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Student Organizations and Clubs

Student organizations and clubs offer a unique opportunity for currently registered undergraduate students with similar interests to come together to learn, grow and find community. The following policies have been set in place to guide the formation and operation of student-run clubs on the Biola University campus. In order to remain recognized and in good standing, clubs must:

  • Be open and accessible to all undergraduate Biola students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, socio-economic status, age, disability, or cultural differences. These activities must adhere to Biola University's Non-Discrimination Policy. Students needing a reasonable accommodation may contact the Director of Campus Engagement for support.
  • Maintain compliance with all other Office of Campus Engagement (OCE) policies, the University Doctrinal Statement, Community Standards and state/federal laws and regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook and on Biola’s website. More information may be found in the Club Officer Handbook.

Should a student club be in violation of any University policy, the Director of Campus Engagement s or his/her designee will assign appropriate consequences (including, but not limited to, deactivation) in consultation with Student Care and the Vice President for Student Development.