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How to Obtain Accommodations

  1. Provide necessary documentation to the Learning Center from the appropriate diagnostician, containing the following pieces of information:
    • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability
    • A description of the diagnostic methodology used
    • A description of the current functional limitation
    • A description of the expected progression or stability of the disability
    • A description of current and past accommodations, services and or/medications
    • Recommendations for accommodations
    • For more details, see the Documentation Guidelines PDF.
  2. Make an appointment with LC Staff to talk over desired and appropriate accommodations by emailing the office at or by calling the main phone 562-906-4542.
  3. After intake appointment with the Director, faculty notification letters will be generated and given to the student upon completion of registration. These letters contain the applicable details of the student's care plan and any accommodations necessary for that specific course.

Who is Eligible?

  • Students with documented and qualifying psychological learning or physical disabilities, as well as chronic medical conditions.
  • Students with temporary medical conditions that impact their academic life (e.g., broken leg, case of mono, hospitalization, etc.) may also be eligible for accommodations.
  • Students with significant food allergies or conditions that are impacted by their diet may be eligible for meal accommodations.

Prospective Students

  • The Admissions process is the same for students with disabilities as for any other students. If a student is denied admission and wishes to make an appeal based on their disability, they may at that point submit documentation to the Learning Center for review.
  • There are differences in how disability accommodations work, between high school and college. Read this PDF for additional information.
  • See "How to Obtain Accommodations" (above)
  • The Learning Center is glad to discuss a prospective student's situation prior to enrollment; please contact us!