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Biola London

Future Biola London dates to be determined.

    Program at a Glance

    • Program Credits

      12-15 credits
      • Location

        University of Roehampton in London, United Kingdom
      • Semesters Offered


        Suspended for the Fall 2020 semester; future semesters to be determined.

      • Requirements

        • 3.0 GPA
        • Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing
      • Applications are currently closed. Please fill out the Study Abroad Future Interest Form to be notified about program updates.

        How to Apply

        Interested in applying? Check out the next steps.

        Study abroad programs have been suspended for the 2020-21 academic year.

        Biola London’s semester abroad is a Fall program, which allows about 30 sophomores, juniors and seniors from Biola to continue their regular course of studies in British classrooms alongside British and international students.

        About Biola London

        Roehampton University is the site of our program, in a quiet, residential neighborhood, just 30 minutes or so from the bustling heart of the city. During their semester at Roehampton, Biola students take 15 credits. They choose nine of these credits from Roehampton University’s catalogue (see “Selecting Courses”). Six credits are provided by a BBST 465 course and another upper-level BBST course selected for that year. For this semester, students pay Biola the usual fees for tuition and room. Plane fare and any personal travel within Britain and Europe are not included.

        Arguably, our greatest educational leaps in life occur when we are moved out of our comfort zones to face that which is new, unfamiliar, and challenging. Biola London is designed to offer our students just this kind of experience in a setting that is safe and yet challenging. New places, new professors, new students, new perspectives, new weather, and new foods all combine to create an experience that can powerfully stimulate student hearts and minds.

        For Biola students, in particular, much of the learning experience occurs as they find themselves once again in a largely secular educational world, where they discover new and expanding applications for the integration of faith and learning, and for cross-cultural friendships. While Roehampton University has Christian origins (chapels and chaplains still function on the campus), students are not required to hold any particular faith positions. But it is their relationships with largely secular and unchurched classmates that Biola students have consistently found to be the most exciting and rewarding part of their time abroad.

        The BBST courses, designed just for Biola students, helps them process these experiences under the guidance of Christian instructors.

        For those wishing to move beyond the Biola bubble and bring their Christian minds with them, this program can take students to a new level, academically and spiritually.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        For more information, view our FAQ page.

        About Roehampton University

        Roehampton University is a federation of four colleges within two miles of each other. All are located in beautiful parklands seven miles from the center of London, with easy access to international airports. The All England Tennis Club at Wimbledon, Botanical Gardens at Kew, Hampton Court Palace, and many other historic and cultural attractions are very close by. Day trips to Windsor Castle, Stratford-upon-Avon and to famous cities such as Bath and Oxford are popular. These sites offer outstanding galleries, theatres, museums, community centers, and shops, reflecting a vast range of nationalities and cultures.

        The University welcomes an approximate total of 8500 students at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level, with students from 140 countries. The International Office can give you information about studying and living at Roehampton.

        At Roehampton, accommodation is usually in single occupancy bedrooms with single-occupant bathrooms on each floor and other facilities. Most halls are co-ed; therefore, students cannot be guaranteed a single-sex environment.

        2020–21 Program Cost (Before Financial Aid)

        2020–2021 Biola Semester Tuition$21,756
        Program Fees Estimate (e.g. Room, kitchen utensils, linens)$3,100
        Non-Refundable Biola Administrative Fee$500
        International Health Insurance (Estimate)$225
        Estimated Program Cost$25,581

        Airfare, passport, student visa, meals, local transportation, and textbooks are not included in the program cost. Student housing is in student dorms at the University of Roehampton. Students accepted to participate in the program during the 2020-21 year will be billed the Program Cost as seen above. This cost is before financial aid. For a study abroad financial aid review, please contact The Office of Financial Aid.

        Student Testimonies

        "I love my flat. We all get along so well. It is such an answer to prayer. I've been making friends with a lot of the Biola kids I didn't know before, too." 

        "It's such a life changing experience. It really opened my eyes, and changed my heart in many ways. I will forever be grateful, and these memories will remain in me for a lifetime."
        "Biola England is one of the best experiences of my entire life. I cried twice on the way home because I knew I would never have another experience just like this. For living in a foreign country, I had the best of both worlds: the safety of being in a supervised program through Biola, and the total freedom of being in England where the pace is slower..."