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B.A. in Spanish

Mission Statement

The mission of the Spanish Program is to prepare students for life, work, service and scholarship in Spanish speaking communities within the U.S. and abroad. We seek to guide students to develop holistic, integrative reasoning as the foundation for service to others, work in the professions and further academic study in Spanish.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, students will be able to:


Demonstrate the acquisition of advanced cognitive and linguistic knowledge.


Formulate questions about cultural and linguistic difference and critically evaluate other cultures in relation to themselves.


Interact effectively in a cross-cultural context, whether local or global, while exhibiting humility in relation to other cultures and languages.


Integrate Christian faith into cross-cultural interactions in the target language.


Communicate orally at advanced target language proficiency by engaging in conversation in a clearly participatory manner.


Demonstrate advanced proficiency in the written language by reading and interacting with texts across a range of genres and topics and writing formal and informal correspondence, narratives, descriptions, and analyses, all in the target language.


Curriculum Map

A Curriculum Map shows which courses in a degree program are responsible to intentionally develop each PLO at the Introductory, Developing, and Mastery levels.

Assessment Plan

An Assessment Plan is a listing of the student work that will be used to assess achievement of each learning outcome.

Assessment Schedule

An Assessment Schedule is a 5-year schedule that indicates when each of the PLOs will be assessed and when the comprehensive Program Review will occur.

Annual PLO Assessment Reports

The Annual Reports from each year’s PLO assessment.

Program Review Executive Summary

The Executive Summary report from the most recent comprehensive Program Review.