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A Message from Tamra J. Malone, Chief Diversity Officer

As believers, the gospel of Jesus Christ is at the heart of our Christian faith. According to the Apostle Paul, the gospel reconciles us both vertically and horizontally, to God and one another. Thus, as a Christian community, the work of every individual is essential as we all make up the body of Christ. Every individual has a place at the Father's table. As we share different backgrounds, life experiences and strengths, we start to see a few of the multiple benefits of diversity. As Biola Trustee Bryan Loritts has written in A Cross-Shaped Gospel:

“...where the gospel is truly and authentically preached and lived, we should expect to see diversity.”

We are excited to continue building upon the university’s established diversity initiatives. These initiatives include: the establishment of the Mosaic Cultural Center, as well as the development of the Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development (SEID) office, which hosts our exceptional FirstGen program, diverse Affinity groups, remarkable LEAD Scholars, energetic Gospel Choir and the historic nation-wide Student Congress of Racial Reconciliation (SCORR) conference. I am personally excited for this new season at Biola University as we embrace a deeper conviction and understanding of diversity and it's benefits as it enhances our scholarship, spiritual life, and our campus community.

As we look to the future, we must ask ourselves a few important questions. How can we better serve our students? How will we prepare them to successfully engage the world as professionals? My office seeks to equip our campus through education as we use biblical principles to challenge the cultural norms of this time and model the biblical mandate to “love your neighbor as yourself.” In addition, my office in collaboration with university leadership will lead the implementation of our university diversity strategic plan — a plan that intentionally seeks to integrate diversity throughout the life of the university and expands from our curriculum, pedagogy, campus life and business practices.

It is my prayer that as we grow as a university, we can live, study, and work in a dynamic campus community in which individuals from all backgrounds will thrive. The only way we will get there is together! Are you ready to grow together? To love deeper? To know God more fully? To glorify God with all that you have? Let’s embark upon this journey together!

Tamra J. Malone

Tamra J. Malone


Vision for Diversity & Inclusion at Biola


Diversity Leadership Committee

The Biola University Diversity Leadership Committee exists to advance the mission of the institution by engaging in critical conversations, initiating strategic development, and providing a clear voice to university leadership, faculty, staff, and students about the implications of biblical diversity.


Unity Amidst Diversity: Theological Statement on Diversity

At Biola University, we are committed to living out the word of God. Striving for unity amidst diversity takes intentional effort on behalf of all community members. A team was assembled to write a concise Theological Statement on Diversity with the expressed purpose of clearly articulating the university’s theological understanding and institutional value of diversity. The Division of Diversity and Inclusion led the effort in collaboration with leadership from Talbot School of Theology. In January 2019, Biola’s board of trustees unanimously approved the Unity Amidst Diversity: Theological Statement on Diversity.

Read Unity Amidst Diversity: Theological Statement on Diversity.