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How to Apply to the Biola London Program

Application Process

Below are some guidelines for determining your eligibility and suitability for the Biola London program:

  1. Students may apply to two Study Abroad / Study USA semester programs at a time. If planning to attend more than one Study Abroad / Study USA program while at Biola, check with your major or minor for a "residency requirement" — the number of units you must take at/from Biola and meet with a study abroad advisor.
  2. Seniors graduating at the end of the Fall semester may not attend Biola London that semester.
  3. You must have at least a cumulative 3.0 grade point average at the time of application.
  4. You must be able to demonstrate how such a semester will further your academic goals. Students interested in applying for the program should visit Roehampton University's study-abroad course catalog to determine what courses will work for their major. (See instructions for Using the Biola/RU Historic List of study-abroad Courses and Exploring RU’s Course Catalog below.)
  5. Students selected for the program must be able to clear their financial accounts and pay at least 60% of their Fall fees by August 15th before they begin in London.

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Selecting Courses

Students interested in applying for Biola London should first explore whether the available courses at RU will be approved by their advisors and will work to complete their major or general education requirements and other academic goals.

Students are required to select three (3) Roehampton courses (from Roehampton's study-abroad catalogue), which will equal nine (9) Biola units for study at Roehampton. In addition to the nine (9) Biola units that you select, all students are required to take a 3-unit BBST 465 Bible Integration seminar (British Spirituality) and a 3-unit BBST 450 upper level seminar (Puritan Spirituality).

The above-listed units bring the total to fifteen (15) Biola credit units. In addition to the three classes (9 units) that you select as your first choices, you must select three alternate classes (9 more units) in case your first choices are unavailable from Roehampton’s study-abroad catalogue. So, in the end, you will need to find six classes (18 units) that work for your general education, major, or minor course requirements.

Students can view Roehampton courses that give been given Biola pre-approved course equivalencies.

Exploring RU's Study-Abroad Course Catalog

See Roehampton's Study-Abroad Course Catalog(ue) website:

View Roehampton Catalogue

This is the only website for international study-abroad students to choose correct modules from, as it is especially formatted for them.

Roehampton modules with a “C” in the number indicates an introductory-level course (such as a Biola 100 or 200 level class); modules indicating “N” or “X” in the number indicates advanced courses (such as Biola’s 300 or 400 level courses). If you are looking at courses outside your major discipline, you will want to select “C”level modules (although Biola students should be able to handle “N” and “X” modules in Biblical studies, regardless of their Biola majors).

Any Roehampton module returns to Biola as three (3) credit units, regardless of whether that module is listed as a 10-unit or a 20-unit module. This change is effective as of the Fall 2012 Biola London semester.

Only modules with the letter “A” (Autumn) at the end of its number are to be selectable by Biola London students, inasmuch as our program is only during the Autumn (Fall) semester.

To determine whether a certain Roehampton module may be approved for Biola credit, click the module number and read its description. If it resembles a course in the Biola catalog, print out the description and discuss it with your advisor. Your advisor will be the one to determine whether the RU module can stand in the place of a Biola course in your major. For any course outside your major, the chair of that department must approve the selection.

The Biola London application will require an applicant to list six (6) Roehampton module choices (listed on the application in the order of preference #1 through #6 of Roehampton courses with their Biola counterparts). If accepted to our program, the applicant will take a total of three (3) Roehampton courses (equal to nine (9) Biola approved credit units), along with the mandatory HIST 305 (equal to three (3) Biola units) and the mandatory BBST 465 Bible Integration Seminar (equal to three (3) Biola units, for a total of fifteen (15) Biola approved credit units.

APPLICANTS, TAKE NOTE: Even though the opening paragraph of the Roehampton Study-Abroad Catalogue may state information other than what has been stated in the above paragraphs of our Biola London website, you must follow the instructions/information found on our website, inasmuch as Biola University has certain agreements with Roehampton University as to the number of units selected and ultimately taken.