Biola has many great traditions that date back to past generations of students. These traditions are a unique way to connect with other students and just have fun.

Some traditions are based on talent and competition, while others are based on class or residence hall affiliation. Most traditions are just for fun, and they all promote campus community.

Biola Campus Traditions

  • Catch Me If You Can — Students sign up for this campus-wide watergun competition. Each "agent" receives the name of another agent they must hunt down and shoot. "Dead" agents forfeit their list of victims. The agent who lasts the longest and has the most catches wins.
  • Dorm Competition — Each dorm comes to the event via the dorm parade, a march through campus. Games vary as different residence halls compete against each other to determine superiority. Past games have included Capture the Flag and dodgeball.
  • The Eddy — Eddy is a mythological legend in the minds of all modern artists. Some say Eddy is more influential than the Beatles, or any painter who ever lived. Every other Thursday Biola holds free artistic events named after this man, featuring jazz, hip-hop, and rock performances, as well as poetry.
  • The Egg — The Egg is a large cement egg that is discovered or stolen, then painted and hidden somewhere else on campus by different dorm floors. The Egg has been hidden and found at Biola since the 1960s.
  • Get Your Roommate A Date (GYRAD) — GYRADs are floor events that take place several times each year. Each floor plans an original group activity, and roommates find dates for each other. Past GYRADs have involved hayrides, kayaking, mafia-themed dinners, and other adventures. This casual dating encounter is a highlight for most students.
  • Midnight Madness — Next to Mock Rock, Midnight Madness is easily the loudest Biola tradition. Students welcome the basketball season with this adrenaline-filled rally featuring skits, dance performances, three-point and dunk competitions, and lots of red.
  • Mock Rock — Students form groups to perform dance and musical shows in front of fluorescent lights and obsessive screaming fans. This dramatic lip-syncing competition ends with one winner receiving a cash prize based on popular opinion. Extravagant costumes not optional.
  • Punk ’n Pie — The fall talent show offers students the opportunity to achieve instant celebrity. After acts such as spoon-playing, joke-telling or singing, students eat pumpkin pie and drink cider and hot chocolate. Prizes are awarded to the talent show winners.
  • Sophomore Mugging — Sophomore Mugging is an event designed to celebrate the sophomore class. Each sophomore receives a free mug, and ice cream, root beer floats, cookies and karaoke abound.
  • Spring Banquet — Spring Banquet is a formal dinner held at an exotic off-campus locale. Students often dress up and take dates to this event, which has recently been held at the Queen Mary and the L.A. Zoo.

Biola Traditions

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