorden Davis

We exist to promote missional life and service among students dedicated to entering the health care profession.

President: Ashlie Paek
Vice President: Janice Oh

We work to educate, support, and build community among all the pre-health career students on campus.

President[s]: Joseph Lee, Katelyn Seward
Vice-President: Liz Ketema

We promote opportunities for those who want to learn more about China, the country, its culture, and language.

President: Xueyi (Shirly) Tan

We hope to provide a temporary reprieve from the reality of mainstream adulthood; to have an opportunity to be child-like without necessarily being childish.

President: Kyla McGuire
Vice President: Katie McGuire

Our goal is to foster community and academic excellence among students through storytelling, group discussions, and public events, including paper presentations, and field trips.

President: Vanya Wright
Vice-President: Kirstin Gutierrez-Reddick

We exist to help educate students at Biola about the culture, language, and ministry needs of Japan, and to prayerfully mobilize students to serve the Japanese people both here and abroad. Come pray for Japan with us!

President: Eugene Pak
Vice President: Hannah Carson

Our mission is to bring glory to the Lord through hula dancing. Our hālau name comes from Psalm 96, meaning "the Nations praise God." This expresses a hope to see all the nations united, worshipping God through the many and diverse creative means that God has made.

President: Michaila Ancheta
Vice President: Juliette Inocelda

We engage students politically to think about deep and difficult issues from a conservative perspective. We plan events, bring in speakers, host debates and send members to national leadership seminars.

President: Ryan Cooper
Vice-President: Eric Nimmo

We help writers to improve their craft by providing a place where quality student work can be published. We want to share the best of Biola students' writing with the community.


President: Grace Hansen

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through fellowship, discipleship, and missions. We have various events such as community outreach, missions reports, mission fundraisers, or fellowship events. We emphasize commitment to the local church and serving, not just attending.

President: Brandon Pak
Vice President: Daniel Lee

As we teach dances native to southern California, we strive to be intentional with one another and create community through the shared loved of line dancing.

President: Nathan Folsom
Vice President: Kelsie Thompson

We gather to exercise and build opportunities for fitness.

President: Douglas Smith
Vice President: Deanna Harris

We are dedicated to positively influencing the community for Christ, glorifying God through Filipino culture, and fostering personal growth in relationships and faith.

President: Justine Reyes
Vice President: Matthew Lopez

We exist to provide young men with an intercollegiate lacrosse experience, while training them physically, mentally and spiritually to be upstanding, Godly individuals.

President: Matt Casto
Vice President: Peter Williamson

We work to allow all students - regardless of their ethnic background - to experience Middle Eastern culture through engaging with food, music, dance, language, politics and religion.

President: Sophia Abu Ghazaleh
Vice-President: Kaiya Wychgel

We work towards strengthening music education and its impact within programs such as the LA Dream Center and other community oriented organizations. The Music Education Chapter is geared toward the continued growth of all music education students.

President: Gerardo Carvajal
Vice President: Josenee Imus-Chien

We are a local student chapter of NSLS, dedicated to building the leadership potential in every student. We offer networking teams, speaker broadcast seminars, and leadership training. Members also gain access to academic scholarships, an online job bank, and will receive a personalized recommendation letter from the National Office upon graduation.

President: Sarah Wilde
Vice President: Nathan Chisholm

We are a student chapter of (NSSLHA). This club is designed for Communication Sciences and Disorders students. Our hope is that we grow together in our passion for communicative disorders through serving one another and the community. Contact for more details.

President: Sarah Pfaff
Vice President: Amanda Mosley

We seek to produce well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible psychology majors who are dedicated to uplifting the profession of psychology as students and as future graduates.

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About Us

What is Psi Chi?

Psi Chi is the International Honors Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology.

Membership is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors who meet the minimum qualifications and are making the study of psychology one of their major interests. Applications are to be filled out online, then printed out and turned in at the Psychology front desk.

Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Society (APS). Psi Chi functions as a federation of chapters located at about 1,100 senior colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Ireland and New Zealand.

President: Breanna Lopez
Vice President: Shirly Tan

We are a student chapter of PRSSA and working towards careers in public relations and communication. We connect you with resources and people to enhance your education, develop your character, and launch your career.

President: Lauren Peterson
Vice President: Alisa Ohara

We provide instructor led opportunities to practice yoga for the purpose of stress relief and health.

President: Gayane Allen
Vice-President: Christin Pfeiler

We are an improvisational comedy team that seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of family, unity, and worship to God so that we may excel in creating a sanctuary of joy, laughter, and peace for the Biola student body and beyond.

President: Joey Teraba
Vice President: Zac Alsens

We seek to display God's love on the field towards each other and to our opponents as we participate in league competition among other college teams. Come learn and play an Olympic sport!

President: Joseph Bruce Ryan

We exist to equip students to discuss and defend the sanctity of life and educate others about the issues of abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide.

President: Eddie Gallardo

We affirm that academic, social, and spiritual growth can be fostered through providing students with peer mentors within science related majors.

President: Joseph Lee
Vice-President: Grace Osborn

Our mission is to accommodate students with affordable scuba diving life-long certification, share unique experience of God’s creation underwater, work towards a positive impact on the environment and, above all, enjoy the ocean together.

President: Masha Andrievskaya

Everyone is invited to have fun playing Super Smash Bros with us! We may play other popular games as well as just hang out and chat. If you have some games and consoles you'd like to bring, you are welcome to join us!

President: Steven Johnsen

Like anime and want to hang out with other anime nerds? Join us to have a laugh, eat some pizza and enjoy some good ole anime. We'd love to have you!

President: Devin Bayard
Vice President: David Ramos

We seek to foster community among Spanish speakers and those aspiring to learn the language through various activities in a Spanish-speaking atmosphere.

President: David Garcia
Vice President: Andres Alvarez

We exist to serve people and glorify God through the gift of spoken word poetry.

President: Jamai Fisher
Vice President: Moses Hooper

Our mission is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, promoting student-athlete welfare and fostering positive student-athlete image.

President: Janae Megorden

We provide instructor led opportunities to practice swing dancing both on and off campus.

President: Megan Bliss
Vice President: Asa Borquist

We exist to integrate our shared Christian faith with scholarship of English language and literature through acts of service, the establishment of community and the exhibition of excellence.

President: Daisy Gonzalez
Vice President: Jacob Sanchez

We exist to bridge the gap between Hip-Hop culture and Biola, and we do this by raising cultural awareness, developing artists, and giving Hip-Hop education. You don't have to be a rapper to be a part of the family, but you might just surprise yourself!

President: Brandon Chai

Unidos means United in Spanish. We seek to unite people of Hispanic/Latino background, and to share that culture with all Biola students. Email for more information!

President: Elizabeth Martinez
Vice-President: Nayeli Escobedo

We provide opportunities for students to play recreationally on the sand volleyball courts.

President: Chad Cook

We exist to promote sportsmanship and fellowship both on and off the field and in league competition.

President: Kayla Clark

We are a dance team that focuses on showing how powerful dance is when used to glorify God.

President: Kylie Jones
Vice President: Chris Duncil