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Pray for Charleston

The shooting on Wednesday night at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, which took the lives of nine precious believers who were gathered for a mid-week prayer meeting, is a grievous event which should prompt in us prayer, lament and renewed commitment to racial reconciliation. As a community of Christians who believe in the unique power of the gospel to fuel reconciliation, Biola University should see tragedies like this as a reminder that we, the people of God from every tribe and tongue and nation, must commit ourselves to lead in this area. It is our responsibility to manifest in our communities and relationships the beautiful truth that the gospel brings vertical reconciliation between man and God, but also horizontal reconciliation between man and man. May we not brush off the Charleston shooting as just an isolated incident of a disturbed shooter committing evil acts. May we see this tragic event as an opportunity for the church to renew its commitment to listening and loving well in the midst of diversity.

June 22, 2015