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Alumni Success

Impacting the World

Our alumni are all over the world, using their skills and training to impact the world for Christ. Read their stories to learn more and be inspired to be the change you want to see in the world.


Parnell Lovelace Jr.

Intercultural Studies, Ph.D. ‘21

The graduate program at CSICS is designed to equip with a scholarly approach and impart spiritual enrichment, beyond the classroom experience. One should approach this program ready to grow and expand the Kingdom of God.

Vicki Hornung Reyes

Church Planter with the Evangelical Alliance Mission in Los Cabos, Mexico
Doctor of Intercultural Studies, ‘21

I had an excellent experience at the Cook School of Intercultural Studies. Because I was able to remain on the mission field while taking classes, I could apply what I was learning almost immediately. I am grateful for the dedicated professors, the rigorous classes, the fascinating international students and the opportunity to research a topic that was important to me.

Jolene Kinser

Peacemaking Trainer & Ministry Developer
Intercultural Education, Ph.D. ‘21

I appreciated the skills that I gained in synthesizing literature, conducting qualitative research and academic writing. I loved meeting fellow students from all over the world who shared similar passions.

Jeannette Shubert

Intercultural Education, Ph.D. ‘21

I would highly recommend the Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies program at Biola's Cook School of Intercultural Studies. The faculty are recognized scholars in their fields, yet bring years of ministry praxis in various parts of the world. Fellow students come from around the world and the varied perspectives add to the learning environment. The modular nature of the program makes it well-suited for working professionals.

Barbara Mancini

Intercultural Studies, M.A. ‘20

Interaction with others honed my perspective on life, current affairs and the historical record. The process of purposefully assessing and mapping how God has led, and the direction His cumulative 'sign posts' have indicated, was of inestimable value.

Thandiwe Dinani

Intercultural Education, Ph.D. ‘16

Program content helped me form a personal philosophy and commitment to developing wholistic, respectful and balanced programs and provide intercultural training for faculty and students.

Elizabeth Pereda

Intercultural Studies, M.A. ‘16

It was a wonderful experience to transition straight into Cook's intercultural studies master's program, immediately after my undergraduate studies.

Talatu Bonat

Professor Bangkok Bible Seminary
Intercultural Education, Ph.D. ‘18

It was a privilege to study at the Cook School of Intercultural Studies. I had a great time learning under erudite professors who have traveled the world, served in different contexts and brought a wealth of experience to the classroom. The professors were kind and friendly; they prayed, encouraged and inspired me, and I am grateful for the great relationships I built with them along the way.

Kelly Michael Hilderbrand
Kelly Michael Hilderbrand

Professor Bangkok Bible Seminary
Intercultural Education, Ph.D. ‘18

The best part of the Cook school doctoral program is that the dissertation process is included in the curriculum — specific courses are taught that help you through the process of completing your dissertation. I am an instructor in our doctoral program in Bangkok and I am using what I learned to help my students work towards completing their dissertation. We are now raising up a generation of scholars/pastors in Thailand that will move the church into the future. The program also gave me the skills to be an ongoing researcher and writer, and have since published several articles and several books, including one novel.


Kaylor Pearson

Intercultural Studies, B.A. ‘21

I have benefited tremendously from my education in Intercultural Studies. Intercultural Studies prepared me to thoughtfully consider the complexities involved in engaging with those of a different culture. Each day, I work with individuals from all over the country and world. Being equipped with tools to consider others’ worldviews has allowed me to communicate more effectively and cultivate healthier team dynamics. Soon, I will be going overseas and feel well-prepared to acclimate to a new culture, communicate effectively with a multicultural team, and share the gospel in a culturally relevant manner.

Lisa Reimann

Intercultural Studies, B.A. ‘19

As I’m doing business, I recognize more and more the gaps in communication in international business that I can now thoroughly fill because of the way I was prepared through the ICS to foster connection across cultures.

Osmar Barker

Intercultural Studies, B.A. ‘19

The cultural awareness and interpersonal skills I gained in my Intercultural studies have been vital to my everyday work in advising humanitarian workers and assessing the security dynamics in the various countries they serve in.